Monday, February 08, 2010

Can We AT LEAST Wait Until He Stops Twitching?

Murtha's traitorous body is not even finished with the final twitching and already MORONIC Democrats are using his death for the umpteenth push to nationalize medical services. (Stolen from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.)

Seriously, do these fucking GHOULS not have an ounce of decency left in their criminally insane bodies? I abhor that shitty, corrupt, traitorous John Murtha more than just about anyone, but to keep pushing for the ruin of our medical services with every ridiculous death of another moron is just beyond the fucking pale. I mean, this POS was one of you OWN, fucktard!

Instead of pushing even harder to do something that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the country freaking hates, why not instead rein in all of your other guys that are just like Murtha? Video here of that douchebag Soulpatch McManus that was busted for CRIMINAL impersonation of a military officer.

Or why don't you instead focus your ire, like a laser, upon the corrupt John Conyers that sees racism everywhere to the detriment of our country's security and our standing in the world? Why not get Conyers back with his wife while she is in THE DAMN JAILHOUSE?

Or better still, why don't you turn your attention to maybe trying to keep your political allies from smuggling RAZOR BLADES into jail to free Islamic terrorists?

You know, if you just absolutely HAVE to do something, you could start lifting the restrictions that y'all have placed on the economy since January 2007 that have utterly DESTROYED our wealth.

Aw Hell to the naws, y'all have to try to grab every single bit of power that y'all can get. Just remember, when November gets here, the idiocy that y'all have passed will be controlled by the Republicans, hopefully. Then what the Hell are you milquetoast, criminal, idiotic, moronic, stupid Democrats going to do?

Hey, LOOKIE! Not only have they wasted TRILLIONS of dollars, but now we are going to get still another federal agency that is commissioned to control GREENIE BULLSHIT and PERPETRATE EVEN MORE FRAUD.

When you actually have people in DC that are trying to tell you they are going to cut the deficit and decrease the debt, you might want to look at how they say they are going to do it. It's a boardwalk shell game, folks.

In case the Democrats in DC are too stupid to understand why everyone with an IQ over 65 hates them, it is because they do not understand what is important. IT'S THE ECONOMY, YOU FUCKING MORONS.

Oddly enough, there is already a good idea on the table to cut DRASTICALLY the spending by all government entities. How about cutting, BY 20%, EVERY GOVERNMENT SALARY?

Democrats, FUCK YOU ALL.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Some of these libtards are genuinely lower than pond scum. And I have yet to find any pond scum I can converse with.

How any rational person can choose to be a libtard, well...oops, I just answered my own comment there, didn't I?

classicaliberal said...

Steve Cohen: I'm for tort reform. Oh yeah, and Murtha's family should sue Bethesda Naval Hospital for malpractice.

stilettoGOP said...

Out of place, but, just had to say it...

Anyone who hasn't read it already, go about six posts down and read the abortion post, again. And forward the link to everyone you know.

FINALLY, somebody said it, perfectly..

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks, stiletto, someone just HAS to stick up for little Timmy Tebow.

Anonymous said...

Cutting gov't pay by 20%, nope that is not a good idea. Not now, after I get that gubment job and put in my 20 and have all you suckers paying my retirement...then I will be in full agreement.

Cutting gov't pay 20%, that is crazy talk...if the gov't doesn't pay top dollar then gov't won't be able to recruit and retain the best and brightest.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, only the dumbest people go to work for the government. That or chicks that are not really wanting to work at all. Lemme change my agreement with that to YES! Cut the pay of ONLY dudes, not chicks.

Andy said...

Crud...I left a fabulous comment here...much better than CL's, but not as brown-nosing as Stiletto's...and now it's gone.

If I could remember what it was, I'd say it again. Crud!

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for the thought, Andy, you are certainly appreciated, sir. Your gone comment warmed my black heart.