Thursday, December 03, 2009

Late Night Linkdump of Epic Proportions

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I read somewhere that the Barry White House added HuffPo, Talking Points Memo, and Slate to the list of "journalists" in the White House Press Pool. Seriously, folks, what do y'all think of this ridiculousness? Why does Barry not allow Keith Superdouche and Rachel "Harry Potter" Maddow in as well? For that matter, why not allow ACORN to simply put together the press releases? This is seriously an even worse administration than I anticipated and to see the seriousness of that statement, you must know that I had absolutely zero hope of Barry Obamoron and Joe FREAKING Biden ever getting anything right at all.

Again, the current administration is WORSE than I thought they would be.

With the addition of those three screeching shitfests in the press pool, what is the necessity of bailing out the papers? But, guess what? Not only are the newspapers going to accept this cash infusion into their industry, but they will even further to the left, as if that is even possible. That First Amendment? Oh, fuck that in the ass, yo.

Today was the "Jobs Summit" in Barryland. If you have never seen a group of monkeys trying to fuck a footbaw, you cannot imagine what this "summit" would look like. I keep thinking of a couple of knights jousting with their helmets on backwards, while riding wooden rocking horses on carts, pulled by small purse dogs. Naw, even that wouldn't look as ridiculous as Barry talking about solving a problem. Any problem.

And while Barry the Feckless was talking about jobs, still another manufacturer is bailing from our country. Thankfully, the management of this corporation had the good sense to actually say point blank that the reason they were leaving the United States is because we now have a simpleton running the country. The Barrystream Media can only ignore these mounting problems for so long, you know? Climategate is only 13 or 14 days old and already the entire world is throwing the Climate Fraudologists under the bus.

The bad news is non-stop now. Retail sales are plummeting because normal people know without any doubt that Barry's ideology is sandpoundingly stupid is going to have monumental fallout.

Of course, the Barrystream Media shall continue to lie about jobs. Because everyone knows that 169,000 is LESS than 160,000. WTF?!?!?! The leftists are actually attempting to use numbers now? Maybe soon enough they will be able to communicate in noises other than grunts and groans. Oh, Hell naw. That is just crazy.

But what is this unemployment number? I am having so much trouble with figuring these things out. Recall, we have TEN PERCENT unemployment per the Labor Department. If you assume that since half of our population has never held a job or ever paid taxes because of CIVIL RIGHTS!, then you simply have to estimate that they are talking about 10% of 160 million, which is SIXTEEN MILLION people not working that "want" to. Yeah, something must be wrong with my HP handheld adding machine, because those numbers just do not compute.

As long as we are on the subject of CIVIL RIGHTS!, we must touch on the fact that the first black president evah has gotten 400% more death threats than ever before. Well, according to Rick Sanchez of CNN, anyway. But, SHOCKER! Actual death threats aimed at the Obamoron are UP A WHOPPING ZERO PERCENT from all other presidents. RACISM!!!

On the Climategate front, news is spewing forth from the reliable news sources, but nothing gets past the Iron Curtain of the Barrystream Media. And if the moron Democrats in Congress have their way, the e-mail hackers will be punished. Funny, but I seem to remember an e-mail hacker that they defended to the nth degree and he hacked a chick's PERSONAL e-mails to her family. Remember the Democrat operative that hacked Sarah Palin's Yahoo account? Wow, her personal e-mails were fine to hack, but fuck to the naws, we cannot hack someone that is DEFRAUDING the entire world? Something seems backasswards about Democrat logic on that one, huh? Oh, Democrat logic ALWAYS works that way!!!

By the way, if you are even remotely interested in that deleted "climate" data? Well, well, well, it actually shows that we are about to FREEZE to death!!! See, Democrats hedged their bets on the wrong side of the PANIC! They have to cover that data up to stay the party of the rich criminals.

By the way, Newsbusters points out that not only is the fraud from the Democrats controlling the climate data a huge news item, the fraud committed by the Barrystream Media covering it up is as well. The first law of politics is Democrats = Criminals.

Oh, speaking of Democrat criminals, as if they are not all criminals, here's THIS week's list of convicted Democrats. Yes, I did the math a couple of years ago, Democrats are convicted at a rate EIGHT TIMES greater than that of Republicans. If you are talking about Illinois governors, four of the last four Democrats served jail time, and one of the last five Republicans. When Blago goes to prison, it shall be five of five of Democrats, so a mere 100% of Illinois Democrat governors since 1953 have gone to prison. FIVE OF FIVE.

What about the latest darling of the morons on the "healthcare" front? FUCK ME TO TEARS, FRAUD YET AGAIN. We must screech and complain because this dude is dying because he doesn't have "access to healthcare" even though he is currently being treated, has insurance, and has been kinda like FIBBING to a "journalist" that never, ever took the time to check the OTHER SIDE OF THE FRIGGIN' STORY. Par for the course. <--obligatory Tiger Woods reference and segue.

Tiger cheated? Um, yeah, he is of mixed race, those mother fuckers are ALL like that. You know how they are. 'Nuff said?

If you want to read something really interesting, to me at least, read this Vanity Fair article on Erik Prince, the owner of Blackwater. Stick with it, it seems to be the typical leftard bullshit, but there is so much more on page three and four. This dude is a friggin' hero, dude. (Hat-Tip: I forgot, dammit, I am so sorry!)

Crowder!!! On the Peace sign and violence being the answer. I think he is stealing my blog posts, now. Cool!!!

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Skunkfeathers said...

Yep...Jimmah Carduh has been superceded as the biggest moron president in American History, by the MessiaDUH.

Hope we can bereave in.