Monday, December 14, 2009

Flat-Out Food Pimping (UPDATED at bottom!!!)

Since I regularly do those linkdumps and stuff boring the ever loving crap outta everyone, I thought that I would give y'all some info that you might actually want.


A good buddy of mine in Jack-troit has decided to teach private cooking classes and sell his own line of cooking gradoo. I am certain that it is amazing because he cooks like a madman. Also the menus for the cooking classes are sheer, deluxe food pr0n!! Yucca Stuffed Fried Shrimp? WANT!

Please take the time to check out his website, Ivy and Devine here.

The Ivy and Devine FAILbook page is here.

And the Ivy and Devine Twittah page is here. (Give him a break on this one, he ain't never Twittahed before.)

Please take the time to check out his site, dang it.

AND! As long as you are shelling out the Christmas cash, hit MY DAMN Pay-Pal, too. You can also send me gold bullion and bars. Remember, it is better to give than receive and you do not want to go to Hell, do you?

UPDATE: Yes, I know that I have been saying repeatedly to hit the Pay-Pal but I thought everyone knew that was a joke. I do not even have a clue how Andy found my Pay-Pal account, but he did and now I am flush with cash. If you need money, hit me up on the e-mail, because I am sure as hell not giving it back. (Because I have no clue how.)


Skunkfeathers said...

It's Christmas, I'm broke, and my ticket to Hell is already punched. And if I needed more proof, my word ver is plugunda.

So there.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, there is a post update, if you are interested.

Andy said...

Paul, I'm blushing! You should not "out" me as the moneybags that I am.

I really always thought it was a joke, but you seemed so sincere...kinda like when my oldest son was 13, and we finally told him that there really was no Santa Claus...I swear that boy cried for days... It was sad at the time, but we have laughed our guts out over it in the years since...

Anyway, that picture looks like eggs, vienna sausages cut up, and a couple of them little sticks that you use to play Kerplunk.

But at least they decorated it with mower clippings. Nice touch.