Friday, February 26, 2010

It is impossible to know another's heart.

I remind myself of this daily because for the most part, I must give someone the benefit of the doubt until they screw me over. I think that is only fair. No, I do not instantaneously give someone my respect, trust, or love, they must earn those things, but that benefit of the doubt is the very least that I must offer as a value of good faith. I make all attempts to do that. Sometimes it is very hard because the initial contact might be a negative one and stereotypes get that very way for a reason.

That said, the typical moonbat leftist is a violently oppressive person. Of course, they screech that in their whiny, childlike voice about normal people, but normal people are not the ones burning down their own neighborhoods, throwing bricks through shop windows, flying planes into buildings, and bombing banks, medical research facilities, or individual's houses. Those people are always leftists on a mission from their Darwinist masters in their Castro Communism Clubs.

True, there are plenty of moonbats that simply do not have the intelligence to think past, "That puppy is purdy, he must have rights," but those people are few and far between because moonbattery goes against every initial thought that human beings have ever had. It takes hard work and many years of indoctrination to get as fucking stupid as the majority of these moonbats.

But, as that benefit of the doubt thingy crops up daily, I must assume that everyone is as intelligent as I am from the jump. That is how "benefit of the doubt" works.

Anyhoo, there comes a point where that benefit of the doubt thingy has to stop. It has to. When anyone continues to insist that the Democrats, or any leftist idiots in general, are making the right moves to bring our economy back in line, you have to come to the conclusion that either a) those anyones are retarded, or, b) those anyones are evil and must be bitch-slapped into unconsciousness.

Certainly if there is anyone in the national media that continues to say these things, you simply have to never purchase their service again. Luckily it looks like most normal people are turning away from those sources, but still those "journalists" persist in spreading the lie that Barry Obama is smart and Republicans are not.

Much like Joe Klein of The New York Times. Obviously, Klein saw a much different "healthcare" summit than the one I saw. The one that I saw showed President Obama performing in his usually clueless manner, stuttering and stammering about nothing, and generally proving beyond any doubt that he is a moron. Joe Klein saw President 35 IQ as "unflappable" and "winning the day." In other words, Klein saw the very same thing that most national media figures saw in the Dick Cheney-Joe Lieberman debates. In case you do not recall that debate, Cheney did not even get to actually flex his brain muscles and Joe went down for the count. It was not even close, it was even worse than the Reagan-Carter debate. Seriously, if it were a heavyweight prize fight, the referee would have stopped it before he gave the fighters their instructions. Cheney CLOBBERED Lieberman. The national media called it a DRAW. Which in Moronspeak means, "Holy shit! Our guy got murdered!!!"

The "healthcare" summit was the very same way. Obama rambled on aimlessly droning about nothing but the liberal fantasy points about how awesomatic his plan is. He begged everyone to ignore that he is a record-setting failure as president, YET! the election is over. Then, he promptly picked his nose on national television. Really.

Joe Klein saw this as being unflappable and winning the day! In other words, Joe Klein is CRAZY!

Normal people saw this a monumental victory for the Republicans, liberty, and the entire planet in general because Obama and his merry hoard of imbeciles were completely outsmarted and beaten back. THE. DEMOCRATS. WERE. VIOLENTLY. RAPED. On national television.

My favorite part was when Obama rolled out the overly tired bullshit line of forty some-odd million idiots without "healthcare." There should not be a single person left on Earth that does not know that this is a lie. But, let's hit that briefly anyway.

The Census Bureau says forty-five million and change UNINSURED folks are presently living in this country. Of those 45 million, ten million are HERE ILLEGALLY. That brings the number down to 35 million. Twenty-five percent of those folks ALREADY qualify for government funded medical insurance. That leaves about 26 million uninsured REALLY. Of that number, fully FORTY-FIVE percent of those will be insured within the next six months with their OWN FRIGGIN' MONEY. That leaves around 16.9 million that actually fall through the REAL CRACKS.

however, if you take every bit of the inflated numbers out and go with the forty-five million, the Senate bill that we are looking at right now, spending TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars, would NOT cover over 35 million of those people.

Grasp this FACT. The Democrat Senate, House, and President are promoting a bill that will mortgage this entire country and the next two generations to give TEN MILLION people access to free medical services.

Currently, there are 308 million people in the United States. The Democrats are proposing to spend nearly every penny for the distant future on the medical services of TEN MILLION folks. The Democrats propose that we utterly ruin our medical services and our economy FOREVER, to give right at three percent of our population some free doctoring. What part of this sounds good to anyone? ANYONE?

These are facts that are readily available on the GOVERNMENT's websites, folks. There is literally ZERO chance that the Democrats do not know these FACTS. Now, tell me why I should give a single one of them the benefit of the doubt on ANYTHING?

You cannot give me a single reason to trust a single Democrat. They have determined that they are going to force us to have a mandated federal insurance program that is going to reduce the quality of care, LIKE IT ALWAYS DOES, and they are going to BLOW TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS doing it.

These are dollars, I might add, that must come from somewhere. Since the government does not produce anything upon which they make a profit, you know, for the program to sustain itself, that money is going to come from you, THE TAXPAYER.

What happens when they realize that they underestimated the cost, LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO? Well, then they are NOT going to end the program, they are simply going to take more of your money. LIKE THEY ALREADY HAVE starting on January 1, 2010. You did notice that your check got a little smaller around that time, right?

Yes, the Democrats INCREASED your withholding taxes and Barry Obama signed off on it. Oh, I guess that you make more than 250k, right? RIGHT?

Face it, Leftists, you got HAD unless what you wanted was to be more poor and get lied to about everything.

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Anonymous said...

This will not bankrupt the country.

In the end the gov't will just means test all gov't pograms: Medicare, social security, health care...etc.

That is what gov'ts do when they can't pay the bills (or increase taxes further), they redefine who is eligible or reduce benefits. Nothing new here.

What are they going to do confiscate all the private wealth in the country? To pay for promises made by previous generations of dirt bag politicians.

As I said before, if everyone becomes happy making ends in one night. When the people are happy with 25k income, the gov't will collapse because you'll have to raise taxes on everyone and thus taxes will never be raised for the bums in our society. Thus no gov't programs, etc... We have this gov't thanks to the rich and wanna be rich(middle and upper middle clas) in our society, they are the ones paying the taxes after all.


Anonymous said...

The harder you work, the more the gov't takes to give to bums or cronies...when will people ever learn this. Income doesn't always, and should not, equal success. Once you connect the two, gov't has you in its trap. Keep working hard so I can peel off a few bills for X and Y, good job sucker keep working

Once ppl learn this, you won't have to rant any more about gov't.


Skunkfeathers said...

1. Joe Klein is a certified moron. Not that he had to prove it, but his assessment of the hellthscare summit proves it beyond all debate and any reasoned doubt. Done deal, sealed. Joe Klein = moron.

2. The hellthscare bill that Barry & Co want to jam through will bankrupt the country. As for means testing, that's been going on, and will grow progressively worse (see what I just did there?). Those in power will ALWAYS have the best of what's available; the taxpaying, hard-working Americans who foot the bills...they will be "means tested", and denied that they have worked and been forcibly milked to provide.

The Libtard system IS bankruptcy: intellectually, fiscally, ideologically, spiritually.

Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, you just condensed Atlas Shrugged to two blog comments. And yes, I do believe with all my big, sexy brain that what you say is close to factual.

Skunkfeathers, since Klein is certifiable, do you think he wins the Nobel next season?

Oh, and one more thing. I had a good friend call me about a "Stimulus" project he was bidding. The proposed budget for a very specific project (Army Corps of Engineers) was ONE to FIVE million. Pretty big range there for a very small project with rigid design specifications. Wonder how that means testing is going to go?

Skunkfeathers said...

Under libtard standards, the Noballs could go to Klein..Soros..the idiots from AirHead America...Joe Freakin' B...Bela Pelosi or Zombie Reid, if either/both get unseated in November...libtards give the award to their biggest losers.

Cases in point: Jimmah Cartuh...AlGore...Barry Hussein Soetero..mmm mmm mmm.

Basil said...

Joe Klein also mentioned how badly the Black Knight kicked King Arthur's butt.

Of is that racist?

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, hahahahahahahaha......

Basil, that appears to be a DRAW.