Monday, December 07, 2009

Sixty-Eight Years Ago Today

I always think that I am going to write the definitive post about one topic, but this one ain't gonna be it. Blog Search "Pearl Harbor" and e-mail me the best posts that you find. You have been tasked, get busy.

From Staci.

Full Metal Patriot.

Stop the ACLU.

Third Wave Dave.



The new and IMPROVED! Andy the Redneck. Check out his links, too. He doesn't suck.

And sneaking in at the last minute, Classicaliberal.

And as long as I am doling out the work, gimme some feedback TODAY! on these. My e-mail is on the sidebar, you know? Oh, do not include this damn blog, I know better, and I am NOT going to give you any damn money anyway.

What do you vote on? Well, you make 1-5 non-ranked selections in the following categories and....

The Funniest Blog
Best Designed Blog
Best Original Reporting By A Blog
Most Annoying Left-Of-Center Blogger
Most Annoying Right-Of-Center Blogger
Most Overrated Blog
Favorite Political Website That's Not A Blog
Favorite Columnist Who's Not A Blogger
Best Linker
The Best Original Content For A Blog

1-15 non-ranked selections in the final category.

"The Best Blog Overall"

Please take the time to comment.


Andy said...

Dude, except for yours, and before it kinda fell off the radar, I'd have to give Iraq War Wrong a vote for funniest.

But, I don't read the two thousand blogs that you do...only got about 30 on my reader.

Paul Mitchell said...

Your round up is getting linked later, Andy.

I have only 439 feeds in my reader by the way. I also have 12 alerts in Da Google that give me about 300 more links a day, so there is that.

Skunkfeathers said...

I don't rate blogs; I just read those I like, period.

Like it or not, yours in on that list ;)

I didn't do a post on Pearl Harbor; I couldn't say it better than many already have.

classicaliberal said...

Funniest goes up to Mitchieville
best Original Reporting goes to Jim at Gateway
Annoying LOC goes to both Andrew Sullivan and LGF
Annoying ROC goes to Michael Steele and Meghan McCain (even though technically she doesn't blog, she writes a column)
Overrated goes to David Frum

Haven't come to a conclusion on the others yet, but I'll get back to you.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, you and me are on just about the same page.

But, does Michael Steele blog?

classicaliberal said...

What Up?

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh. My. God. That is exactly why I do not read Hot Air, too. I might find out more of what the idiotic people are doing than I want to know.

classicaliberal said...

Speaking of Hot Air, I think they have a very unique and well designed site. Whether or not you're a fan of the site, you'd probably agree that the layout is pretty cool. New blog entries on the right, hot topics on the left and recent headlines at the top.

Paul Mitchell said...

I stayed off the designed one because I read most of everything in a reader. The feeds all look the same to me.