Saturday, November 07, 2009

College Gameday - Week X (Week Ten)

Scoreboard moved to November 14, 2009.

In keeping with the "Gotta Stay Away from any Footbaw that Matters" ploy of The Four Letter's idiot program, College Gameday, the dumbest footbaw guys in the country are holed up in Colorado Springs today for the um, uh, I guess the Army v. Air Force game. Is there another college in CS?

I am utterly certain that attending the game between a NUMBER 3 v. a NUMBER 9 just has no bowl implications at fucking all. Not to downplay the military game at all, but seriously, the Tennessee Body Shop and Hair Cutting College v. UGA game would seem to be more interesting.

Aw, what the Hell do I know? Let's watch some footbaw!!!

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OH YEAH! CROOM!!! (Sorry, We Suck has a BYE this weekend, nevermind.)


Erik Grow said...

FOOTBAW!!! Real footbaw is tomorrow though, FYI. *;-)

Paul Mitchell said...

Holy SHIT, Erik! Nevada at San Jose State? Dude, seriously.

Andy said...

Yeah TD, not to downplay the military game, either...but...

They coulda gone to Oxford to look at the Klan play Mid Central North Arizona Cosmetology & Nail-doin' Navajo School For The Deaf.

Hey man...I'm smiling. Stinkin' Arkansas is tied up with The Ball Coach at the half! HA!

Nope Erik, REAL football is at 2:30 (central standard time) today.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I bet the Klan game will be pretty good. They need to actually win one to get to my prediction for their season, too.

And danged, Arkansas kinda slammed Ex-Gate.

Staci said...

Wow. Remember back in the day when OU/Nebraska was the game of the century? Now it don't even merit a mention. WTH. ha

Andy said...

Halftime. LSU 7 - 'Bama 3. We is fixing to find out who is the best corch in College Football on GAMEDAY. And it ain't gonna be Charlie, who is getting stomped by Navy. God bless 'em...I mean Navy.

This is gonna' come down to which General gets the mostest out of his troops.

Staci...Yep! I remember it well! Y'all hang in there. Better days are around the corner.

Oh Yeah Paul!!! I rarely take pleasure from a Hog win...this is one of those rare days.

Allright...gotta get back to important stuff. Later...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, does it give you pleasure that today was a bloodbath in the PAC-10 and the Big 10 (11)?