Wednesday, January 06, 2010

WTW - We Be Jammin'

I am going to try to get back to posting White Trash Wednesday of people and places that I actually know, because dammit, I KNOW WHITE TRASH. And white trash lurves them some moooosic.

And beer. And cigars.

Please take the time to comment.


(Dead)Tommy5 said...

I'm glad to see WTW back, thank you.

Andy said...

Diddley Bo...bwahahahahahahaha!

TD, I made one of those when I was a kid. I think it was from a Puritan cigar box that my Granddaddy let me have.

Funny, back in the mid 60's, we were required to bring a "cigar box" as part of our school supplies (to keep our pencils, and crayolas in). HA! Things have changed.

Your buddy is not wearing his company smock...but he's still pretty danged talented. Tell him I said as much.

And (I forgot to mention this before), I love the green walls in y'all's bedroom. Just sayin'...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, just so you know, Vic is a BIG BOY, might wanta not "homo" trash talk him too much.

My cigar pencil box was a Roi-Tan. We wuz po'.

Andy said...

Man, we're old. And, I did in no way trash talk Vic. Oh wait...crud.

Please tell him that there is no great victory won by whipping up on a skinny, defenseless, wuss with Psoriasis.

If that fails, you can tell him that Psoriasis is contagious. And that it renders you impotent. And unable to play Diddley Bo. That oughta do it.

TD, I would tell you my WV, but you simply would not believe it.

Andy said...

Hey Paul,this is Andy (typing with all 9 good fingers). Your Roi-Tan cigar reference got me jogging back down memory lane.