Friday, November 06, 2009

Simply the Smartest Folks in the World

In keeping with our daily meme that Democrats are so utterly, insanely stupid, I link to two of the opinion posts from the idiots at the Clarion Ledger. Please keep in mind that the C-L is owned by Gannett News, the publisher of the inane USA Today tripe and is run by Ronnie Agnew, an absolute moron. To add insult to injury, the Op-Ed page is cobbled together by David Hampton, the writer of one of the opinions today.

First, the David Hampton piece. He advocates doing away with the death penalty because it is too damn costly. I addressed that asinine argument W-A-Y back when. If only I could find that post, I would link it here, but outta sight, outta mind. If I happen upon that post in the next few minutes, I'll link it. If not, know that it was the smartest thing ever written in the history of mankind. Because it was.

Then the C-L follows up David's moronic article with this one. Since we need to cut SPENDING in our great state because of idiotic Democrat policies, why don't we cut prison spending?


Lemme chime in on these two idiotic opinions from the Democrats at the Clarion Ledger. Government is tasked with ONE PRIMARY JOB, to protect the law-abiding citizenry. When the powers that be find the need to diminish the money spent on government's PRIMARY TASK, they are endangering the populace.

Wonder what could POSSIBLY happen to crime rates when these two idiotic ideas are incorporated into legislation? If a criminal KNOWS that they will not face the death penalty for murder, does that make them MORE or LESS likely to KILL? If a criminal KNOWS that they shall not be forced to serve minimally 85% of their sentence, do you think that will make them MORE or LESS likely to perpetrate crimes?

Seriously, this is just NOT rocket science, you morons at the Clarion Ledger.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, I am convinced that the folks at the C-L could not perform any task given to them. Not even manual labor, especially not any labor requiring the use of tools.

classicaliberal said...

C-L is guilty of the crime of being retarded while writing. Sentence, 1 month's work as a gay porn star in Iran. Effective immediately.

Paul Mitchell said...

Color me confused about which CL gets to be gay in Iran?

Staci said...

Ridiculous. I read the same sort of fluff from the Okie newspapers too.

First off, the death penalty is a deterrent to crime - at least for the individual who is sentenced to death. They aren't going to be killing anybody else, now are they?

Secondly, it's the legislature who makes the laws like the "85%" sentence. If they're going to make laws like that, then they need to be prepared to fund the system to house the criminal until he/she has served 85% of said sentence. And they don't do it. The public and the legislators seem to believe that any funding going to a correctional system is for the benefit of the convicts housed in it, which is not the case. Expenses for corrections is on the rise just like everywhere else - fuel for vehicles, utility costs, equipment costs - continue to escalate and the allotted budget doesn't rise with it.

There does need to be some re-working of corrections across the nation, but allowing people to commit crimes without serious consequences just isn't it.

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, what do they think is going to happen to crime rates and murder rates in Mississippi when the criminals know that four years is all they have to serve for murder? This is simply idiotic.

Staci said...

Well, if I should decide to commit a crime, I think I'll come to Mississippi to do it. It is stupidities.

My second choice would be Hawaii, cos, hey, I might be in prison, but I'm in HAWAII!

paul mitchell said...

Color me confused about which CL gets to be gay in Iran?