Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Brief Refresher on Slavery

Since we are in the process of gearing up for the month of Blackuary and we are vehemently opposed to Black History Month because we are not racists, I thought that I would remind you of the facts of slavery in this country. Also, do not forget that last year we celebrated the first post-racial Blackuary 01 A.B., after Barry. Please check the original Blackuary post BEFORE you start screaming racism.

Slavery in the "new world" started in 1612 with the arrival of the very first black slave. There are two ways to do the counting on slavery's longevity in this part of the world now known as the United States of America. One, from the arrival of the first slave, OR two, from the actual creation of the country. Remember, until the Declaration of Independence, this joint was simply territories OWNED by European countries.

From the arrival of the first slave, slavery lasted from 1612 until the abolition of slavery by the Republicans on December 6, 1865. That is a total of two hundred fifty-three (253) years.

Or from the actual time that this country was founded on July 2, 1776 until the slaves were freed by Republicans on December 6, 1865 is a total of eighty-nine (89) years. Yes, the Declaration of Independence was PASSED on July second, NOT the fourth.

So, either two hundred fifty-three years or eighty-nine years. You got a choice.

By way of comparison, France abolished slavery in 1848. They had been practicing slavery since 843, a total of one thousand five years. Either way you choose to figure our country's slave holding past, France either lurved them some slaves 3.97 or 11.29 TIMES longer.

Oh yeah, France? You suck.

(Methinks that I am limbered up enough for Blackuary now. Bring on the racism!)

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Skunkfeathers said...

*Tuning fork on cooked spagetti*
I your column,
that youuuu, are a racist...
You my response
that I'm a racist toooo...
We our writings,
that we are both racists..
if you don't like Pelosi
you can be a racist too..

(see what I just did there?)

Fenris Badwulf said...

This 'racism' charge has lost its sting, from being used so much, eh what?

Skunkfeathers said...

Yeppers...I is ;)

Skunkfeathers said...

Yeppers...I is ;)