Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun with Idiotic, Moronic, Stupid People

Well, it is official, the Lexington Herald Leader is not an objective newspaper. Seriously, when I woke up from my drunken stupor this morning, I purchased a paper while injecting massive amounts of caffeine from Dunkin' Donuts. This article was on the front page of the "Local" section.

Here's the whole article.

Um, Mrs. Boyce, your retarded son, Steve, is a danger to all Kentuckians forever.

The first thing that you will realize when reading the "news" item is that dem danged rich folks ain't paying like us poor folks. Strangely, the article goes on to tell why exactly, yet they STILL say that the taxes are disproportionate. Seriously. Read this.

Wealthier people do pay more in income taxes, about 5.2 percent of their income, compared with 1.3 percent for the poorest fifth of the population. But, Gardner said, the income tax is the only one designed to be progressive and does not offset the effects of the other two.

Rich folks pay FOUR TIMES MORE in income tax, YO!!!

Oh! And those other two? Property and sales tax. Now, how do you suppose that someone with a million dollar house pays LESS in property tax than someone that has a 100k house? Well, it is NOT possible, so what does that leave?

Sales tax. And the article goes on to point out that POOR PEOPLE BUY CIGARETTES more than rich folks do!!! For the love of FUCK!!! We told you that when you jacked up the cigarette taxes, you imbeciles!!!

This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of how government perceives a problem, concocts a solution, and then everything goes to FLAMING FUCK in a handbasket because the government acted on something that was never a problem to begin with.

By the way, if you want to know what government's solution will be to this IMAGINARY classism, pick the craziest solution imaginable and that is going to be your answer.

Lemme give it a shot and you add yours in the comments.

From this point forward, all people, making less than 135% of the federally recognized poverty line, shall be given twenty cartons of cigarettes a month. All people, making MORE than 135% of the federally recognized poverty line, shall be required to purchase twenty cartons of cigarettes and deliver them to the State Poverty-Driven Cigarette Distribution Center on the first of every calendar month.

Hide and watch.

If you genuinely want to help poor people pay a more realistic amount of taxes, buy more cigarettes, but do not smoke them, just throw them away. Demand shall make the price go up, then poor people cannot afford them, and they shall be paying a more equitable portion of their WELFARE in taxes. FUCK POOR PEOPLE.

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Andy said...

Bwahahahahahaha! I read the article from the Lexington Herald-Leader. What is making me guffaw is that it's on "" Hell, half the state don't even have flush toilets...but they've got a .com?

TD, there are some proposals by KY Jelly legislators in this article that make sense. One is doing away with state income taxes.

State Income Taxes = BAD!

But the Goober of the Jellys is flat out wrong when he proposes "an expanded-gambling bill to raise more revenue." I've lived through this crap in Louisiana.

It don't work. Sure, it raises a bunch of dollars, but the retards in the legislature always shuffle it off to useless "brother-in-law" projects. And, eventually the "gambling pie" is gonna get sliced so thin around the country that nobody gets a real taste.

Now, I do not know enough about Kentucky to know who this Steve Boyce is. But I'm assuming that he's Mr. Boyce's retarded son. From what I can tell, he needs a hand-holding out to the short bus.

When it comes to increased tobacco Kentucky...well, somebody is likely to get lynched.

Hey TD...when are you gonna finally just move up to the Bluegrass State? You know...decrease your travel carbon footprint, and...well, you know...meanyness... (wink)

btw: this is the stupidest word verification I have ever seen.

"gngskdg" It reminds me of that guy that used to play pro baseball...ummm...I can't remember his name (something like Gwodskz), but they called him "eye chart."

Paul Mitchell said...

I found it odd that the Lexington Herald Ledger actually is the owner of, too. That is the website of their paper.

Andy said...

Yeah TD, I figured that out. I just didn't figger anybody in Kentucky had internet...except for CJ, of course. Whazzup with her? Did we finally give her the hog virus or something, and kill her comprutuh?

Did you tick her off?

Skunkfeathers said...

Uh, Andy...that ".com" for Kentucky is for the half of 'em what ain't got flushin' terlets. They pee on the . in the floor. What the com is for is, I guess, to make it look high-tech.

Paul, my pet rock just reasoned something out, after reading that article, and comparing it to the CL in your neck of the woods:

stupid people, working for newspapers = dying industry

Thank gawd my pet rock ain't a liberal one!

ChristinaJade said...

Welcome to Kentucky, Dude. :) You think that one is bad, try a copy of the Paducah Sun - owned by the mayor's family. YAY!

Andy, I've been in hiding from the black helicopters that circle my house since my survival of the swine flu. Ok, that's a bunch of crap, but it was fun to say. :)