Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blatherings and a Racist Mishmash

I have been corresponding with a person that is a school teacher of math and science tonight and I think that I may have been too harsh. I must say that I do have a tendency to be myself with whomever I speak and sometimes that makes me seem somewhat too aggressive. I want everyone to know that I am nothing but a sweet, sweet guy.

That said, our conversation was about Democrats being the party of racism and that the Ku Klux Klan was part and parcel of the Democrat Party. I seriously did not know there was a single soul on Earth that did not know this. Really. So......

Everyone should know that the Republican Party was FORMED to fight the Democrat Party's slavery platform. You cannot debate that, it is only known all the way throughout every history class ever taught in the United States. So, let's do the Google, okay? (All of these links lead to The Google search pages so you can find your own source. Please do not trust me at all, I am an evil rightwing wingnut.)

March 20, 1854.

June 16, 1854. Horace Greeley.

March 27, 1856. First RNC meeting.

May 22, 1856. Charles Sumner.

June 4, 1860. Charles Sumner.

Okay, that gets us up to the Civil War. We all know that was not really about slavery, but about states rights, but let's assume that slavery was the whole issue. Republican President Abraham Lincoln, blah, blah, blah.......

April 16, 1862. Lincoln abolished slavery in DC. 99% of Republicans FOR, 83% of Democrats AGAINST.

Keep rolling, I think that we can skip through for a while, because again, everyone knows that it was the Republican Party that ended slavery totally, and the Democrat Party that started passing "Jim Crow Laws."

Just a little aside, in 1868, guess what the Democrat's political slogan was?

October 22, 1868. James Hinds.

February 3, 1870. Fifteenth Amendment. Reps FOR 98%, Dems AGAINST 97%.

June 7, 1892. Republicans ask CHICKS to come to the RNC as alternate delagates
. Remember, chicks could not even vote until 1920 with the Nineteenth Amendment.

1900, Theodore Roosevelt outlawed segregation in New York schools.

January 15, 1901. Booker T. Washington
. Washington, a Republican, protests Democrats refusal to allow him to vote. BTW was black, in case you were unaware.

February 12, 1909. Ida B. Wells.

April 18, 1920. Jacob Preus.

January 26, 1922. Leonidas Dyer. Democrats filibustered.

June 12, 1929. Lou Hoover. Democrats protest across the entire country.

August 17, 1937. Hugo Black. FDR nominated a Klansman to the Supreme Court.

June 24, 1940. Army Integration. Franklin Delano Roosevelt refuses to enforce it.

April 3, 1944. Texas Democrat Party.

February 18, 1946. Paul McCormick. Republican appointed judge integrates Mexicans.

September 30, 1953. Earl Warren. Former Republican Governor from Cali that wrote Brown v. Board of Education.

November 25, 1955 Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bans racial segregation on interstate bus travel.

March 12, 1956 Democrats. Ninety-seven Congressional Democrats pledge to ignore Brown v. Board and continue segregation.

October 19, 1956. Richard Nixon.

September 9, 1957. Civil Rights Act.

September 24, 1957. Arkansas. Democrats John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson protested vehemently.

May 6, 1960. Civil Rights Act. One hundred twenty-five hours filibuster by eighteen Democrats.

June 11, 1963. George Wallace. Yes, George Wallace was a Democrat.

September 29, 1963. George Wallace. He defies another order to integrate Tuskegee High School. Ordered by Frank Johnson, judge appointed by Eisenhower.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Fun part, voting against this cost Al Gore Sr. his seat. Remember when his moron son, Al Gore, Global Warming Nutcase, said his dad lost his Senate seat over this? Junior never told you that Dad voted against it.

March 7, 1965. Selma. This was the "We Shall Overcome" march.

August 4, 1965. Everett Dirksen.

September 17, 1971. Hugo Black. Remember, he was appointed by FDR.

June 29, 1982. Ronald Reagan. Signed an additional twenty-five year extension to the Voting Rights Act to keep Democrats from turning blacks away from polling places.

November 21, 1991. George H. W. Bush. Civil Rights Act of 1991.

August 20, 1996. Susan Molinari. Introduced part of the Contract with America that prohibits racial discrimination in adoption.

April 26, 1999. Spencer Abraham. Legislation to present Rosa Parks with Congressional Gold Medal.

January 25, 2001. School choice. Republican policy introduced to offer school choice as Educational Emancipation. (DC's school choice was just repealed by Barry Obama last year.)

February 26, 2004. Corrine Brown. You white folks all look alike to me.

We have come a very long way in our country's history, DESPITE all of the efforts to thwart our progress by Democrats. Believe that the Democrat Party is NOT the party of racism, but you might as well be believing in the Tooth Fairy.

Please take the time to comment.

Still more Democrat racism.

More Dixiecrats.


Skunkfeathers said...

The libtards will read this and declare you racist because you dared to bring up truth and facts that show their own proven track record of racism, but it doesn't fit their current template, so it's you what's racist.

See what they'll just do there?

Basil said...

If this had been a boxing match, it'd've been stopped a long time ago.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, can you imagine how many times that I have been called a racist already? Feh, don't hurt me none.

Basil, too much? I deleted half of this post for brevity!

Joubert said...

Excellent. This is a keeper.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks much, Sitting Room Guy.

Skunkfeathers said...

I agree it's a keeper; and for any young budding libtard with some brain still working, it's education to steer them from the dark side, into intelligence and common sense about race, life and reality.

Basil said...

Oh, no! Not too much. Not at all. Just saying that any reasonable mind would be convinced long before the end.

The key phrase: "reasonable mind." That's why the other side doesn't get it.