Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Almost Completely Back in the Full Swing of Things

Gradually traffic is returning and hits are getting back to where we were just a little while ago. This is good because we are getting our influence back to the point where it needs to be. And raking in the jack on that Pay-Pal thingy, too! Sadly, I am having trouble putting together a post with only one underlying theme which is our standard format here. Oh Hell! Who am I kidding, we ain't got no stinkin' format!

Anyhoo, with Climategate, Hope-n-hagen, the Washington state police officers slaying by the racist, the economy sliding even further into the Democrat abyss, an ever increasing number of Democrats going to jail and getting charged with more crimes, Harry Reid succumbing to total mental decay, Michelle Obama making us yearn for Susan Boyle's beauty, the Barrystream Media throwing out all honesty and the last remaining vestiges of their integrity, school teachers getting paid ridiculous sums of money and benefits, while still molesting our children at rates greater than any other profession, "non-profit" organizations bilking their FORCED members out of untold millions, danged, how do you just grab one topic and hammer it to death like a Muslim?

How about we try commercial real estate and the economy again, tonight? I have noticed that in areas that were booming in commercial real estate just two short years ago, before the Democrats took the Congress and destroyed the economy, there are increasing numbers of vacant and never occupied stores, buildings, and rental spaces. It seems with interest rates at BELOW ZERO, the commercial market should be booming still, but alas, it is getting exponentially worse.

All we hear all day, every day, is that the economy is improving, but it is going to be a "jobless" recovery. I think that it is going to be a "wealthless" recovery, a "valueless" recovery, a "productionless" recovery, as well as a FINANCIAL recovery or an ECONOMIC recovery.

Yes, the DOW and the S&P 500 are gaining, but don't you think that is because not one single person or business is going to spend a penny until the idiocy over "healthcare" is hammered out? That hoarded money has to go somewhere, right?

One place it is certainly NOT going is commercial real estate. Zero Hedge (Homepage) has been documenting that decline daily and tracking the Dubai debacle in relationship to that commercial development.

From what I can tell, Dubai is done for, but oddly enough, they are NOT ALONE. If you have an extra trillion dollars lying around your la casa, maybe you should look into snatching some of those properties up before they become NATIONALIZED.

Here's a little garage sale on a Dubai investment property that you can pick up for a damn song. And by "song," I mean a tune worth a little over a buck twenty MILLION.

Of course luckily, our banking and economic problems are completely, totally over, according to the Barrystream Media. Somehow, I think that they might be kinda wrong.

You know, I think that there might be some serious problems with the way that we are currently running our economy. Well, other than allowing Democrats to stay out of prison and continue to hold elective offices.

I am also certainly glad that the federal government is about to start spending more money on stimulus packages and "healthcare." That shall certainly help out a lot. Especially since the federal government has plenty of money. What do you mean receipts are plummeting in never before seen rates?!?!?! Raise frigging taxes, already!!! We want a PERFECT STORM of stupidity, we elected Democrats! Where is the sheer unmitigated insanity?!?!?! Still more here.

I am certain that the effect of passing a much, much needed "healthcare" bill will certainly help out on the jobs front, right? What do you mean, "Not likely?"

But, why don't we just tax the wealthy when they are dead?

Luckily, President Genius has told us that he shall do everything in his power to "create or save" jobs. So, why are all those racist wealthy people leaving this country with their businesses?

I did notice that Obama's approval rating with black folks was through the roof. But, this is encouraging.

In a strange twist, even though Obama is overwhelmingly popular with the black folks, his approval numbers are the worst for any president in history at this point in his tenure. I am starting to believe that Joe FREAKING Biden would be a better president. He could not be any worse according to history, you know, since Obama is already the worst!

Mitchieville has been doing a stellar job with the "Green Shoots and Leaves" posts. Check that out, folks.

And even Zo is going all batshit on President Feckless on Afghanistan.

One thing to keep in mind, dear readers and Pay-Pal ante-ers, it can always get worse. And that is exactly what is happening. Never, ever, ever, vote for a Democrat, unless you are a deadbeat that lives off of us working folks.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Fire every Dumbasscrap elected since (D) went marxist. In short, fire 'em all.

2010, baby. Let 'em join their jobless recovery.