Saturday, November 14, 2009

College Gameday - Week XI (Week Eleven)

The fun part? Stanford has a VERY good chance to go to the Rose Bowl. If Oregon loses, Stanford is IN. Bwahahahahahahaha, THE PAC-10 FUCKING SUCKS.

Scoreboard moved to December 5, 2009. Better known as National Championship Saturday!

As usual, the College Gameday squad lopes off to watch a game that is a total mismatch of talent, but at least they are at the Tejas game in Fort Worth. Remember, the Big 12 South is actually FOOTBAW, so at least they did sneak in a game featuring ONE TEAM. The BCS third-ranked Tejas Cornilargo take on the Baylor Bears today. For your information, Baylor is ranked DEAD FRIGGIN' LAST in the whole Big 12 Conference. Number one v. number twelve! Let's get the College Gameday crew to this damned game, The Four Letter!!!

In case you missed it yesterday, NUMBER FIVE, Cincinnati eeked out a win against "No. 25" West Virginia. Also, on Thursday, "No. 24" South Florida got the mortal SHIT beat outta them by Rutgers, 31-DONUTS. Rutgers was the last team that was promoted like Cinci has been this year. Please remember, there are ONLY eighteen legitimate teams that should be ranked at any time in the BCS. Those are the entire SEC and the South division of the Big 12.

THE game today is Bammeroids v. We Suck. Why do I say that? Because Bammer can lose it ALL today. Da Gates also travel to beatoff the 'Cocks today, another game that has potential to get uSCCC or tOSU to the BCS Championship Game.

In other SEC news, Geaux Tigers have a BYE against LaTech at home, the Klan brings Rocky Top to their White Supremacy Convention, The Barn travels to UGA, and the Razorhawgs have Troy coming to their trailer. Dammit, Troy has a bitchin' Trans-Camaro.

Finally, the Hillbillies are at Vandy. THAT is the ultimate College Gameday trip. Fah reals, yo. *Yawn, THUD*

To check in on the other six teams that are legitimate BCS contenders, yeah, well, nevermind, the slate is BUH-UH-UH-UH-ORING.

Let's play some footbaw!!!

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As always, CROOM!!!


Andy said...

Man, how bad are the Vols? Jeepers!

You just wait 'til later on. Saint Nick's hair is gonna really turn gray, or turn loose against WeSuck.

And, the Louisiana Bulldogs are gonna scare the bejeebers out of the "Miles from good" Tigers.

WKRP in Cincinnati is just like all the other junk that gets thrown at us by these stinking polls... KRP!

Andy said...

Paul, I was wrong We Suck really does. But I was right about everything else.

Skunkfeathers said...

*imagining Paul in orgasmic ecstacy over uSCCCCC getting jackslapped by Stanford ;)*

(Dead)Tommy5 said...

You're right Skunkfeathers, I'm sure he had a mess in is pants after that one.

I'm usually bad at picking college football, but this year I have been awful.

How does a 7-3 USC stay in the top 20????