Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swinging for the Fences with the CLUEBAT

*Sorry for the utter link-whoring here, but I see no reason to just keep posting the same stuff about exactly how friggin' stupid a government-run medical system is and how badly it shall fail.*

I received an e-mail from a good friend of mine letting me know that his medical insurance cost just jumped by fifty-five percent. This is somewhat expected by most folks because of the attempts of the federal government to destroy the medical services industry.

Most people that are even remotely concerned about the state of medical services in this country are concerned about one thing, COST. BUT! Basing your rankings of medical services on cost only does one thing, it makes you place a price on human life. Sorry, that is kinda fucking stupid.

Contrary to the price rankings, the REAL most important ranking is the quality of medical services. The leader in this metric is not up for debate, the United States is the best system by far.

The people that try to discredit the quality of medical services in our country continually quote the WHO Report without even knowing what the standards are contained in that report. I have read the report and blogged about it numerous times. The standards set by the charter of the WHO was to PROMOTE government-run medical services. That is in the charter of the organization, people. That is their MISSION. Wonder which countries they find to have the "best" medical services?

When I think of what the "best" medical services would need to accomplish, FIRST on the list would be individual satisfaction. Secondly would be medical innovations. Guess which country is FIRST in these metrics? There is a shocker, huh? Want a little more on the innovation front? Try this.

How about a head to head comparison of medical services in the United States v. France? Well, other than the fact that there is not way possible to compare the two, let's do it anyway.

How about the comparison of the things that Democrats say about costs and the actual price for things? Strangely, we dodged a bullet by not electing John Edwards. I think that he is really the only person more crooked and dishonest than Barry Obama. Really.

Do you want to know why costs are accelerating for medical services right now? It is because the Democrats are destroying every last remnant of the United States and the freedom, innovation, and success of capitalism.

Here was one of my ideas for costs savings for medical services BEFORE the moves of the Democrats destroyed the medical insurance industry and those companies all started bailing out of the business.

Another comparison of the actual costs of government-run "healthcare" v. privately purchased medical services.

Holy SHIT! Barry Obama is one absolute lying mother fucker that doesn't have the most remedial grasp of mathematics.

My takedown on the "life expectancy" contained in the WHO Report. Folks, I think that the idea of a government-run medical system has been utterly discredited so many times that it boggles the mind.

When Democrats say that they want to take over the distribution of medical services, they are telling you that they want you to die. NOW. Defend your family with everything that you have against the murderers in the Democrat Party.

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Andy said...

HA! I thought that I had seen it all. I mean, after CL put up 173 posts replaying 9-11, and some dude posted a photo of his bare feet...

But I now realize that there are still creative, inventive ideas out there.

I've heard of blog pimping, but never blog whoring. Thank you sir, for the edumacation! And, oh man... John "Silky Pony" Edwards! I had forgotten that one.

Paul, if this crap becomes law, it will surely be a sign to me that it's time to crawl in a hole...well, not really crawl in a hole...just chuck it all, and put "Plan B" into action. I really do not want to go to "Plan B." But, I know everybody on the "B-List."

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, no one wants you to threaten them with "Plan B." We recoil in terror of "Plan B."

Andy said...

Yeah, I know Paul. My "Plan B" is the plan of a man of peace.

But there are many others whose "Plan B" is...well...not so much peaceful.

Either way, they ain't gonna like it. Seriously man, if this dumptard passes, I will know for certain that the America I grew up in is finis. 30 - thirtee! Sorry, the old journalism student in me rose up...

Skunkfeathers said...

If this marxist crap passes, we'll be left seeking intelligent life ANYWHERE but here, especially in the intellectual wasteland of DC.