Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Morning Folder Cleaning

Disclaimer: This post is a series of disjointed thoughts that were put together over the course of the morning and early afternoon. If you expect plot cohesion, might I suggest an Ang Lee movie? Oh, wait.....

Seriously, it is like we simply cannot get to all the news coming out of DC at the moment, but there is something going on in Mississippi that seems a little more important to me right now.

Our state is frigging BROKE. Of course you hear all over the national media that Mississippi is a RED RED RED state, yet the inverse is actually true. At no time in history has Mississippi been run by Republicans. Never has the State House ever been controlled by Republicans, and only recently has the governor been a Republican. Kirk Fordice was the very first Republican governor since Reconstruction. His tenure was from January 14, 1992 to January 11, 2000. Not only that, but the overwhelming majority of counties and cities and towns are run by idiots from the Democrat Party, too.

After Captain Kirk, then we had Ronnie Musgrove, a Democrat, for four years, after he served as Lieutenant Governor (running the STILL Democrat-controlled Senate) for the whole time that Fordice was governor. Musgrove's claim to fame as governor was adding 75,000 people to the Medicaid rolls. And oddly enough, the shortfalls in Medicaid started RIGHT AFTER that. Weird, huh? I am almost positive that those two things are not related AT ALL. Still to this day, five years later, there are radio commercials trying to get even more people to sign up for Medicaid. "Hai! Get your FREE stuff that you are OWED!"

At this point in time, the governor is a Republican and the Lieutenant Governor (who schedules our state senate, which is STILL Democrat) is a Republican. In a really weird turn of events, they are trying to put our state back on track toward some kind of fiscal responsibility. Weird that Republicans would do that, huh?

And, if you have been following along, you should know by now that Democrats are morons. They claim to be the "Party of the Working Families," yet oddly enough, there never seems to be a single person that has a normal job that votes for Democrats. No folks, Democrats are the "Party of Welfare." They are also the "Party of Slavery," the "Party of Criminals," the "Party of Illegal Aliens," the "Party of Communism," the "Party of Anti-Business," and the "Party of Corruption."

Yet, the reason Mississippi is broke is because of Republicans? Yeah, right.

Now, in local news, there is a shit-fit about merging or closing state universities. Please note that Mississippi has EIGHT STATE FUNDED UNIVERSITIES in a state with less than three million TOTAL people. Three of these colleges are historically black colleges and one is a college that was founded for chicks. Alcorn State University, Mississippi Valley State University, and Jackson State University are black colleges (HBCUs). They are almost completely segregated, too. Mississippi University for Women is currently undergoing a search for a new name because they are wanting to increase enrollment. Plus, they have been taking dudes since back in the 1980s, I THINK. *1

In case math is not your forte, that is fully fifty percent of our state funded universities that are geared to serve a particular race or sex of students. By the very definition, I believe that is racism and sexism, but those terms have been so perverted that I am really unsure now.

I have absolutely ZERO problem with any of these universities maintaining their status quo. None. I also have ZERO problem with competition between our state universities with a duplication of services. If you would rather go to Alcorn (and I cannot find one reason why you would, it literally might as well be on the damn moon), then by G_d, you should be able to go to Alcorn. That is, IF Alcorn can make a PROFIT and stay in business. The same holds true for the chicks' college. I actually think that Delta State University should be cut lose from the fold, too. Not to mention, The University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, and The University of Southern Mississippi.

None of them should receive a single government PENNY. Not one. The universities should ALL be fully self-supporting from the collection of TUITION. You can look up the word "tuition" and you shall find it is 'the cost of attending classes at a college or university. Tuition does not include room and board or other living expenses.' It also does not include BOOKS now, but that is how liberals run things and make no mistake, liberals RUN education.

Want to know the cuh-razeest part of this debate? Enrollment has INCREASED by ten percent in the last year. At the time that even more students are enrolling, the (Democrat) state legislature wants to REDUCE tuition. This flies in the face of every premise regarding ECONOMICS. There is an obviously unknown thingy called "supply and demand" that has been completely ignored by government. Normal people, that are not moronic Democrats, would see the FACT that enrollment has increased exponentially and realize that maybe, just maybe, our colleges are UNDER PRICED. You see, with a ten percent increase in enrollment, you actually NEED ten percent larger facilities. Hmmmm, maybe if you RAISED the price of the "education" to a level that equaled your enrollment, you could turn a profit to pay for additional facilities for a larger student body or maybe REDUCE the number of people that were in college to fit the size of your facilities. See how that shit works?

Now, in today's POLITICAL environment of multi-culturalism, one would think that the very FIRST thing that would happen would be that any GOVERNMENT FUNDED ENTITY that actively promotes DISCRIMINATION would be closed. By the way, this includes The University of Mississippi, known as Ole Miss. BUT! Hells to the naws!!! Ole Miss turns out almost every single government official in our freaking state, what do you think that the chances are that it would be closed because of its overwhelming history of RACISM? Shit, the Klan was there just two weeks ago! Fah reals!!!

You see, multi-culturalism is kinda funny like that. The only people that can actively be discriminated against are WHITE MEN. Because in the crazyland of liberalism, white men have run this country LONG FUCKING ENOUGH! Oh never mind that without the contributions of those old, dead, white guys, there would be no chance that blacks, women, homosexuals, fucking morons, etc would ever have done anything other than wither on the vine of fucktardedness.

As far as government run primary education is concerned, here's a fun bit of trivia. Fully FIFTY-EIGHT PERCENT of Mississippi students are on the federal free lunch program. And guess what? That number is directly tied to the ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE of the school, too! In what insane world does that have anything to do with grades? Wonder what those poor folks that went to school during the "Great Depression" think about that crazy crap?

So, how do we solve these problems that were caused originally by those moonbats like Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt to move our country toward a dependent society? We start weaning people off the tit. We simply MUST do this or our country shall collapse and with it, the rest of the entire world. You know, because our PRODUCTION kinda fuels the economy of the PLANET.

There is a great philosophical divide in this world. On one side there are simpering morons, like Barry Obama and Joe FREAKING Biden that have no clue what it is like to be poor in this country, on the other side, there are intelligent people, that genuinely care about others and actually grew up poor, like Dr. Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, and ME. <--see what I just did there?

Anyhoo, start weaning these colleges off of tax money and start indexing the tuition to the actual COST of schooling. Start reducing the salaries of all of the administrators and professors of these state funded universities and get some folks that are experienced in running a profitable BUSINESS instead of "educators" to run these things. As soon as people realize that schooling IS A BUSINESS, then they shall start treating it that way. And for the love of FUCK, do away with tenure for college professors. Do not even try to get me started on the tenure discussion. Never in history has there ever been a dumber idea than tenure. Really, even the stupidity of juggling burning chainsaws pales in comparison to the idea of tenure.

Here's the kick in the head, folks. Even liberals know that to entice businesses to your area, you must have a competent work force that is capable of learning the jobs they are to perform. With our state focusing on FEEDING children and indoctrinating them into the Baby-Bird mindset where Mama-Bird is the gummint, our kids shall never get off the couch and go to work. To continue the head kicking, when Captain Kirk took the reins of this runaway bronco of our state economy, we were in Shitsville after four years of the idiot, Ray Mabus. Funny that we suddenly became the very first state to operate in the BLACK. (Operating in the BLACK is strangely a good thing, I though BLACK was evil?) Mississippi began to accumulate a "rainy day fund" that was virtually unheard of at the time. It only took four years for Ronnie Musgrove, a moronic Democrat, to shit away that fund and to add still more Baby-Birds to the nest.

Now, with all of that crazy stuff to think about, let's take a looksie at what our federal government is doing right now to inject some sanity into life in general, mmmmkay?

Weird that the federal government, in its infinite wisdom, must jettison an "educational" program that actually works.

How about we go out and hire someone to be the "safe schools CZAR" that actually wants to know if your children spit or swallow? Children, folks. But, I am certain this helps with dividing fractions, you know?

I am not in the right frame of mind to even scratch the surface of the bullshit reports regarding the national economy right now because our federal government is run by idiots. But.....

According to the Barrystream Media, employment is looking killah, but normal people that are NOT Democrats see the truth.

In case you have already forgotten what the new moron president promised with his ideas for our economy, here's a flashback.

And since you depend on the Barrystream Media to tell you the truth about stuff, here is what they say about unemployment now and then. Stunning contrast, huh?

Plus, the president continues to tell you exactly how awesomely awesome that his ideology IS. Daily.

Funny, it seems that the Smartest President is the World EVAH sounds very similar to this ideology, huh?

Final thought, isn't it funny that sacrifice is good, yet selfishness is bad? I kinda think that those ideas (or current definitions) are exactly wrong, just saying.

Please take the time to comment.

*1 I have no clue how many dudes go to the chick college, but I see that enrollment is only TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT and men only make up 15% of that number, so let's say 365. Also, MUW is in Columbus, about twenty miles from Mississippi State University, in Starkville.


Andy said...

Yeah TD, us conservatives in Louisiana have been ringing the bell forever about the fact that we have WAY too many State funded colleges.

I e-mailed you the list. Mississippi seems quite frugal compared to us.

I think Florida with 20+ million people has about 10 or 11 (I could be wrong). Of course, they're bankrupt, too.

Skunkfeathers said...

Colorado's budget is headed for the tank as well....state house, senate and governor's mansion are run by...*TOING*...Democrats.

New Orleans, run by Democrats...*TOING*

Califorlornia run by Democrats..*TOING*...

Danged if I don't sense a pattern here...

Paul Mitchell said...

History is oddly VERY indicative of future results. Weird how that happens.