Sunday, October 18, 2009

BCS Week UNO - College Gameday Week VII

So the craziness begins with Week UNO of the BCS Poll. AND!!! As always, uSCCC is the highest ranked BEATEN team. Ignore the fact that uSCCC has not played anyone worth a crap, unless you are a tOSU homer, and has no team worth a crap left on their schedule.

I find it highly amusing that the BCS morons have thrown Arizona into the mix for some bizarre reason. Anyone want to posit a guess why Arizona, a team that has not been ranked all year long, crops up during the first BCS week? I mean, the APee is not even so blatantly obvious as to insert Arizona into their rankings.

Anyhoo, we have a full twenty percent of the teams in the Top 25 with TWO LOSSES! VaTech, tOSU, Wisconsin, Arizona, and COCKS! all have two L's in their record. Since VaTech has always been the East Coast uSCCC, this is to be expected. Also, Wisconsin is in the poll to prop up a horrendously bad tOSU team coming off a slaughter by PURDUE! Just so you know, Purdue has won two games this year, the tOSU win and the one against Toledo. Toledo is in the Mid-American Conference, which is so damn bad it is ranked right above the PAC-10 in SoS.

Just out of curiousity, let's check in and see how Dirty Sanchez, last year's QB for uSCCC, is doing in the NFL. Check the passing stats. STELLAR!

Also, check out Cincinnati in FIFTH. They are going to lose to a much superior team in Pittsburgh and shall drop out of the polls entirely. Again, this is for the sole purpose of getting uSCCC in the Championship Game. Please keep in mind, the true Championship Game is played every year in Atlanta.

Let's just say this, I ain't losing mah shit over this poll. I kin live with a full third of the SEC being in the Top 25.

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Oh, yeah, CROOM!!!