Monday, January 18, 2010

Huge Things in History Today

For some reason government offices are closed today, so I searched my "Today in History" links. Stunning finds abound, but the only reason I could possibly find for those government offices being closed was the fact that January 18, 1943 was the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. I still have not resolved how our current government could even celebrate that occurrence, since everything the government does today is so very parallel to the governance PERPETRATED upon the world by Nazi Germany. I guess that contradictions MUST BE ABLE to exist in the real world.

And while typing the above paragraph, I received an e-mail from someone asking if I was working on "Martin Luther King Day." I inquired as to when that might be and was informed that it was today. So, I tried to find any reason at all that this could possibly be MLK Day. No such information is available. It is like Dr. King did not even exist on January 18th. Strange, maybe we celebrate his yearly vacation day?

I am still also wondering why the morons in the federal government acknowledge anything that was FOISTED upon this unsuspecting country by that dastardly evil Ronald Reagan. Doesn't everyone know that Republicans HATE HATE HATE black folks? Yes, Ronald Reagan signed the bill creating this "holiday" on November 2, 1983. THAT BASTARD!!!

As far as King's legacy is concerned, I have no doubt that he was a good dude from all that I have been taught. But, I have serious trouble resolving some of the really contradictory things in his historical record. Like, in 1966, Dr. King received Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger award for something. In case you did not know, Planned Parenthood has been responsible for more black deaths than any other body in the entire history of the world. Not only that, Margaret Sanger was a Nazi sympathizer that promoted the ideology of eugenics. Weird that Dr. King would accept that award, huh?

President Moron Carter also awarded Dr. King the Presidential Medal of Freedom, posthumously. I find it really, really weird that a Southern Democrat would even consider giving an award to a black dude, even if that black dude was already dead. AND NOT EVEN FROM BEING LYNCHED EITHER!!! I am really curious to know how many lynchings that Jimmy Carter attended personally and if the Nobel Committee would take back his "Peace Prize" for that shit. In case you were unaware, Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan and most of Dr. King's work was vehemently fighting the Democrat Party to get rid of racial segregation and those pesky Democrat passed Jim Crow Laws. Dr. King fought for equality for all races, not for food stamps.

Never forget, without the Democrat Party, the Civil Rights Acts of the 1950s and 1960s would have never been needed. Thankfully, there was a Republican Party that fought tooth and nail to get this legislation passed. So, in all actuality, Dr. King's mission and message was born fighting the racist policies of the Democrat Party that are still in place TO THIS DAY. In fact, the current conscience of the Senate, Senator Robert Byrd (Dumbass-WV), once said that Dr. King was a "rabble rouser" and filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. HEY! Here is a link about that in the New York Times, too! Just for your information, the "Conscience of the Senate" is a former Klan Kleagle that was paid to recruit more Democrats in the Ku Klux Klan. Yes, the KKK was, and still is, part and parcel of the Democrat Party. In case you want to know a little more about the guy that Democrats call "the love of my life," here's the uncut story.

Harry Reid says Obama is a negro. Bill Clinton says Obama should be getting our coffee. Other than having shriveled up dicks, wonder what these two morons have in common? Yeppers, they are part of that racially sensitive Democrat Party.

So, where does Dr. King's work leave us today? Well, we have a greatly divided country, politically. One the one side is a party that Dr. King GAVE HIS LIFE FIGHTING, and on the other side, a party that joined with him and has somehow been labeled as racist and WHITE. Remember, up is down, right is wrong, and racism can only be white discriminating against blacks. Never can racism be the other way around.

Insert Dr. King's "color of their skin" argument here. You know the drill.

Another hugely idiotic thing that has come about, while quoting Dr. King's work, is the gay marriage thingy. Your hear those that support government control of marriage talking about civil rights for what you do in the privacy of your own damn home. Wonder where this stupid bullshit might lead? Is there any telling what could possibly happen if we continue to allow the federal/state/local government to control our relationships and our marriages? It seems somewhat screwed up to me that ANY MARRIAGE needs sanction from government, but I guess really stupid people like the fact that marriage is no longer between two consenting adults, but between two consenting adults, their accountant, their estate planner, their lawyer, their state representative, their chancery clerk, their justice of the peace, and all other government entities. How romantic!!!

Anyhoo, Dr. King, since I did not know you and can only form my opinions of your work from reading your words and watching your speeches, I am dreadfully sorry that your message has been turned on its ear. My interpretation of your action runs utterly contrary to what is occurring right now. I am also sorry that the Democrat Party found the need to murder you in the prime of your life and we never got to see the true impact of what you saw for our future. I feel the pain that you must feel when I see the folks that you worked so hard to elevate become dragged further down into the mentality of victimhood and it pains me greatly to see no hope in sight to achieve the independence that you must have wanted.

Oh, and what I would not GIVE if Jesse Jackson was still simply the guy that carried the luggage and got sandwiches for you and Ralph. I think that dude is retarded.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Whatever MLK was or wasn't, I imagine he'd like to shoot Jesse, Al, and that bunch of race-baiting morons.

Granted, I didn't know him either. But, like you, I can read. And can even sort the filters of what I read ;) I didn't subscribe to dumbed-down, outcome-based indoctrination...mmm mmm mmm.

Anonymous said...

Learn more about the Margaret Sanger/ Eugenics/ Planned Parenthood Black Genocide connection in the film: Maafa21, which is full of her racist and eugenic quotes. Maafa21 also quotes early Civil Rights Leaders who saw through the abortion/birth control scheme as a way to limit black populations. Check it out here:

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks, Anon, checking it out. I am glad that I am not the only person that thinks about these terrible things done by the "progressives."

Jill said...

I actually think Obama would make an excellent lawn jockey.

Paul Mitchell said...