Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AND! The Idiocy Continues.......

In this post I shall try to limit my cussing. One of the nancy-boys of the inwebbyblarks voiced his pee-pee panties over the lack of civility on webinterpages today, so I do not want him crying into his shawl.

Anyhoo, I did not receive a single hate-mail today, yet two or three haters cropped up in the comments. Somehow, I feel like a failure when some douchebag doesn't crawl up from the sewer to tell me how stupid I am on a daily basis. I blog for the HATE!

Now, into the abyss, folks.

Homosexual weightlifters groom show poodles.


Rachel Maddow marries a MAN!


Goodness, look at the size of the CANKLES on that heifer.

Sean Connery NUDE.

He don't care if she is married, he loves the PAC-10.

Flip-flopping like a woman. Yes, just like a woman. A natural woman. But, does he hate women?


Insanity discontinued.

Please take the time to comment.

*This page was a test of services offered by The Google, the only company that doubled its value in 2009.


Andy said...

TD, that dude is one serious wuss.

News at 11.

HA: Word verification: "browjob" Seriously...browjob!

Paul Mitchell said...

Browjob? Google is Chinese now? HA!!!

Okay, check your hits and see what happens. I am going to check my logs right at 11:59 and clear them to see what the Reader does. Well, hopefully, anyway.