Saturday, February 13, 2010

P0wning teh InterWebs - Part Seben

In an all out effort to rake in more jack, I have started an affiliate account with 000webhost. If you host your site with them by clicking on my link, they send me FREE CASH!

Do it, do it NOW. Clicky right chere. HOPEfully, by the end of next week, I can retire a very wealthy person. Trust me, I am going to give away HALF of the income from this SCHEME. You know you want it, too. (The link shall be on the Beer and Skittles Fund link, too!)

In related InterWebs news, I just realized that you can add a FAILbook widget to your G-Mail. I learned this by trying to figure out how to stop the massive amounts of SPAM that FAILbook sends out. At some point, the only website I will ever visit will be Teh Google. This is very good for me because I only have to remember one url. This gets teh Twittah, teh Buzz, and teh FAILbook all in one place now.

By the way, I have never asked anyone to e-mail a single blarx post of mine to anyone. This is the first. At the bottom of every post on this brorx, there is a link to e-mail the post. Send this post to everyone in your address book. Let's see how much money YOU can make!!!

InterWebs? Consider yourself p0wned.

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Herb said...

Decided to try it for yourself I see.

Paul Mitchell said...

Not for MY business site, Herb. It is actually the end of March that I have to switch. I'mma hook it up with you.

Herb said...

Thankee kindly sir.