Tuesday, December 08, 2009

And......The Rant Continues.....Again

I have no idea why I keep posting on these idiots in DC. I certainly do not like feeling crazed over their record-setting stupidity and everyone that reads this blog knows how stupid those people in DC are. Dammit, the reason we sent them up there to begin with is that we did not want them in our communities fucking everything up.

Now, look what we have done. Dammit, Joe FREAKING Biden is Vice President.

Where to start, where to start? Why not Climategate?

Shikha Dalmia points out that EVERYTHING real scientists have been saying about the AGW proponents data is TRUE!!! SHOCKA!!! Remember, the guys that perpetrated the fraud of AGW are not some guys working out of their basements, they are the guys that are supplying the "data" to the United Nations IPCC. They are the big wigs in Moron "Science."

The fraud continues to be uncovered at The American Thinker. This goes a WHOLE lot deeper than we know now.

Some of the guys in The Academy want to take back Al Gore's Oscar because of the fraud that he perpetrated upon the world. No, this shall never happen, but it is funny that it is in the LA Times.

NBC addresses the fraud of Climategate, yet in a bizarre twist, they are PRO-FRAUD.

The New York Times? PRO-FRAUD. Surprised?

Not only did the AGW hucksters commit fraud, even their computer code is written by idiots.

And guess what? The United Nations is hitting back at the "Climate Skeptics." Climate skeptics means "people that are not fucking stupid."

As long as we are talking about East Anglia, we might as well throw NASA into the mix, too. In case you did not know this, NASA is a federal government agency, so if you did not distrust them from the jump, something is wrong with you.

What asinine other things can the federal government come up with to kill people and promote the stupidity of Anthropomorphic Global Warming? Making it illegal to exhale sounds fucking stupid enough, huh?

Luckily we have some folks that are retired and can actually perform REAL SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS. You know since the criminals affiliated with the AGW FRAUD are too busy skewing data and deleting the baseline data.

The only other way that I know how to deal with AGW morons is THIS.

Seriously, I. GIVE. UP.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Kick the UN out of the US, and send AlGore, Babs Boxer, and all the other lying criminals of Crime-ateGate to the Amazon rain forest.