Sunday, January 24, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - More Folder Upkeep and Spammer Updates

Since I have been publishing this blog, starting in 1953, I have had the opportunity to try out all kinds of different interblorgwebbynet stuff. Not the least of these thingies has been e-mail services. Of course, I had a Hotmail address back in the Wild West days. As a matter of fact it was So, I assume I was thirty-four when I LAUNCHED that e-mail almost twelve years ago.

Back in the day, blogger comments tended to be more spammy stuff than not, so I started an e-mail on Yahoo for blog traffic. Seriously, that e-mail address is the epitome of all spam gathering places.

This morning I received an e-mail from a friend that had the footer, "Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around" statement prominently displayed, so I decided to check my Yahoo! Mail this month a little early.

You see the results. I had ONE, ONE, ONE NOT spam e-mail of four hundred twenty-four e-mails. By way of comparison, I have received ONE spam e-mail in my G-Mail inbox this month. Yes, I write these things down. And the one spam e-mail I received in G-Mail was a very well written African bank internet letter about a bunch of dust they wanted to give me from a relative that died in a plane crash.

Anyhoo, I am not getting paid for pushing The Google's e-mail service, I just find it to be incredibly efficient and it allows me to share my calendar with clients and friends that have G-Mail, too. Not only that, it is merged with my The Google Reader, my Twittah account, all of my chat services, my blog, my Facebook, and the list is endless. If you are shopping for a free e-mail service, you simply cannot do better than G-Mail.

One more small thing that The Google mail can do. If you use the calendar service, it will send you text messages to your phone reminding you of important stuff. You do not think that I actually REMEMBER your birthday and anniversary, do you? Shit to the naws, The Google remembers for me. It is not that you are NOT the most important person in my life, it is that I am incredibly narcissistic and can only remember my own birthday if I concentrate really hard on it.

By the way, I checked and the perfect e-mail address for YOU is still available at The G-Mail, "" Go get it, it is your destiny.

The LINKDUMP of Brevity.

DPUD - Obama shall destroy Wall Street because of Scott Brown.

Zero Hedge - Nikkei collapses because of Obama's plan for Wall Street.

Big Government - Obama's crony capitalism.

Stop the ACLU - Unions lurve Obama's plans for Wall Street.

Gateway Pundit - NYSE responds to Obama's economic ideology.

Newsbusters - Reuters kinda does not understand unemployment math.

Zero Hedge - December unemployment numbers were UNEXPECTEDLY? higher?

The Other McCain - Debt ceiling? We don't need no stinkin' debt ceiling.

I Hate the Media - Obama uncovers criminal activity, and quickly covers it back up.

Zero Hedge - Barney Frank is a corrupt idiot.

Big Government - California accepts only idiots in government and population.

Big Government - Colorado decides to increase state revenue by TAXING a TAX.

Gribbet's Word - Obama is a HUGE fan of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Gateway Pundit - More on the Obama Theory of Debt Reduction. (This shit made me laugh out loud. Obama wants to reduce the deficit?)

The New York Times - Robert Gates thinks the Taliban needs to take a more active role in Assholeastan. (W...T...F...?)

The Other McCain - Chris Matthews is a racist Klansman.

Big Government - Media Matters doesn't know anything about the history of the Klan. (They should ask Chris Matthews.)

mean ol' meany - It's okay to hate white folks.

mean ol' meany - HEY! Look who's white!

Wikipedia - Look who's NOT WHITE.

Fox News - Most ethical administration EVAH. (This is all good, though. It is only about SEX.)

Jackson Jambalaya - The JFP does not like Two Lakes. (or facts. or science. or math. or anything rational.)

Andy's Place - Andy is no longer a redneck, he's a mudneck.

Sleep Talkin' Man. (It is UNpossible that this is true.)

The Eyeballing Game. (lower is better.)

The Third and the Seventh. (Really cool architecture video.)

Dc Trawler - Jon Stewart is the worst person in the world!

Enjoy folks. I have a busy day ahead. I blog for the comments, too!

Please take the time to comment.


Basil said...

You are dead-on regarding those email services. For all the evil Google is (they own YouTube and Blogger, after all), they got a huckuva spam filter. And the fact that AT&T (nee BellSouth) email uses Yahoo! really ticks me off.

Yahoo! mail doesn't have a spam filter; it has a spam magnet.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, I don't even remember Hotmail being as bad, ten years ago, as Yahoo is now. Really.

Andy said...

But Basil, how would you ever know if you had inherited 50 million dollars, or there was some poor deposed Nigerian princess trying to spirit her Daddy's money out of the country that needs your help, or that you obviously can't get it up and are in need of some enhancement stuff?

If it were not for Yahoo Mail, the world would truly be even worse than it already is. And, the internet would be much less exciting. Just MHO...

Andy said...

Oh, BTW TD, thanks for the link. Lemme know if you manage an alert...not working on my end. Thanks again.

Skunkfeathers said...

I already knew about Andy's adventures in mudding (braver and smaller soul than I).

My gmail account is little used (it catches comments from my blog), but so far, it gets NO spam. My three Yahoo accounts get enough spam to feed Ethiopia.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, you use your e-mail quite a bit differently than most people. Getting spammer letters are not what most of us want!