Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Okay, Two Things

First, of course you use Google Reader or some other kind of news aggregator to speed up your TROLLING of liberal sites, but have you ever used Google Reader to create a feed for you? Well, I have and lemme tell ya, it ain't worth a flying FLIP!

There are zero links on this feed, there is a single line of text describing what the NOT LINKED things are and dangit, you cannot even click on the header to get to the site.

Say it with me, "THE GOOGLE FAIL!!!!"

This showed up in my e-mail yesterday. Yes, I rarely even walk to the mailbox outside anymore since I have sworn off PUBLIC, so I receive my cell phone EXTORTION through e-mail.

Notice anything funny about this one, though? Yeppers, it ain't from Verizon. Guess where this e-mail showed up? Yeppers, in my SPAM FOLDER. I clicked it because the header was the exact same as Verizon's and I thought The Google had screwed the pooch.

So, keep an eye out for the funny looking Verizon stuff or from anyone else for that matter.

Say it with me, "THE GOOGLE WIN!!!!"

In case you are keeping score, .500 is a pretty damn good average if you are playing baseball, or hoss shoes. It ain't too good if you are defusing BOMBS however.

Thanks for participating in the BLOGSHOW today. You've been a great crowd.

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Andy said...

Nyuk! Basinscoop! Dude, The Gooble is WRONG! Trust me, I know. I got hexed out from the #1 spot today by some completely irrelevant pos site on one of the most important terms in the history of cyberworld.

.500 sucks!

Paul Mitchell said...

.500 for Shaq from the freethrow line is AMAZING, though.

What was the search, Andy?

classicaliberal said...

I've stopped using Google as my search engine and am using Bing now. I will not, however, use Hotmail. If I find a sufficient service, I will likely migrate my email as well. Google is the Evil Empire.

Paul Mitchell said...

But, CL, Microsoft refused to sell the US military a bunch of X-Boxes for training. Just read that today.

classicaliberal said...

Yeah, I read that too. They probably thought the same thing I did. Those guys need to be working and training hard, not screwing off with X-Boxes.

Basil said...

You know, I've never tried that "Create feed" thingy. If there wasn't a feed, I just said "screw it."

I'm gonna give it a shot. I figure it'll piss me off, and then I won't have to go looking for something to get pissed off about.

Skunkfeathers said...

Glad to participate. Can you read me now?

*ducking boos and throwd spam ads*

word verif: cordicat
is that a Bing, Google or Yahoo thang?