Saturday, February 27, 2010

As Always, Violence is Sometimes the Perfect Answer

Yeah, I am all too aware that I have a big cakehole, my entire family has told me that since the beginning of Paul time. And yes, there has hardly been a single instance where my opinion was not readily available to be had for a pittance. I shall certainly offer my thoughts on just about anything.

I can debate any topic (that I have studied) for hours on end. Yes, I have had my hat handed to me on numerous occasions, yet oddly, I have never reacted to those defeats with anything other than humility. Good sportsmanship was beaten into me at any early age. A simple, "Dammit, boy, you bested me in no uncertain terms..." is always a graceful exit.

However, there must always be rules (written or not) to those debates. There always must be intellectual honesty and you must go into debate knowing that there is always a possibility that you shall lose.

In other words, you must be a fucking gentleman.

Here's what I have noticed in the last few years. Those basic rules and mutual understanding are gone. There is no longer an air of the possibility of legitimate disagreement, the loser must be destroyed. Well, okay, I can debate according to those rules, too.

When I first blogged about the Murderous Idiots of Islam, shockingly, I got death threats. Oh, okay, I made the statement that Muslims are savages that kill anyone that disagrees with them, AAAAAND my life was threatened. H-E-L-L-O?!?!?! Irony alert!

Now, it has gotten to the point with liberal ideology, like the utterly discredited fraud of global warming, those on the left threaten violence. Okay, if that is where the debate leads, so be it. I am a man, my contact info is readily available, make it happen.

What this whole scenario boils down to is ideology. The left makes no qualms about inciting violence to get their way (Hell, they burn down their own frigging cities and neighborhoods in their efforts), but I shall not be scared into backing down, folks. I am guaranteed my rights to my own opinions, if you want to attempt to deprive me of my personal INDIVIDUAL rights, bring it. PACK A FUCKING LUNCH.

All that bullshit said, I have plenty of liberal friends. Plenty, because in the architectural field, I am in the minority. However, in our dealings with one another, we actually understand that the ideology is different but the desire for everyone to succeed is the same. Yes, my liberal friends are wrong in their opinions, but I know that their intentions are good. They ignore the fact that there is human nature to consider, there are people that shall exploit the left's naivete, and that not everyone is honest with their desires. Couple that with the FACT that not everyone has the ability in everything that everyone else has. <--that made sense to me, yo! I am not confused with those liberal fantasies. Even though I am not a part of the ridiculously wrongly named, "The Reality Based Community," I understand the true ramifications of "Progressivism" because I study history like a mad man. You see, past performance IS indicative of future results. This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." That DEFINES liberalism and "Progressivism."

Throughout the whole idiotic duration of the movement of socialism, fascism, Communism, collectivism*, those morons have always maintained that to dissolve or ignore one's own desires is the key to whirled peas**. I am beyond that insanity, whirled peas** do not exist and I know this.

So, in case you are remotely curious, threaten your violence, that's cool. But, be prepared to back it up, Homer, I grew up hard.

Please take the time to comment.

* All of these are part and parcel of the ideology of liberalism or "Progressivism."

** This means "world peace" in case you did not know.


RightGirl said...

Rough day, babe?

Paul Mitchell said...

Tough day on the right wing, dear. You know, same old song and dance.

Skunkfeathers said...

Libtards throw death threats; and can no more back them up than Barry can back up his claim that he doesn't advocate a single payer hellthscare system.

But it's obvious that tough-talking libtards took their cues from Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, et al.

Not a fighter myself...but I bow to no libtard alive.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, I just a minute ago made the comparison of John Adams crossing the Atlantic to go to France and get money for the revolution. All the while, the British were sinking ships and taking colonists captive to keep them quiet. Or to KILL them for their "treason."

I think that I can post my words and back them up if threatened. It is almost the very least that I can do to keep the cause of liberty alive against all the threats from "Progressives."

Why does the left hate individual liberty so damn much?

Andy said...

"Those basic rules and mutual understanding are gone."

Amen, TD. (I am late to the table on this one...long story.) I, too, have often been wrong, but never in doubt. I am always able to be corrected...and usually ask for correction from others.

I'm not dumbass enough to believe that I know it all...unlike the gomers that currently are in control.

As to the death threats...Pack Heavy! Seriously. Most virtual threats are just that...virtual. But, don't take any chances.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, the only problem that I have with ME carrying a firearm, is that there are simply too many occasions I find to use it. Especially when driving.

paul mitchell said...

Andy, the only problem that I have with ME carrying a firearm, is that there are simply too many occasions I find to use it. Especially when driving.