Monday, December 07, 2009

Talking Back to Morons - Part Infinity

I dipped into Twittah for a minute tonight and saw this question from a drooling wetbrain. The person that asked this question claims the moniker "Christian Prochoicer" on Twittah and this is their bio: Pro-choice, pro-family, pro-sex education. Christian!! Deuteronomy 31:6 & John 15:18. This person that obviously has no clue of the underlying meanings of anything, went back and forth with me after I answered their question. My responses are MoM for Mean Ol Meany, theirs are DWB for Drooling Wet Brain. Follow along and then I shall comment.


DWB: Hey #tcot I'm still waiting for where the Bible says "give to poor- unless it's thru gov't intervention." #p2 #px #Christian #Catholic


MoM: @KushielsMoon Just curious, is the government "the poor" or do you just not want to understand what The Bible means? #tcot


DWB: @meanolmeany The poor is thousands of Americans to start, and then millions more across the world. #tcot


MoM: @KushielsMoon What does that have to do with government? That was your question, was it not? #tcot


DWB: @meanolmeany My question is why are some Christians against giving to the poor just b/c it's done through the government? #tcot


MoM: @KushielsMoon And my question is "Is the government the poor?" That seems like a simple question to me. #tcot


DWB: @meanolmeany No. Americans, thousands of them, are the poor. I answered that already.


MoM: @KushielsMoon To answer your question, The Bible says to help the poor, the goverment is NOT the poor. Understand? #tcot


DWB: @meanolmeany You're not understanding me. I am not saying we should "help the gov't." I'm saying help poor ppl with gov'ts assistance. #tcot


MoM: @KushielsMoon The Bible says to help the poor. The government is NOT the poor. You must be liberal. You are very dense. #tcot


DWB: @meanolmeany .... I've already said multiple times that I am NOT talking about the gov't when I say "the poor." #tcot


MoM: @KushielsMoon No, you are saying give money to the gov't based on Biblical teaching of helping the poor. What are you missing here? #tcot


DWB: @meanolmeany You obviously have no idea what I'm saying. Hopefully someone else can answer my original question. #tcot


MoM: @KushielsMoon I understand EXACTLY what you are saying, and yours is a disingenuous question and I pointed out why. #tcot
Number one, Goodness! How dense can one person be? This is the kind of idiocy that is more than prevalent in society today. The Bible says "Give to the poor, why can't it be through the government?" 

Here is your answer, in plain terms that even someone as disingenuous as a liberal can understand. The government is NOT THE POOR, so why give money to the government because The Bible says to help the poor? The Bible tells us many times to take care of those that are lesser than ourselves, the government is NOT THAT. The Bible does not tell us to give money to another rich person so THEY can take care of the lesser of us. The Bible tells US TO DO IT. Those that are not even marginally astute make the case that government can fulfill Biblical teachings, yet The Bible tells US to worry about our very own salvation, not to pay someone else to take care of it for us. Do not try to claim that you are following Christian principles and advocate the government taking care of YOUR PERSONAL DUTIES according to Biblical teachings. That is a cop-out. Or according to The BIBLE, SLOTH, one of the Seven Deadlies. 

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Andy said...

Amen, Pastor Paul! Preach on brudduh!

I run into people like this often, mostly community organizer types in the hood. But, it's the Gore, Kerry, Obama mindset. "Charity begins in Washington."

Staci said...

Well, I should be able to give to the poor of my choice, shouldn't I?

The freakin' government shouldn't be the one deciding who my poor choice is. No pun intended, heh.

Skunkfeathers said...

So according to DWB (Dumb Wiggy Bitch?), I should contribute to DC to help the poor?

DC already takes too much from me for a plethora of things I can't stand my money going to.

DWB can give on my behalf.

classicaliberal said...

I LOL'ed when you called her dense! Classic!