Sunday, November 29, 2009

Five Days No Post

It is probably pretty obvious to regular readers of this tripe that the last two weeks have been filled on my DAINCE card, but that is coming to a close soon. I have been keeping an eye on y'all and I am certainly impressed. Y'all are such well behaved young men and wimmerns, your parents would be so proud.

FOOTBAW. (because college footbaw trumps everything)

In case you are unaware, the SEC suffered ZERO defeats against other conferences yesterday. Also, two of those games were against RANKED inferior conference teams, too.

In-state rivalry, We Suck v. Klansingtonville turned out EXACTLY like I predicted back in July. As a matter of fact, when The Cross Burners were ranked NUMBER FOUR (or whatever) in the preseason polls, I stated that they would win at MOST eight games, lose to the We Suck and that the alumni idiots would call for Houston Nutt's firing. So far, no one has called for Nutt's head on a burning cross yet, but give it time, y'all, I friggin' KNOW those idiots in Klansingtonville, they think that they should win the BCS every year. By the way, We Suck beat the mortal SHIT outta The Klan, 41-27.

Oh yeah, remember when the folks at Klansingtonville State burned down the FIRST Negro Fraternity House on campus? Yeah, it happened in 1988. Um, SIX YEARS after I graduated from high school. That horrendous past that they are so interested in putting behind them, is like really recent and shit, yo. (A mere 27 years from the time that the Democrats first let a Negro on campus until they let them LIVE there outside of the slave quarters, too! And a mere 21 years after that, they let the Negroes like eat in the cafeteria and stuff! Hell, they even let Barry Obama get on stage there and he did not have to Double Dutch or even shine shoes!!!)

The true shocker yesterday was unranked UGA's win over NUMBER SEVEN GaTech. Even Kyle at Dawg Sports predicted a GaTech win of 222-0. There are probably a few happy Red and Black fans today.

Oh, the unranked 'Cocks beat NUMBER EIGHTEEN Clemson yesterday, too. *Yawn*

The only other big shocker in college footbaw was the Okies win over the Okie Staters. I didn't keep up with that game, but it appears that a few Cowboys stayed on the bus when they arrived at the stadium. Weird, huh?

No games were played on the West Coast, so there are no scores from the All-Girl Community Colleges. What do they play? Like six games a year or something?

When Andy finally gets up and posts "Sunday Morning Quarterback," the link will be HERE.

Da News.

I swear I do not want to keep posting political/idiot posts, but there are a few friends of mine that only get their news here. Far be it for me to keep them from being less than informed on the important stuff.

As always, the biggest news this past week is that our president, Barry Obama is a doddering, simpering moron of epic proportions. The fact that anyone in the world thinks that this idiot is intelligent continues to stun, shock, and amaze me. Really, there NEEDS to be a test to vote, FUCK THAT! There needs to be an intelligence test to RUN for office. Seriously, if there was a single kid in my kindergarten that was as dumb as Barry is NOW, our teacher would have told his parents that he was retarded and sent him to retard school. Please keep in mind that Barry Obama is FRIGGIN' forty-eight years old and is a total fucking idiot. HE. IS. 48. (But, he's YOUNG, I TELL YA!!!)

There were some gate crashers at a White House State Dinner this past week and everyone lost their friggin' shit about that. It seems these gate crashers had photos taken with all of the imbeciles at the dinner, too. Funny though. Barry knows these people from back when. Maybe he first met them at his "I Hate Israel" group meetings, huh?

Or maybe Barry met those folks at his Marxist group meetings with the "doctor" that convinced Barry to support government controlled medical services.

The fact that our ELECTED leaders hate the philosophy upon which our country was founded would be laughable if it was not too dangerous to the entire world, huh?

Here, let Barry convince you exactly how dumb he is. IN. HIS. OWN. WORDS.

Okay, you get the point, Barry Obama is retarded.

Let's check in on the other leftist idiocy rolling around in the Moronosphere in the past week. Please understand that these links are NOT jokes, no matter how much they seem to be. While most of us do understand logical thought and rational, fact-based thinking processes, Leftards refuse to learn mathematics, science, or history and that renders their opinions and ideas ridiculous to us normal folks. Enjoy how stupid they are, but keep in mind, they run our government.

Split a MOST WANTED terrorist's lip while capturing him, face a court martial or criminal charges. Of all the insanely idiotic, ridiculous bullshit that our moron president has done in his lifetime, this has to rank in the top TWO. I still regard marrying Worf as one of the top two, as well. What a hideous looking woman.

Oddly enough, even the most inexperienced administrative staff in history is bailing on Barry like rats from a sinking ship. In their defense, most people do not want to hire idiots, so the fact that Barry's staff has little experience doing anything is actually a good thing, amiright?

I think that the Climategate scandal might have the chance to remove some of the most corrupt individuals from the debate on how to destroy the global economy. This is also good. Most folks knew long ago that Michael Mann is a snake oil salesman trying to get rich by committing fraud, but it takes colleges a little longer to see the corruption in their midst. If true justice existed on college campuses today, Mann would be tarred, feathered, strung up, and flogged. What shall really happen is that he won't get tenure, but he will keep his job. Look for him to win a Nobel Peace Prize in the near future.

Of course, an Obama Czar simply has to be involved in this criminal activity, too. That kinda goes without saying, since we elected a Democrat/criminal to the Barry White House.

While I try to crunch numbers on the state of our economy, I search diligently for more and more information on money and how to hide MINE from the thieves and corruptocrats in government. Here's a little something that I had not even considered in this light. Wonder how much false consumer spending is caused by folks not having to pay for a place to live?

And wonder what kind of impact the "healthcare" bill will have on small business and the economy should it pass?

Let's look at the "healthcare" proposal outside of the lunacy of those that promote government control. "Hey! Let's add about thirty million folks to the list of folks that do not pay for something! That will make things CHEAPER for everyone!"

Shit, Hell, damn.

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Andy said...

Hey man! I'm glad to know you are alive. I started to go over to Fagbook, but could not bring myself to.

So, I started searching the obits on the Clarion-Ledger site. Then I realized that if you had kicked the bucket, they would report it in the "Entertainment" section, with the headline, "Local pain in the ass blogger croaks. Burial festivities set for Monday."

Dude, I woke up at 5:30 am, thank you very much! But I did not post a Sunday Morning Quarterback, as my head was quite foggy from a VERY interesting Sattidy night. (wink). So, I threw my thoughts into another equally boring post.

Dangit! I do not have a mortgage on my house. But, I just might buy another one after looking at how it all works now.

That video shows BarackO in the best of all possible lights. He is a retard, but I think that's some of his best work.

And, it might just be me, but the Doctor dude neighbor that Barry loves looks like a short, fat Ed Begley, Jr.

And, it's good to see that PissU has sufficient egg applied to face, to launch a fake investigation on one of it's darlings. That one might be interesting.

Get some rest, pal. Heh! I just hee-hawed when State handed it to the Klan. Seriously!

Skunkfeathers said...

Criminality and run-amok moronity in the Barry (half)White Haus? Say it 'tainted so ;-)