Saturday, February 27, 2010

Obligatory Saturday Evening Post

Sorry, I utterly forgot where I stole this. Remember, I suck at blogging.

In honor of the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Tea Parties, the Leftist idiots offer up: The Moron Shitfesting Coffee Party. This should turn out well. I applaud the douchebags on the left for coming up with such an original idea. There shall certainly be a difference in their protests, though. Wherever one of these is held, look for looting, general destruction of private property, and for the Socialists AND the Anarchists to be on the same side of the debate. Yes, lefties are too stupid to live without government assistance.

Luckily, the left IS wising up a little. Let's say they have moved from the equivalent of a IQ of 45, to one of 60. I realize that it has taken the left a full thirty-three years to realize that Al Gore is an idiot, but even THEY are now laughing at Al Gore. When lefties mock you, dude, that is some serious shit.

As far as lefties are concerned, the next thing you shall be hearing about will be the Leftist "science" that P-R-O-V-E-S that liberals and atheists are mucher morer smarterer than us troglodytes on the right. One thing that could probably BE proven is that liberals would certainly have fewer children, though. Good Lord, who the Hell would want to spawn with a "Progressive?"

If you want to discredit the "liberals are smarter" meme, you only have to look to the Chief Idiot in Charge of Liberalism. Oddly, The Smartest President Evah™ cannot even distinguish between liability and collision insurance for automobiles and uses car insurance as an anecdote at a SUMMIT! on medical services. "Liberals are Smarter Theory" disproven!

But, at least the liberals are doing away with the silliness of lying about what they want to accomplish. Instead of Cap and Trade, they are just changing the legislation to a tax increase on EVERYBODY. Of course, that was all it was originally, too.

The IMF, which the United States almost single-handedly supports, has decided that they might need a reserve currency for the possibility that the Democrats are not voted out en masse in November. The fact that every country in the world does not loudly lobby US voters against electing Democrats stuns me.

Classicaliberal had a great post up and took it down because he says he would rather get the weekday traffic. Of course, there is Maxine Waters video on his site and she is freaking HI-larious! I feel sorry for so many retarded people living in her district, though. That is the only explanation that I can come up with for her continuing to get elected.

Here's some good triceps exercise. You might not want to go on television and PROVE that you are lonely, though.

Here's a link to a GREAT BLACKUARY post! Thanks to the Mayor for helping Andy cover up for my lack of celebration.

And Christina Jade has some updates on the Republican primary race in Nebraskantuckisaw. This shit reeks of political cronyism.

Crowder on the WTC, eight and a half years later.

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ChristinaJade said...

Dude, as long as the left keeps turning on each other, we have less work to do. Let 'em laugh at the Algore, eventually they will start in on Ma'am Boxer and Pelosi-tox. :)

And yeah, this Senate race up here is getting interesting. If it is this good just through the primary, imagine how much fun I'll be having from may till November? AWESOME!

Paul Mitchell said...

Good point, Paulbot.

ChristinaJade said...

You've just been waiting for the opportunity to say that, haven't ya? :)

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, DUH!

Skunkfeathers said...

Heck, even the few libtards with higher-end IQs (say, approaching 100, almost enough for them to abandon the losing ideology) can't pass up a good laugh, and AlGore has been a laughing stock his entire adult life. Sign of true "progression" that the libtards are waking up to the comedy act that's long been their pre-Messiduh.