Monday, October 19, 2009

Drive-By Blogging - Quick News Links (and assorted flotsam and jetson)

In these perilous times when we are governed by the anti-intellectual left, we must always keep in mind how much respect and bi-partisanship they exhibit toward our ideology.

*Click it to see it big. This is the mindset of the Leftist.*

Starting with the only demographic that bucked the national trends in presidential elections. How's that Hopeum and Changebah working out for you? Are you getting it in the end that you wanted?

By the way, they will let anyone start a blog. This was Barry Obama's blog before he was elected and he finally posted something again. Genius? But, of course.

Doug Mataconis linked Sarah Palin's LinkedIn profile today, I thought that I should link Barry Obama's because seriously, there could not be a single person that would hire him for anything, even though he is President. (I still have yet to figure out why Doug hates Palin so badly. Okay, she is a politician that everyone is trying to back as the newest leader, but still, she IS hot and that counts.)

The Marxist newspaper of record slashes "newsroom" jobs. That capitalism is killing them, why can't we get a newspaper bailout? OH! And while you are at it, try to save the horse-buggy-whip industry, too. We are probably going to need them again pretty soon, you know?

More guns = Less dead cops? WTF? This defies ALL leftist logic, too!

Miriam has been bringing the snark for a few posts lately. Note to self, never piss off the librarian.

Anthropomorphic Global Warming is still in the "news." Well, if you consider the Washington Post to be a "news" outlet anyway.

Not Tucker Carlson economic news.

Gateway Pundit has moved, your Reader links are redirected automatically, but you might want to update those manually, anyway. There goes my automatic traffic generator, now I shall have to add Trackbacks manually, too, if I want to siphon off traffic from a legitimate blarq.

I guess that I shall just start linking every Stacy McCain post to make up for Gateway Pundit killing the Blogger blog.

With Andy's Sunday Morning Quarterback post, he belittles the entire college footbaw superstructure. Something tell me that The Sweater Vest is going to have Andy suicided. Go pay your respects.

Saddawg honors Anthony Dixon and chicks.

Boston College running back, um, somebody, like set a single game record or two for Boston College. Nevermind, that meant nothing to anyone about anything. Dammit, Galveston is known for its ballerinas.....

Race Detective comics. Dude, this is hilarious. It takes a little while, but it is certainly worth it, just click the images to see 'em big.

The Mayor posts the ultimate personals newspaper ad.

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Skunkfeathers said...

State-run leftist newspapers, laying off workers? What do they expect, being opinion-oriented, and not real purveyors of news ;)

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, our national media has gotten to the point where it is simply useless. What do we do?