Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - To Da Dump

How in the world can you actually stay informed with things going on in this country and still find time to go to the restroom? I dunno, but I have plastic sheets, so it really isn't an issue!

Straight to the news.

Obama's Czar of Saying Something Stupid, Larry Summers, actually says that "increasing taxes on the rich is a great way to fuel job growth." No, I am NOT kidding.

Obama's other Czar of Saying Something Stupid, says global warming cause more AND less snow. AGW is kinda like The Theory of Natural Selection, everything PROVES it!

ABC's Czar of Saying Something Stupid actually tries to discredit Sarah Palin by quoting Joe FREAKING Biden. Seriously, that is SKEERY stupid.

The Collective Czar of Saying Something Stupid says, "Food Stamps are NOT welfare." No comment.

The King of Saying Something Stupid decides that he ia AGNOSTIC on raising taxes on everyone. I do not even consider this to be news. Everyone with an IQ over 60 knew Obama was going to raise taxes on everyone with a job. As a matter of fact, he already raised withholding taxes.

The Blob of Saying Something Stupid says, "Elisabeth Hasselbeck is NOT human." If Elisabeth is not human, then what is The Blob?

Oh, President Douchetoolbag McIdiot is lying about offshore drilling. MORE leaked e-mails prove leftists lie? Will wonders NEVER cease.

I am still attempting to figure out what the TRUE percentage of unemployed folks is
. It defies mathematics for someone to LOSE additional jobs, yet the unemployment rate FALL. This is UNpossible.

I just found out that Chris Matthews doesn't like Sarah Palin
. Methinks that Tingles is an idiot.

More Sarah Palin MURDER by the Barrystream Media. The way that I was raised, if someone savagely attacked a woman, you beat their ass. Just saying.

By the way, in case you missed it, Timbow's Super Bowl commercial promotes violence toward women. Marcotte is one of the moron bloggers at Pandagon.

Where does all this leftie bullshit lead? Well, of course, Fox News is trying to undermine the Barrystream Media. I just would like to point out that it is physically UNpossible to undermine something that rests at the literal bottom of everything. To perform the task of undermining, you must be able to get beneath the item to undermine. That is kinda the definition of undermining, you know?

Kinda like trying to get kids to show their tits in public as an advertising gimmick. Cannot be undermined.

I am wondering why the federal government has not come up with some idiotic "science" this week. OH WAIT! Try "THIRD HAND SMOKE."

Oh, here is some good news, ABC actually got some new photos of the Muslim attacks on the World Trade Center through a Freedom of Information Request. Stunning that ABC actually tried to perform their damn job! Of course, ABC did not publish those photos, the BBC did.

More good stuff: All the Super Bowl commercials. I did not watch a single one.

In tech news:

Chrome gets Greasemonkey support.

A Google Maps application that allows you to see how big of a nuke crater a bomb makes anywhere. Pick the location, pick the bomb. I am still up in the air about what I think about this. Especially with Iran saying they are NOW a nuclear power.

Creating and distributing online coupons. I have a bunch of friends that could use this info. NOW, USE IT.

Google releases Buzz, their new social media tool. (Video.) I just received an e-mail from Loic Le Meur from Seesmic that tells how to add your profile to Buzz that allows you to instantly update Google Buzz exactly at the same time as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the 50 social networks supported by I am checking it out so I can minimize my CARBON footprint on the blarqywebs. I'll get back to you on this, yo.

And here is Sarah Palin's swimsuit modeling in that Eskimo beauty contest way back when. Enjoy.

I did not spell check or grammar check this post. Sue me.

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Basil said...

By the way, did you know that teh Feedburner will update teh Twitter with a link to your blog posts when they publish? I know you don't use teh Feedburner, but now that teh Google owns it, it works well with teh Blogger.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, my blog feed is teh Feedburner, but I really never even look at it. For some reason, I think that Twitfeed is what I publish my links with, but seriously, I suck at blogging and I really have no danged clue how they post.

Basil said...

Really, you got a couple of feeds. The original Atom feed from Blogger (, as well as teh Feedburner (

I've tried several things to automate teh Twitter automatically. The new Socialize service that's part of teh Feedburner is the smoothest.

However, if your setup lets you do several at once, I'd like more details. Mine is a chain: I post, it updates teh Feedburner, which updates teh Twitter, which updates teh Facebook.

Mine is like a Tom & Jerry cartoon with the bowling ball, the cheese, and the anvil.

Basil said...

Oops! I meant the Atom feed was

I is such a dumbass.

Basil said...

Okay, now the Atom feed is redirecting to teh Feedburner.

I take back everything I said.

Except the part about me being a dumbass. That stands.

Skunkfeathers said...

AGW is built to be flexibly dishonest? Say it ain't sooooo! How could this was designed by libtards???

The Mayor said...

Everyone needs to relax. Unemployment is down to 9.7% and the economy is ROCKIN'.

There are jobs EVERYWHERE.

And from what I understand, I can now update teh Twitter through teh Feedburner. Or something.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, Basil, I have always had teh Feedburner, but never used it until I got an e-mail from Teh Google saying they had bought it and that is was integrated. I still get the Atom Feed Link in IE on my site, though. So, it obviously does redirect. I am hesitant to change anything because I am not a coder and there could all kinds of things to go wrong and fixing that would take time. Again, I suck at blogging.

Skunkfeathers, Andy did not bother to tell me that we had a FREAKING BLIZZARD coming and I awoke to three inches of AGW in my yard. And it is still global warming all over the danged place right now. I have not seen global warming like this since 1983.

Mayor, there BE jobs, but I do not want to work simply to pay taxes. Does that make me a BAD Prole?