Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Document Drop

I am getting up-out of town this weekend so I have no clue how much I'll post. Of course I shall put up the scoreboard and keep up with the games, but I have no clue if I shall even give one flying shit about my blog this weekend. But, for all of you regular readers, luv ya', mean it.

Enjoy College Gameday at the Geaux Tigers v. The Gates game!!!

I have no idea how long it shall take for me to arrive at my destination, I am driving a Segway with the training wheel. (I wanted to make sure there was absolutely NO DAMN CHANCE of getting laid!)

Sooooo, what is happening in the Obama Reich today? Well, you can be certain it is gonna set a never before seen level of FAIL, huh?

Former Fannie Mae chief calls out the FHA for being FIFTY-FOUR (or SIX) BILLION DOLLARS [$54(6),000,000,000.00] underwater!!! While I would normally not listen to anyone that had ever been affiliated with Fannie Mae, this is kinda what I had known since my GrandDamnMother worked for FHA in the 1970s. The entire program of FHA is an idiotic scheme from the jump. Dammit, I hate the frggin' federal government and their stupidity.

Can you imagine what would happen if a rumor spilled out about "FREE MONEY" in Detroit? There would probably be rioting in the streets and people that have never seen the sun in their lifetimes would get their no-good, sorry asses out of the crackhouse to go get that "FREE MONEY!" Well, duh. What kills me is that the reporters are saying something to the effect of, "Here in downtown Detroit, the people that have never hit a lick a snake in their entire lives, got up this morning as the ass-crack of dawn to go ride on the damn wagon some more. Hilarity ensues. Let's see if we can find someone that sounds like a moron. Ah, here are thousands of choices. Lucky us." Oh, they are not really saying that.

Funny thing happened on the way to the Promised Obamaland, they done blowed the deficit outta the water. The GOOD news is that this is ONLY three times the record, they were looking for it to be FOUR times the record. YAY!!! BARRY!!! There's your GOOD economic news.

MUD tells it like it is on the deficit. Will anything that MUD desires ever be implemented in the United States? Not until we start pulling Congressmen from the Capitol, lining them up, and tarring and feathering them.

Now, just what in the Hell else can that writhing mass of stupidity do to make working people BLEED? What about allow the dollar to fall apart and jump start inflation? At a point in the very near future people shall see Barry Obama's philosophy in full light, just like they did with Jimmy Carter. Of course, the people that run our educational system will point the fingers at "Evil Corporations" just like they always do.

Wonder why there is such a demand for Gold Eagles?

In summary, the world economy is about to utterly implode. I say world economy because our country drags the world along kicking and screaming. Too bad that a very few morons tilted the tables toward the idiot perspective in economics. We may never recover from this debacle in my lifetime, either. FAH TRUE.

If you still do not believe me, try this little fable

What is up with Afghanistan? Well, Obama has a total moronic imbecile plus a decorated and knowledgeable General that are offering advice. Which advice should the Barry White House follow? BOTH.

Here is the next Barry White House Czar. There is not a possibility that he is not tapped for the Office of Diversity.

Here is some good news regarding Moonbats. And bikers.

To Hell with it, I cannot stand even thinking about things anymore. I weep for some good barbecue and a foot massage. (Hat Tip: Someone that I promptly forgot.)

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Skunkfeathers said...


Yer goin' Sun City on us h'yar!

And it's about danged time you posted something new. Geez.

Andy said...

I bet you're headed to Okieland. Just a guess...could be wrong.

Hey man...wherever you're headed to, be safe, and MAKE THE MOST OF IT. I mean it.

Paul Mitchell said...

I am headed to Kentucky for the weekend. Do with that what you will. Ha!


Andy said...


ChristinaJade said...

Shhh! ;)

Andy said...

I bet you're headed to Okieland. Just a guess...could be wrong.

Hey man...wherever you're headed to, be safe, and MAKE THE MOST OF IT. I mean it.