Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Hot Topics - Commentary

I took the time to read the Sunday Clarion Ledger today while sucking down a Triple Whoffah from Burger King. Two things leapt off of the page to me, the morons that run the Clarion Ledger want even more folks to ride in the medical services cart and they do not like Sarah Palin. Lemme add my two cents to both topics because that is my JOB.

The Clarion Ledger published Ellen Goodman's article proving her blind hatred for any female that is more intelligent and more attractive than Ellen. Since that subset of vagina-toting humans that fits both of those qualities is nearing 2.5 BILLION, Ellen decided to just call out Sarah Palin because Sarah is the "Villian of the Day" for the Left. As a matter of fact, since the subset of chicks that do not fit in those categories is only four in the entire world, I find it hard to fathom why Ellen needs to call Sarah Palin out, but she does.

Oddly enough, Ellen finds the need to trash Palin's intelligence while still ignoring that we actually have a president that is running roughshod over the Constitution in a bid to PROVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT that he is the dumbest human being in politics today. Instead of questioning the intelligence of someone that is a private citizen that is crossing the country promoting her book, doesn't Ellen really need to focus on something a little more important in her seldom read columns? Of course not, Ellen is a "journalist" whose only job is to make sure ZERO factual news gets to the people that really need it and only leftist ideology is spoken in the Deadtree Media.

For the love of HELL! We must make sure that anything a far-left, idiotic moron wants to foist upon the country receives zero criticism, so let's just pile on a chick that is trying to sell a book. Good Lord, leftists sure are a stupid lot, y'all. The title of the column is also weirdly about someone keeping grudges, but doesn't the content of the article make you wonder who really has a fucking grudge? Sarah or Ellen, Ellen or Sarah? I searched the entire world-wide interpr0n and cannot find one single thing that Sarah has ever spoken about Ellen. SKRANGE.

The other asinine lunacy in the paper was David Hampton's column talking about "healthcare." It is utterly insane, really, not unlike David Hampton.

First things first. Hampton uses the completely discredited number of 46 million people in our country without medical insurance. Let's address that quickly. From the WHO Report, we find that the United States provides FREE medical services for 47% of the total US population, which they set at 320 million. That means that around 150 million PLUS that 46 million currently do not have PRIVATE insurance. In other words, according to these statistics/numbers, 196 million people do not pay for medical services in this country and NO ONE is denied access. If we are to actually believe leftists and their feeble attempts at mathematics, 124 million people pay for the medical services of the remaining 196 million people. That means that 37% of our population carries the ENTIRE BILL for medical services for our country.

Those of us that actually pay taxes already KNOW THIS SHIT because we foot the damn bill for everything. What those that are trying to get us taxpayers to PAY EVEN MORE fail to understand is that of that 124 million people (that already take care of their OWN FUCKING HEALTH) a good portion of them are OUR children that we already provide for. Let's say take HALF of that number away to get the TRUE NUMBER of folks footing the damn bill for our own damn children and all of the deadbeat Democrat voters that do not work.

The real number of people that are pulling the medical services wagon is closer to 64 million that are paying total costs for 258 million PLUS OURSELVES. The technique that I used to arrive at these numbers is called "deductive reasoning" and if you actually pay friggin' taxes, you better get mad about it, too.

By the way, the Clarion Ledger also brought up the shit-fit idiocy of the consolidation of our colleges in the Sunday Op-Ed section, too. Funny thing about our state colleges is that despite the fact that tuition is continually rising, enrollment INCREASED by ten percent over the past year. What do you think that the Clarion Ledger thinks about that? That tuition needs to go DOWN. Supply and demand anyone? Is there a single soul at the C-L that is NOT a stark-raving lunatic?

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Skunkfeathers said...

Ellen's pissed 'cuz Sarah is three things Ellen will never be: intelligent, attractive and credible.

As for the moron Hampton at the Cladipus Letcher, a tree stump has more intellect than a libtard.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, Hampton would have to get a brain transplant to move up to a libtard.

Cladipus Letcher made me laugh, dude, and I don't even know what a "cladipus" is.

Andy said...

It's a platypus with the clap.

Skunkfeathers said...

Andy: yeah, something kinda sorta like that...

ChristinaJade said...

Dang. Nevermind whatevah I was going to say.

Platypus with the clap trumps it all. heh

Skunkfeathers said...

Ellen's pissed 'cuz Sarah is three things Ellen will never be: intelligent, attractive and credible.

As for the moron Hampton at the Cladipus Letcher, a tree stump has more intellect than a libtard.