Monday, November 23, 2009

Four Days, No Post

I missed College Gameday and have not paid too much attention to the news. If you have me as a FAILbook buddy, you might have seen some links and junk, but I am out of pocket mostly until the end of this week. Here bees some links to tide you over.

Al Gore is a moron.

Al Gore is a moron, AGAIN.


DC is overrun with STDs.


If you are still working, Obama saved or created your job.

Obama has also RESTORED the United States standing in the world.

ACORN loves child prositution. Part EIGHT.

But, I guess child prostitution is not profitable.

China thinks that their ideological brother, Barry Obama, FUCKING SUCKS and his wife is as ugly as a mud fence.

Universal healthcare kills people in Great Britain. Part eleventy million.

ObamaCare is ONLY half a trillion in higher taxes and it gets us shittier medical services. Sounds good to me.

I swear I just cannot take much more of this stupidity coming from our government. Who the Hell elected these idiots?

Please take the time to comment.


(Dead)Tommy5 said...

Speaking of morons, did you see the end of the LSU vs. The Klan game?

Joubert said...

I wondered where you were, Paul. Thanks for the link.

Full Metal Patriot said...

Thanks for the link!

ChristinaJade said...

My word verification thingy is "flysty" - which is way cooler than whatever comment I was going to make.

Skunkfeathers said...

I never have any cool comments to make; I just agree with Paul that Barry, AlGore, and the whole rotten shitty mess of marxist, dishonest, lower-than-earthworm-spit libtards, suck.

So why do I bother to comment on the obvious?

'Cuz I occasionally get to follow CJ...RRrowwrrr ;-)

And I have no idea what relevance to that the word verf is: pringni

Andy said...

I don't have a decent comment to make either. I just checked in to see CJ's photo.

My WV sucks...

Oh, btw Paul...glad to know you am is alive.