Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Quick Update Regarding Girl's Pre-School Badminton

Since we are always concerned about the state of SEC footbaw, why in the world would little girl's badminton concern me? Well, because Rocky Top's corch is quitting footbaw to corch it.

The PAC-10 sucks. HARD.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Coming to an ESPN thingee near you: BsCS Badminton, featuring hockey-style fights ;)

Roller derby on Red Bull...hooha.

(Dead) Tommy5 said...

Good job getting back to posting WTW.

Basil said...

Kiffen went 4-4 in the SEC this year. That equates to 8-1 in the Pac10. So it was a brilliant hire.

Paul Mitchell said...

uSCCC and nine Vanderbilts. A match made in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

If the SEC is so great, how did it get punked by a 33 year old coach?

The mighty SEC huh?


But seriously who wrote his contract This should not have happened if the contract was written properly(balloon buyout option)...what a amateur program at UT. I mean Kiffen was desperate to leave Oakland.

All is well now, Kiffen has his dream job in cali. He is like the Goldman Sachs of college football coaches.

Don't like him personally but it is entertaining watching slimy weasels do their thing.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, there is much more to the Hello Kiffin debacle than meets the eye. He left uSCCC (to go to Oakland) with a NCAA cloud over his head, he left UT the same way. Wonder why Pete Carroll left a job where he was virtually guaranteed a Rose Bowl victory every other year minimally to take a job where he is going to blow goats and lose all the time?

Wonder what Kiffin is going to do for recruiting at uSCCC? I am just utterly confused on this move. But, I cannot wait to see how Cali folks react to Coach O. CANNOT. WAIT.