Thursday, February 04, 2010

Continuing to Ignore Blackuary

In the age of The Obamoron, it is really hard to get jazzed about Blackuary or what is commonly known as "Black History Month." I do not want to get the month all screwed up with pointing out the sheer and utter failure of the first almost half-black United States President. Trust me, when this moron is through being president, everyone is going to try to forget that he was even partially black to keep from going back to the bad old days where blacks were OVERTLY discriminated against by Democrats solely based on race. Barry Obama's race is unimportant to determining the FACT that he is retarded. I can only come up with at least six million more qualified black folks that would not do the ridiculously stupid shit this guy has done.

In other words, Barry Obama is NOT a failure because he is partially black, Barry Obama is an utter failure because he is an idiot that surrounds himself with idiots.

Number one simpering idiot in Barry's vicinity is Joe FREAKING Biden. Watch this clip of Doddering Joe LIE about having seen the leftist dogma shitfest, Avatar. The only reason that the "reporter" did not point out that Idiot Joe is lying is because the "reporter" is the idiot Andrea Mitchell, NO RELATION.

And then let's take a gander at the moronic Democrats have a laughing idiot fest about how they ran up the debt and think that it is hilarious.

Oh, man, I almost pissed my pants laughing at the hilarity of BANKRUPTING the United States of America. HOPE! CHANGE!!!

Or how about let's check in on what the Obamoron thinks is a good energy idea. Let's deplete the food supply to create stupid corn fuel that does nothing to help the environment. Please keep in mind that Barry Obama is the smartest president that the United States has ever had, yet not one single part of the ethanol program makes a tidbit of sense.

Speaking of "climate change," formerly known as Anthropomorphic Global Warming, before the idiocy was completely disproven, how about we just ignore the fact that our university employs a fraud and a charlatan and just go about our business, mmmmkay? And you wonder why college graduates are so fucking stupid.

And in related news, a Tejas state "law maker" is headed to jail. Guess which political party she calls home? Odds are EIGHT TO ONE that she is a Democrat.

How about a Chicago alderman headed to jail? Wonder which political party this shitheel calls home? EIGHT TO ONE odds.

Here's another fun video of a criminal Democrat eating alive Timothy Geithner, another criminal Democrat. It is like all of the Democrats are trying to roll over on their criminal Democrat counterparts to try to prop up at least a small portion of the Democrat Crime Family. It would be really hilarious if the final solution came to fruition on February 14th and then we could call it "The Valentines Day Massacre." Oh, wait, that name was already taken by the ORIGINAL Chicago criminal Democrat, huh?

Just as a refresher, here in the NEW Chicago criminal Democrat LYING through his teeth as usual. Remind me, why did we stop tarring and feathering again?

Do we really want the above lying, criminal Democrat appointing a total of THREE Supremes? Methinks that might be a little devastating in the long run. Why did stupid people vote for Barry Obama again? Shit, I remember now, it is because they are stupid.

More lunacy in the Barrystream Media. "UNEXPECTED" job losses. The only people that did not expect these job losses are idiots. I called this skyrocketing unemployment almost three years ago when the Democrats took control of DC. Please recall, the very first thing that the Party of the Morons did was to INCREASE minimum wage which ALWAYS increases unemployment. They also placed an increase on the calendar for THREE STRAIGHT YEARS. On July 24th 2007, 2008, and 2009, the minimum wage was increased causing unemployment to jump every single time, just like very single time in the past.

But, do you know what is even MORE disturbing? The Democrats in the government and the national media continue to LIE about how bad the employment situation really is.

What everything boils down to is this, Democrats are taking from you your freedom, while saddling your kids with overwhelming debt and no way to rise out of the abyss that criminal Democrats have caused. Until we finally take a look at ALL of the areas of the country that are run by Democrats and the sheer, sandpounding failure of their policies, we cannot even crush the ideology that they espouse.

Please take the time to educate those that you care about to the continual failure of liberal or "progressive" ideology. These concepts have never worked in any form, in any place that they have been attempted. A really good example of the ideology of the idiot "progressives" may be found if you simply GLANCE at Haiti, Cuba, Kenya, China, blah, blah, blah.......

Take a look and know that you must do something to stop that virus from spreading further in our country, THE LAST HOPE for the planet.

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Basil said...

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that job losses are always bad. Think about how good things would be if the following lost their jobs: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Barack Obama...

The list could go on and on, but you see my point. A little unemployment in that arena would reverse unemployment is the private sector.

Andy said...

"Barry Obama's race is unimportant to determining the FACT that he is retarded."

Dude, I proposed to Basil that Rahm could be a guest contributor here, due to the fact that you both call dems "f-ing retards." Basil told me he thought that's why you were on Hussein's short list to replace the turd.

And Jeez Louise! As happy as I would be to see BarackO step down, Biden...

Good Lord, I truly believe that Andrea Mitchell could pull "Brick," (the retarded 120 pound black dude that jigs up and down on Barksdale Blvd. wearing a pair of headphones not attached to anything, no shirt, and tennis rackets on his feet for shoes) in, and he'd know the name of the damned movie he last saw.

Thanks for clearing that deal up about you and Andrea not being related. Jeepers, could you imagine the hell Greenspan faces daily?

It gives me some grace for the imbecile that put us in the FREAKIN' toilet.

Anonymous said...


Have you seen Avatar? Or are you bashing it without seeing it?

I saw it, and yes it what you expect (covers all your favorite subjects: White guilt, white man's burden, primitive cultures are best because that are in balance with nature, etc...the aliens were an amalgamation of all non-advanced civilizations,ie...ones that didn't use the scientific method, literature, mathematics, industry, money/finance, etc..
), but the 3D graphics were excellent though. Very advanced graphics.

To make the argument that the above observation is pro-western civilization ("pro-White"), Chinese civilization covered all those previously listed achievements.


Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, yes, that list does continue forever.

Andy, Greenspan used to be a part of the Ayn Rand anti-statist crowd and switched sides. He wakes up next to his intellectual COUSIN every morning.

Roderick, I have not seen Avatar because I have never liked cartoons. Coupled with the fact that it is what is known as a "big budget" picture, it will not be on my list until I accidentally see it for free. by the way, I was bashing Joe Biden for lying about seeing it. He actually had no clue what he was talking about and everyone that I know that has seen it has turned GAY for James Cameron and can't stop talking about how awesome his leather pouch is.

Herb said...

For the record, Bennett was not voted in but anointed, er, appointed by our leftist looney governor.

miriam sawyer said...

Much as I don't care for Obama, he is not responsible for ethanol. Congress voted for ethanol in gas during the Bush administration.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, Miriam, but Obama is responsible for wanting to DOUBLE the output of something that drives up prices for food, so there is that.