Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Linkdump Folder Cleaning

Since I have been unable to even concentrate on Blackuary or the news slanging, I gotta just clean the folder. When I get back to the compound, things will probably get back to normal. There is no particular rhyme nor reason, but click them all, you need it.

Sobek Pundit resumes posting and interviews.

Stephy thinks tax cuts will do bad stuff and talks to The McCainiac about that.

NOW, the ozone depletion STOPS global warming. Refer to AGW cultists as Ping-Pong "scientists."

Fact checking Obama's STFU talky-thing.

Moonbat math and the March for Life.

Moonbat math and Swine Flu numbers.

Paul Shirley on Haiti

Obama LIES about "healthcare" AGAIN. I am still waiting on Barry to tell the truth on ANYTHING.

Here's the video.

Oh, while Barry was talking, Chris Matthews became honest about his very own racism.

Nancy Pelosi has a tendency to drink. To excess. And Nancy's family gets free shit, too!

Wind turbines fucking suck as badly as AGW cultists.

Nope, there has NEVAH been a religious person on a United States postage stamp. EVAH.

Barry Obama's spending freeze INCREASES the budget by six percent.

Toyota admits electric cars suck.

Most ethical Congress EVAH. Yeah, for Democrats.

Keith Olbermann, the guy fired from ESPN for being a moron, thinks Obama is smirt! A guy too dumb to work for ESPN probably isn't the best judge of intelligence, just saying.

Chris Matthews loves the taste of Barry Obama's nutsack.

The Barrystream Media is worried that Democrats being Democrats might keep Democrats from getting elected.

There is nothing that is even remotely true about Anthropomorphic Global Warming. Every bit of alleged data is falsified or made up whole cloth. Even the "rain forest" data was bullshit.

KSM will be put to death after we give him a "fair trial." Somehow, something seems wrong here. I cannot put my finger on it, though.

Calculating jobs created or saved seems to be impossible, but let's report Obama's numbers anyway, mmmmkay?

There appear to be Constitutional problems with Constitutional Scholar Barry Obama's ideas.

High speed rail is almost the dumbest idea that Barry Obama has ever had. Please remember, rail travel doesn't even make a profit in the Northeast where sheeple crowd in the damn cars like sardine-ish morons.

The Obama STFU address was nothing but a serious lie-fest.

Canada has great medical services according to the lying morons in the Democrat Party. Reality is somewhat different.

Herb has a Blackuary post.

Andy has a Blackuary post.

The Mayor has a Blackuary post.

WTF? David Shuster cannot read, who the Hell wants a reading list from him?

"Healthcare" was already done before Dumbassachusetts elected Scott Brown? Does Obama know that or is he just an idiot?

Barry Obama hates retarded people. Of which, he am one! I think that is reverse discrimination, actually.

HEY! The housing market is picking up, so says the Barrystream Media. Wait, um, no, they don't.

Why leave six trillion dollars out of the budget? Is this to try to hide the utter failure of Fannie and Freddie and the sheer failure in ideology of moronic Democrats?

According to the NYTs, Obama is TOO complex and pragmatic for normal people to understand. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Folks, Barry Obama is an idiot, that's why we do not understand him, because we are not.

The WaPo makes up some shit about our Moron President being all middle class and shit. When will this lying fellatio from the media ever end?

A moron Democrat apes the line of "spend our way outta recession." No really, they BELIEVE that shit.

Reuters pulls a story because it tells the truth about President Douchemoron raising taxes on the middle class.

Spending and economic stupidity under the Democrats. It ain't pretty. This is just a bunch of graphs, go see!

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Red said...

"I am still waiting on Barry to tell the truth on ANYTHING."

Don't. He's just not that into us.

Herb said...

Thanks for the plug, amigo. Actually, I always thought Blackuary should be the first month when we celebrate MLKJ day.

Skunkfeathers said...

The Death of Truth: if it wasn't the day that Bela Pelosi became Screecher of the Haus, it was when Barry lied during his swearing in. Either way, we are in the official era of the Death of Truth; Barry's Lies of the Union speech forever after confirmed it.

We start putting paid to the Death of Truth by firing every libtard up for election/re-election in November.

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, I am returning the favor to Barry though. I am certainly not that into him, either.

Herb, I think that every year needs to be Black History Year. We can talk ONLY about the accomplishments of black folks and NEVER about the ones of whites.

Skunky, I am still just trying to figure out when it is that you sleep, dude.