Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blackuary 10, 0002 AB. Contempt.

Sorry, I just cannot come to grips with the fact that we have elected a president (that is almost half black) that is completely decimating our great country. It has nothing to do with his race at all, it is the fact that he is a MORON. I also told y'all many months ago that this idiot is going to set race relations back generations because there are plenty of white folks in the Democrat Party that have always hated minorities. Hell, the whole Democrat platform is built around marginalizing minorities.

Seriously, I cannot stand watching it. There is a huge percentage of folks in the Democrat Party that cannot see past his being darker than them, and will stop at nothing to bring back the Jim Crow Laws that they instituted just because THIS "black" guy happens to an idiot. Make no mistake, this guy IS an idiot. The very first tip-off to his dumbness was that little statement about "Consumer Driven Economy" that he made so many moons ago. (<--No offense, Feather Indians.)

Oh! And lookie here, Keith Olbermann seems to think that if you stand up to the federal government, YOU are the one that wants to bring back Jim Crow. Lemme think on this one, if you are fighting the government to keep your hard earned money, you hate black folks? Seriously, does anyone watch this idiot's show? I bet this guy is so stupid that he cannot even COLOR within the lines. Oh, nevermind, I remember now that he got fired from The Four Letter for being too stupid to read the SPORTS! Too dumb to report on sports, wow, that IS dumb.

Just so there is NO doubt at all, Democrats are the Party of Racism. Throughout the entire course of history, Democrats are the party that has disenfranchised minorities. Sorry, that is FACT. There can be no debate, because that is FACT. Oh, you wanna talk about those danged Dixiecrats? Well, let's just get on with it, then. Although that lie has been debunked numerous times, I did it almost five years ago, WITH FREAKING NAMES, too!

Holy crap, this hunk of mediocrity turned FIVE YEARS OLD just ten days ago! YOU FORGOT!!!

I cannot get around the fact that everything that this dude touches turns to a steaming pile of dogshit, either. If you ever needed a barometer on what to think, Barry Obama could be that barometer and would be right 99.7% of the time, IF you did the exact OPPOSITE of what he said was a good idea.

But, George W. Bush is a dumbass, right? Well, according to every jabbering head that you see on television, he is. Now, they have Sarah Palin to mock and degrade. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the national media NEEDS to drive this poor woman underground. Could you even imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that an entire industry was gunning for you today? Even though I like Sarah, I never thought that she was THE ONE, just like Ronald Reagan was not THE ONE.

To illustrate my point, here's a little snippet of what passes for "NEWS" these days. Nevermind the fact that there are two "reporters" interviewing another "reporter," just take a gander of at the contempt for a citizen these people have. If I remember my history right, the "press" was supposed to keep an eye on GOVERNMENT, not make all out efforts (against an outraged citizenry) to prop up a failing government that everyone with an IQ exceeding 60 fucking hates. To the video!

What in the mortal Hell? Are y'all serious? There is this chick that writes SIX FREAKING WORDS on her hand and you make the attempt to compare that to the president reading canned responses to questions, the answers delivered with a freaking TelePrompTer? Come on, there are not any THREE YEAR OLD CHILDREN that see a parallel there.

Here ya' go, Andrea Mitchell, no relation, on the one hand (get it?), you have a person that writes six bullet points on her hand at the last second and on the other PROMPTER, you have a guy that cannot answer a question about what type of breakfast cereal he likes without a hundred people telling him what to say through the miracles of modern technology. Remember, the questions that Barry Obama gets are "Does it itch your glorified soul that rubes in flyover country do not understand how freaking tingly you make my leg?"

Point in case......Robin Roberts licking Michelle Obama like an ice cream cone. (That Matthews tingly leg thingy is just sooooooo 2009. Remember that Obama Concert about race that gave Matthews the Obamagasm?)

Look, I am certainly NOT an "abortion voter." But, the underlying meaning to this story is that if you do not immediately fall into lockstep with the federal government, you are going to get jumped. Just the basic thought about this should be enough to bring back memories of the Clinton years where those that disagree get suicided.

You can read the REAL NEWS daily, like I do, and see exactly how wrong this administration is and the lengths they go to destroy opportunity. Seriously, it is like they are trying to get it wrong. I do not believe that, I think that they are too stupid to know that the things that they "know" are stupid.

Green jobs? Sure, but not in this country because we have run off the manufacturing base with unions, minimum wage laws, safety legislation, benefits legislation, the list is endless. In case you are curious about the MATH, the numbers reported show that fully NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT of the jobs "created" were overseas. Let's see, take money from our people that are increasingly UNEMPLOYED, and send it to other folks around the world? Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a bad idea. I think Amway invented the pyramid model and the last guy working kinda gets it in the shorts in their scheme.

You know where the "jobs" really are? In the government. Not only that, but President Idiot also rolled out an idiotic idea in his STFU address that said if you want to go to college, we'll pay for it after ten years of federal government employment. Funny thing is, people go to college to increase their earning potential. If all of the federal employees are college grads FOR FREE!, what do you think is going to happen to the cost of government? And remind me, what is it exactly that the government produces, again? Does it concern anyone other than me that we are increasing the cost of government and that "industry" doesn't DO ANYTHING? It is not like they are making "O" tee-shirts.

But, one thing that they are doing is making all out attempt to make who you screw the business of the federal government. Does anyone else simply object to knowing what you cube-mate is doing in his/her/trans/other's bedroom? Here's the planned move to remove "Don't ask, don't tell."

Future interview:

Interviewer: Well, Jim, do you like it when a big, burly dude, slams it up your mud ditch?

Jim:......that IS kinda none of your business, moron.

Interviewer: Nopers, we repealed "Don't ask, don't tell." You are now COMPELLED to tell. Let's get it over with, I gotta go bang my secretary, Suzy, down the throat, it's part of her job description! Membership does have its privileges.

And in the weather, The Google has decided since Anthropomorphic Global Warming is such a huge issue......well THIS. Coming to a national capitol near you.

Now, I gotta go to the dentist. Insult? Meet injury.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Olbermann should have mated with Andwea Mitchell..two such ubermorons as these might have created something totally more useless than themselves, individually.

But eh...they mock that which they fear, hate and loathe. And they see Sarah Palin thus, because she has more class than the two of them, or any twenty of their best friends, on her worst days.

And Olbermann is too abjectly stupid to know that he let his racism show with his comments; what he's saying is "black people need your money, 'cuz if it isn't given to them, they can't make it". Funny, most black folks I know would love to jackslap Olbermann for that. Wish they would.

Andy said...

Ask the dentist if he'll give you a lollipop if you're a good boy.

Dude, that future interview...Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

Paul Mitchell said...

The dentist is a SHE, Andy. I do not let dudes put their hands in my mouth.

AND, I believe that the minute you start talking about someone's sex life at work, everything is headed down hill. Never shit where you eat.

paul mitchell said...

The dentist is a SHE, Andy. I do not let dudes put their hands in my mouth.

AND, I believe that the minute you start talking about someone's sex life at work, everything is headed down hill. Never shit where you eat.