Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Responding to Thoughtful Comments in the Thoughtful Way

One of things about me that drives me crazy is that I have to listen/read/converse/correspond with folks that push my thought processes. Debating someone that agrees with me serves no purpose. We already figured the stuff out, why debate what we agree upon? But, sometimes folks, with whom I agree, bring up counterpoints that take discussions in totally different directions. Such is the nature of throwing comments out and waiting on responses. Trust me, the counterpoints and alternate theories always help me in my thought processes. While I certainly do not take to "brainstorming" very well, I do regard a logical, systematic approach to looking at problems in different ways. Sometimes I jump to conclusions, but other thinking folks are usually there to smack me around and make me see stuff in a different light.

And so, throwing out my first thoughts are always productive for me. Roderick made a comment about the link I posted yesterday about government workers overtaking manufacturing workers in population.

Part of his statement was, "Having more gov't employees can also mean if you want to start a business you need customers that feel secure enough to fund your business. Which means the best prospects for starting a business is in the DC metro area. Not to mention all those contracting possibilities, woohoo fat gov't contracts....$900 wrenches anyone, buy one at Home Depot and pocket the difference!"

Cynical? Hells to the yeah! Correct? Hells to the yeah! But......

In order to employ just ONE government employee, the money must be found to pay them a salary. Money must be found to give them a place to work. Money must be found to give them the tools necessary to perform the government function for which they were hired. That money does not miraculously appear on the ground, it must be taxed from the private sector, because government produces nothing that makes a profit. Remember, the basic idea of government is that PROFIT IS BAD.

Anyhoo, I did not choose to take on ALL of the costs of employing one government worker, I just tackled the actual salary of employing the AVERAGE government worker. Remember, those employed in government are payed almost DOUBLE what the private industry worker pulls down. And I rounded these salaries for ease of graphical representation.

I also pulled the data for this graphic from a far-left moonbat site called "CBS News." Most of their numbers are very wrong, but that is irrelevant to our experiment. They state that the Executive Branch of our federal government is only 1.98 million people EXCLUDING the Postal Service and military. Actually it was closer to TWELVE MILLION people back in 2007, INCLUDING the military and the post office. YES! Military and post office employees are incredibly important in our numbers here, because they make up the HUGE bulk of federal employees. "Here's an idea, let's figure out how much it costs to run government, but let's ignore the VAST OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of labor costs! That will make things look so much better!"

Not only that, the average income from private sector workers is closer to 41k in 2009, because as you recall, Democrats took over our federal government back in January 2007. Private sector salary has been plummeting, as it always does, since Democrats took over. Remember, Democrats always reduce wealth every time they are in power. This has always happened and it always will happen until Democrats stop being Democrats. Democrats = morons.

Using the moonbat site, CBS News numbers, we find that it takes ELEVEN average private sector employees to pay JUST ONE average federal employee. I arrive at this number because according to the flat (no deductions) federal income tax DEMANDED from someone that makes 45k is SEVEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR DOLLARS!!! That also represents seventeen percent of that person's income. Ignore the 7.65 percent of income that must be paid from each employee and ignore the matching 7.65 paid by the employer in FICA and Medicare. (But still recognize that is FULLY 32.5 percent of your salary, at 45k, in federal taxes.)

So, at the very barest minimum, there must be eleven private sector employees to just pay ONE federal government employee's salary for one year. If you take this to the very hilt, since there are minimally twelve million federal government employees (prior to 2007), you must have ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO MILLION private sector employees and all of their tax money just to pay those government folks' salary. Do you know how many employed people we have right now? Yeah, me neither, because we cannot get a straight answer from the Fed on anything, but I would guess that it would not be many more than 132 million.

Quick numbers from Wiki, our population is estimated at 308 million. From the federal numbers, the current population of people on Medicare, meaning those that do not work, is somewhere around 48 million. From the Bureau of Labor, total civilian workforce numbers are 153.5 million, but with ten percent unemployed. That means 15.35 million people NOT working, for a total of 138.15 million people working. From that we extrapolate just over six million people paying the electric bill of all the government buildings and all other overhead costs of government, sans labor costs.

Seems somewhat impossible to maintain at that rate, huh? This is not taking into account the huge chunk of money that it takes to offer all kinds of other federal government services. We maintain a highway system, we maintain shipping ports and the subsequent services surrounding those things. We must provide military materiel and bases around the world. We send GINORMOUS amounts of money to other countries. Seriously, the list of wasteful spending is endless to the nth degree. All on the backs of only six million taxpayers. By the way, that straight up tax money from that six million taxpayers is around 44.6 BILLION dollars.

In the paraphrased words of our blog friend, MUD, "that is shelling out much more than you are taking in." It cannot last, it is a losing strategy, and there is only pain, death, destruction, chaos, hate, and discontent to follow.

Just for your information, the United States, in 2005, gave this to other countries in foreign aid:

1. Israel 2.58 Billion
2. Egypt 1.84 Billion
3. Afganistan 0.98 Billion
4. Pakistan 0.70 Billion
5. Colombia 0.57 Billion
6. Sudan 0.50 Billion
7. Jordan 0.48 Billion
8. Uganda 0.25 Billion
9. Kenya 0.24 Billion
10. Ethiopia 0.19 Billion
11. South Africa 0.19 Billion
12. Peru 0.19 Billion
13. Indonesia 0.18 Billion
14. Bolivia 0.18 Billion
15. Nigeria 0.18 Billion
16. Zambia 0.18 Billion

Almost ten billion, leaving us with a mere less than 35 billion for our own stuff.

Just so you know, we currently spend around 340 BILLION federal dollars a year on Medicaid. That represents a mere TEN TIMES as much money as we have left over after paying our federal employees FOR ONE YEAR.

Please note, this blog post has ZERO opinion and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT facts. It is indisputable. Please also note, there is no such thing as a "conservative" in the government. Democrats represent the very far-left, not conservative. Anarchists, of which there are none in government because that contradicts a belief in anarchism, are the far-right, not conservative. Republicans represent the political center, utterly milquetoast-esque. Figure out what in the Hell "conservatism" even means when these facts are considered.

Please take the time to comment.


Paul Mitchell said...

By the way, a federal government employee pays almost 15k on that 75k salary. How many times can the federal government tax the very same money before a black hole is created and everyone is sucked into it?

Disgruntled said...

Too late, it's happening now.

Embrace the Suck

Paul Mitchell said...

The suck is perfectly fine when performed by a cougar, but utterly unsatifying when performed by a bookish DUDE wearing a cheap JC Penny suit. Or one would assume.

Anonymous said...

We have had deficits for over 20 years, minus a few years in the late 1990's...that is almost an entire working career for ppl.

Why should anyone care, by the time this explodes we could be dead? Why not spend the remaining time on earth by hopping on the gravy train and grabing as much as you can before it goes off the rails...I mean two hands full, pockets stuffed, etc...you know what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

One more thing, if the gov't won't layoff ppl under these circumstances than how could another situation arise where gov't cannot fully fund itself?

Now is the time, if it doesn't happen now (between now and 2012) then I don't see how it will ever happen.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, that surplus in the late 1990s did not really exist. While the deficit was much reduced during the fiscal conservative Republicans control of Congress, the Clinton Administration did something with the bonds that jacked up the stats and then claimed there was a surplus, but it was a shell game. As is most of all federal government shenanigans.

Not only that, we have run a true deficit since 1942. No, not 1492.

But, still, philosophically, I cannot take any money that I do not earn. And now, at age 45, I have to truly earn it by using only my own ideas and labor. I cannot get rich off the brain of any other man. So, obviously, I am going to be poor from now forward.

Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, all that has to happen to completely bring down this financial house of cards is for China to sell off all our debt. Then the entire world plunges into depression. The only reason that China is not doing that right now is because it makes their currency worth less to hold so much of our debt. They are simply holding their own inflation in check by owning our debt.

Skunkfeathers said...

Let's start by firing the Departments of Energy and Education; that will put a momentary cork to the suck.

THEN, let's jam a permanent cork in the suck of taxpayer money being given to ACORN to defraud voters.

THEN, let's fire every Democrap in Congress that's on a ballot in '10.

Solve the problems? Nawp. A step in the right direction? Yep.

Did I just agree with you? How boring ;)

Disgruntled said...

where be my gubbbmint cheeeeeeese?

I'm thinking of getting a government job as the government is destroying business at a rate that my company can't keep up.

Got to support my food/shelter/heat habit.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, right, right, right, right, wrong.

Disgruntled, I am certain that you shall still get paid even after the federal government runs everyone out of business. Of course, that money won't be worth anything because the government doesn't own any stores or anything. I need to think that one through a little more, huh?

stilettoGOP said...

This is really, good stuff. Excellent post.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks much, stiletto. How's that water thingy working out for you?

I saw on JJ that someone made reference to Harvey Nagin and laughed my ass off.

stilettoGOP said...

Really? I saw something about free Obama dolls in my toilet and laughed MY ass off for at least a day and a half.

How's the water thingy working out for me??..

Well, Mayor Harvey Nagin can kiss my lily-white-non-shower-havin'-one-grand-car-tag-payin'-can't-flush-shit-shower-or-shave-ASSSSSSSSS.

Does THAT answer your question, Mr. Rankin County? Hmmm?...

Paul Mitchell said...

I am in a bad mood, too. I have been working my ass off today. I watered the leaves in my yard that I still haven't raked up, and washed my house, my car, and my driveway. Then I washed the sheets on my bed, the sofa cushions, the hardwood floors, and took a nice hot shower. Then watched my neighbor wash his car while I looked at my 21 dollar tag. Rough life over here.

Talk to you tomorrow, gotta go start the dishwasher, another load of clothes and drink some water straight from the tap.

stilettoGOP said...

Mmmm hmmm. And don't forget to top off the fish tank too, asshole.


I ain't hatin'. I went to the Sam's and got 14 cases of water. I'm set. "He with the most water wins", right?

Thank GOD I have a hot tub, at least I can take buckets and fill up the tank and flush! Seriously.


Paul Mitchell said...

I liked the way that the clarion Ledger conveniently ignored the fact that Harvey was Mayor for eight years before Frank, in today's paper. Good Lord, y'all are doomed worse than Detroit.

Anonymous said...

It is good you have a high moral standard, but still with all the pigs lined up at the trough...doesn't bother you in the slightest?

All the gorging, without any consequence?

Senators pimping out their wives to serve on the board of directors of corporations they have power over?

I cannot shake the feeling that is is every man for himself out here, no loyalty (to country, community...nothing but yourself). Get yours, by any means necessary...who is going to stop you??


Paul Mitchell said...

But, Roderick, as men of conviction, that must teach our kids right from wrong, we can never take advantage of anyone for any reason. We cannot do that because we do not desire unethical wealth. We desire success based solely upon our own actions and the merits of the job that we perform. And it has NEVER been anything BUT every man for himself. They have tried to tell you that it is not that way, to make you "sacrifice" for your brother, but individualism is the most moral and ethical way to be.