Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - Freakout, A Leftist "Science" Post

This is LeFleur's Bluff State Park yesterday afternoon as we drove by imitating Danica Patrick in her first NASCAR race. Luckily our foray into driving ended with better results than Danica's. (I think that it would have been a good idea to take the mascara away from the chick before you put her behind the damned wheel of a RACE CAR. Just saying.)

Anyhoo, since we are experiencing ever increasing colder weather here in The 'Sip, I thought that it would be fun to check in on the latest news regarding that pesky old Manmade Global Warming!

Remember, the Earth has been in a cooling cycle since somewhere around 1997, so with the increase of human population, there is NOT ONE SHRED of "scientific" evidence that could point to man being the cause or source of any climate changes. Also, recently the main major most leftist "scientist," Phil Jones, has admitted to FUCKING LYING (they call it 'manipulating') about the data.

Does this little admission lead to his being put to death for trying to defraud the entire world's economy? Is his attempt to starve the entire planet to death looked upon as crimes against humanity? Is Dr. Phil's bald-faced lying, that shall lead to millions of deaths, looked upon with the same derision as Hitler putting to death the minorities? To me, an attempt to kill all humans on the face of the Earth seems like an evil ploy, but what the Hell do I know, I am just an idiot typing on a keyboard. Of course, THIS idiot was right about the fraud.

You know, when even mainstream media points out the FRAUD perpetrated upon the globe by Dr. Phil, you would think that someone would actually come forward to CHARGE HIM WITH A CRIME. This is yet another case of leftists wanting to rid the planet of the human species. Wanting to kill all humans kinda points to an attempt to perpetrate CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Nuremberg anyone? Call this crime what it is, folks. Push back against Leftists that are TRYING TO KILL YOU.

Still more on Dr. Phil admitting that there is NO SUCH THING as global warming. People, AGW does not exist. It is the exact same thing as Natural Selection. It is pseudoscience that is FALSE. Keep telling yourself that these Eco-Terrorists are doing what terrorists always do, KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE.

Speaking of terrorists, Joe FREAKING Biden had a few things to say about the Obamoron Administration on Larry King's unwatched program. Please keep ever vigilant watching for those "indigenous explosives," y'all. And also keep telling yourself that the Smartest President Evah™ says that "nobody messes with Joe!" Most folks do mess with people like Joe. They place them forever in the fucking nuthouse. Certainly, they never, ever nominate them to be one freaking step away from Leader of the Free World.

Repeat it, Smartest President Evah™. Smartest President Evah™. Dang, the "Progressives" changed the definition of SMART while we were not watching.

In related news, the Smartest President Evah™ is not as smart as the people who INVENTED the Smartest President Evah's™ preferred political ideology. Folks, when Russia decides that Communism is an utter failure, why would we sit idly by and let our Smartest President Evah™ push for Communist legislation? The Communists are punishing people for attempting to be Communists. Punishing people for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? Whudda thunk it?

Here's another story about what exactly happens when you let a Communist out of prison. She kills people. It is not possible to allow these folks one more minute of freedom. They do not want you to have it, why let them have it? They always kill folks when they are not locked up.

And do you know what the most weird thing about Communists is? They hate everything that is good and right and just. Here's "How to Leave a Soldier" excerpted. This article was posted on Salon.

There does appear to be an underlying thread here, huh?

Hey! Lookie here! There is an actual interview with someone that met Barry Obama at Occidental College. This someone was a Marxist. Barry Obama was a GUESS WHAT, too?

But, let's make a MUSICAL about this Marxist POS, mmmmkay?

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Basil said...

I'm inclined to believe Obama is a Marxist. His politics are straight out of Karl Marx, and his administration is patterned after Groucho Marx

Andy said...

Hey Paul, did you catch this on the commie prof?,2933,585854,00.html

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, Andy. How in the Hell was this chick NOT in prison? Killed her brother AND attempted to blow up somebody? Next thing we are going to find out is that she was Barry Obama's roommate at Harvard. That is the only way that she could be more dangerous.

Andy said...

You know what I'm really trying to figure out in this whole deal is that the woman has four children. I can not imagine what kind of blind three-toed grodo would make it with her.

Have you seen that woofer? Jeepers! I'm figuring it must have been one of those sperm bank deals or something. Jeez, talk about a two bagger!

Skunkfeathers said...

Two bagger? Tea bagger? Nah-ah!

paul mitchell said...

Dang, Andy. How in the Hell was this chick NOT in prison? Killed her brother AND attempted to blow up somebody? Next thing we are going to find out is that she was Barry Obama's roommate at Harvard. That is the only way that she could be more dangerous.