Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Thank Goodness for Obama and His Philosophy

OMG! WTF?!?! Nope, I am being totally serious in saying that I am glad that Barry Obama was elected president. The only problem being that since he is an utter failure, we will have to keep hearing about racism and bullshit like that. Let's ignore the fact that Barry is half-white and has no clue what it is like to even be black or poor. As a quick aside, Barry's mother was the typical far-left idiotic douchebag that hated our country and the individualist philosophy, but she came by that honestly. Her father taught her that mentality. Luckily, her mother actually had a job (something that her father never had) and literally supported Ann and her growing brood. Barry's grandmother was the foundation of the family and was the only person in the entire Dunham family that was apparently not a moron.

The reason that I say, "Thank Goodness" is because never before have we had such a startling example of exactly how stupid liberalism is. Maybe a portion of the country can now see the utter failure of liberal ideology. The only way to miss it is to ignore mathematics, science, history, and all factual evidence that shows the literal failure of liberalism. No one can miss it, unless they choose to. You know, kinda like they choose to believe in Anthropomorphic Global Warming even though everything proves that AGW is a lie made up by people that are trying to get rich on the concern and passion that others have for their fellow man.

I am so very sorry that I keep pounding this point home, too. There is just a TEACHABLE MOMENT here and I cannot ignore the opportunity. Hopefully we are building a following of folks that want nothing but to give the best that they can to their friends and family. In my opinion, there is nothing more MORAL than wanting to accumulate wealth because the wealth that you do accumulate allows you to help others do the same.

The bottom line is that as individuals, it is our responsibility to be as successful as humanly possible. Failure is not an option. Our financial success allows us the freedom to bring as many people into the successful realm as we can. Instead of supporting a deadbeat populace, we believe that we can motivate others to provide for themselves and for their families. Instead of GIVING to the poor, we believe in teaching the poor to become successful and YES! becoming wealthy is becoming successful.

The reason that I bring up these points is because everything that has happened since the Democrats took control of DC in January 2007 has been to remove motivation, desire, and ambition from the equation. When they jacked up minimum wage, they reduced the wealth of EVERYONE that makes more than minimum wage, but that move also had more repercussions than just making everyone poorer, it also made the importation of illegal aliens even more profitable to businessmen just trying to make a living. A good example of this increased illegal immigration is witnessed by almost all of those very Democrats hiring illegals to perform their very own domestic services.

Now, they have been in POWAH for three years and it is impossible to miss the exact effects of their devastating ideology. You cannot find one single bit of good news regarding our economy. None. You can also not find any good news regarding our national security. None. In other words, nothing good has happened since the Democrats took the reins of government away from the Republicans in January 2007.

Want more proof? Okay, but it is depressing.

Since I think that minimum wage and labor laws are the most devastating legislation that our federal government can ever foist upon the population, let me start there.

Three years ago, I said that increasing minimum wage would cause the unemployment rate to skyrocket as it always has. Now, unemployment of those folks that are in the demographic of minimum wage earners is OVER FIFTY PERCENT. The fun part about that fact is that those that are most affected by bad policy are the ones that voted overwhelmingly for that very thing. Are you shocked by that fact? I am not because we are continually breeding more and more misinformed and stupid people. That is the very nature of a liberal ideology.

In an all out effort to add insult to injury, the Democrat Congress is also trying to grab control of money market accounts which historically have been safe havens for capital. If you want to look toward the perfect storm of economic collapse, all you have to do is focus, like a laser, on the Democrat Party. They only gain votes by creating more and more stupid people.

And since the Democrats have utterly destroyed the economy and reduced tax revenues by that act, they have to come in and steal more of your hard earned money. California gave the federal government the idea of increasing withholding tax rates to "borrow" money from workers. This liberal ideology basically states that the federal government knows better how to spend money than you do. At some point they will have to continue to do this until the entire country cannot afford to buy milk. You know, kinda like it was back in the late 1970s, the last time they tried this very same thing. Ignore history, that is necessary for the survival of liberal ideology.

In continuing lunacy, the federal government also doles out that confiscated money to people that have literally been paying into the system for their entire lives thinking that there shall be some sort of return. BUT! The money that these trusting souls have been paying in has been being spent when it was received. There is NO LOCK BOX, Al Gore. There never has been and there shall never be. But, those votes were certainly purchased, huh? Too bad, Papaw, you ain't gonna get no Social Security or Medicare even though you paid for it.

And the falling revenue continues.....the slide is accelerating, folks.

If you actually take the time to check things, you shall see that the failure of the economy is escalating, not slowing. Bankruptcy filings increased by thirty-two percent last year, 2009. Chapter 7 filings in the month of November were up 42% from the prior year. Of course, the national media is saying that things are getting better. They said the very same thing when Jimmy Carter was in office, and they were lying then, too.

A quick list of bad policy from the Democrat Congress: Gas prices overwhelmingly up, national security has been ignored and that has been covered up by the media, legislation has been introduced to make security even more difficult, our soldiers and intelligence people have been reduced to cannon fodder, transparency has become a thing of the past in government, non-productive jobs in government have exploded and overtaken manufacturing jobs for the first time in history, government bailouts that were supposed to save industries have done the exact opposite, yes, bailouts work in direct contradiction, the list goes on and on......

Luckily, the fact that morons are running the show has motivated normal people to take control of their owns lives and ammo up. In a strange turn of events, this explosion of firearm purchases has resulted in a plummeting murder rate. Don't you find it kinda odd that when behavior is the exact opposite of what the national media touts, crime plummets? Strange indeed.

So, with the overwhelming evidence that policies promoted by Democrats are increasingly bad, what do you think that they will do to keep people in their camp? Well, they have to create more needy people that do not want to work. Hence, Census Van! Or maybe we shall just FORCE states to register voters in every way possible. Because we cannot have normal folks ever having a say in how they are governed. And whenever those normal people congregate, we must make them to feel as if their ideology is EVIL, even though it is the most moral. Seems that I remember something Biblical about that. Maybe?

And even when we are the most influential people in government, and the normal folks turn against us, jump ship to find the money, baby! If someone doesn't tar and feather Chris Dodd, there is NO JUSTICE!

Let's take the RACIST RECAP TOUR from last year.

Here's who is occupying the White House right now. Let's stop this shit as soon as possible.

And Zo chimes in. In case you did not know this, Zo is a racist according to Chrissy Matthews.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I told you that it was depressing. Surprisingly enough, I think that there will be an armed uprising the minute the poorer folks see their paychecks get smaller from increased withholding.

And Andy, the GMAC Taypayer Financed Bowl is on The Four Letter tonight with possibly the best college quarterback playing.

Andy said...

I knew there was a game on. I just didn't know that the woodchucks (or some kinda injuns or whatever), nor the other rubbers had much of a QB.

Just kidding. Some of the best pro QBs come from the smaller programs. Bradshaw (one of my fellow LA Tech drop-outs), Romo, Ken Anderson, Manning (all of 'em), Joe Theisman (nyuk)...all from 2nd rate college programs.

I'll be watching it, as long as I can stay awake.

Paul Mitchell said...

Weird, you said "some of the best pro QBs" and then listed Teh Suck. What is up with that?

Didn't Big Ben Roethlisberger play in the GMAC?

Andy said...

Hey man...Super Bowl Rings mean something. Eli gots one. Peyton gots one. (okay, maybe I shoulda left out Archie) Terry gots 4 (I think), and Theisman gots one.

And, Ken Anderson (who also gots one) went to Augustana. Really.

I had to go back and look, but you're right about Big Ben playing in the GMAC. He gots one of those Super Bowl Rings, too. I knew that he went to a lil' bitty U, but had no idea about the GMAC dealie.

I'm taking the Other Rubbers in this one. Them chippendales probably ain't defrosted yet.

Skunkfeathers said...

Central Michigan vs Troy is a game? The GMAC Bowl has got to be a "spread the wealth" failure of Barry and the BSCS.

Yeah, Paul depressed the shit out of me. Not because of his pointing out the's because I despair of enough apathetic voters waking up to throw every Democrap libtard out on their butts in November.

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Yep. Liberalism forgets the Maker of our sinfull, mortal souls, as they choose to look elsewhere on the horizontal instead of the vertical. Sad. Lemme giveth unto thee, my just and worthy liege, an example which all can follow: meet me Upstairs in the Great Beyond for a celebration of our resurrection where we'll have a kick-ass party till well after sundown. God bless.

Paul Mitchell said...

Looking forward to that party, Kold_Kadavr_flatliner. Save me a seat for sure. I shall be there.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, you mean you are not going to be glued to the television for the GMAC Taxpayer's Bowl tonight?

Skunkfeathers said...

Nawp...even though I paid for it ;)

Skunkfeathers said...

Nawp...even though I paid for it ;)

paul mitchell said...

Looking forward to that party, Kold_Kadavr_flatliner. Save me a seat for sure. I shall be there.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Yep. Liberalism forgets the Maker of our sinfull, mortal souls, as they choose to look elsewhere on the horizontal instead of the vertical. Sad. Lemme giveth unto thee, my just and worthy liege, an example which all can follow: meet me Upstairs in the Great Beyond for a celebration of our resurrection where we'll have a kick-ass party till well after sundown. God bless.