Friday, February 05, 2010

Five Days into Blackuary and STILL No Blackuary Post

Forgive me my indiscretions, but I do not have the fortitude necessary to work up the good bundle of hate needed to post on Blackuary. Hit the sidebar "LABELS" tab and check out the past "Blackuary" posts. I think that you'll find some stuff there that shall let you know exactly what kind of travesty this is by setting aside an entire month to try to encourage learning based upon skin color.

Funny thought though. I have been contemplating ABORTION since the absolute shit-fest started over Timbow's Super Bowl ad advocating LIFE. Grab your thinking hat, this might get weird.

For me, I try to pare things down to the simplest form. This makes problem solving much easier for me and I think that it would for you as well. Currently there is a big move to acknowledge varying shades of GRAY when debating morality and ideology. I do not adhere to this mentality at all. For me, there is a RIGHT and there is a WRONG. The trick to sorting out the differences might seem a difficult task, but there is always a RIGHT and always a wrong.

KILLING PEOPLE IS WRONG. This is not to say that the DEATH PENALTY is wrong, though. How do we get to the gist of this seemingly contradictory ideology? Well, we make every attempt to protect human life. Not to go too far off on a tangent, quickly read this initial post to get what I am saying.

Now, on the abortion thingy.

Up until the Roe v. Wade lunacy, there was a certain mindset that permeated this country that acknowledged that killing was wrong. An utterly simple ruling by people determined to upset the morality apple cart allowed the killing to explode. Not only that, that one little ruling also allowed a group of people to ignore the responsibility of their actions. Granted, I am not a constitutional scholar, like President Earwings, but I do have the intelligence necessary to FREAKING READ. In no place in our United States of America Constitution is the word "abortion" even mentioned. But, there are a whole shitload of words not mentioned in the Constitution and yet the federal government still tries to make things nationally legal.

Let's talk about the problem without the confusion required to make this into a legal battle. Let's talk about RIGHT and WRONG instead.

I think that I have mentioned that even the Pro-Abortion folks make the idiotic statement that "abortion should be legal, safe, YET RARE." Why would they throw in the RARE part if the babies that they were killing were not even human to them? Because even the the mind of an abortionist, ABORTION IS WRONG.

There is also the argument that some pregnancies endanger the life of the mother. Since I am not a doctor either, I guess that this statement could possibly be true. BUT! We also know that the overwhelming majority of abortions are NOT performed to protect the mother's life. We KNOW this.

So why kill the kid? Because of ideology and philosophy.

We have moved the sex act into the realm of being a natural bodily function not unlike eating or sleeping. There is not meaning attached to the overwhelmingly important physical act of sex. It is simply what one does when they are "dating." Yes, I am utterly guilty of doing it, too. Does that make me a hypocrite? To some it must, but I do not think that way.

Why have we gotten to this point? Because of the legalizing of things that should have never even been discussed inside of the courtroom.

So many of the dilemmas that we face daily fall into this category that it is mind-boggling and they are all so inextricably intertwined that there may be no easy way out of this mindset. Oddly enough, almost all of them involve getting more of our hard earned wealth to flow toward those that we elect to "represent" us in our government.

The founders and the framers of our country actually saw this, but Blackuary teaches us that they are only DEAD WHITE GUYS. Can you see the connection in the dumbing down of our population? We have made the concerted effort to remove the differences between RIGHT and WRONG from our vernacular and it has worked to literally bring our country's morality to the brink of destruction. This ideology has removed the incentive to better oneself and the motivation to accomplish perfection.

Friends, there are NO SHADES OF GRAY. There is a RIGHT and a WRONG in everything that we experience. It is our responsibility as HUMANS to find the correct path.

Make no mistake, abortion destroys everything that is good, right, and just for every woman that makes the terrible mistake of cheapening all that is important about being a woman. Abortion takes no prisoners and rarely lets the woman that makes that ultimate mistake forget what she has done. Not only does aborting a baby kill that child, it also kills a vital part of the mother that may never be able to be revived.

Now, are there any solutions to these problems? Certainly. We, as thinking adults, must make the decisions for our children that are necessary to teach them the importance of RIGHT and WRONG. That is kinda our primary responsibility as parents. We must make the effort and take the initiative to let our kids know what is expected of them to become responsible, productive members of our society. They must strive daily to find the correct avenues to follow to do the RIGHT THING even when it is terribly difficult. Not out of a LEGAL obligation, but from a moral standpoint that can never be legislated.

We look back at recent history and make up names for certain things without even the slightest idea of what those names mean. Take for instance, "The Sexual Revolution." What was so revolutionary about that? Well, it completely denigrated a morality that was in existence for thousands of years and led directly to unlimited abortion, unrestricted divorce, and unparented children. Not only that, but it also led DIRECTLY to a nation of people that are actually PAID to produce kids with no parental responsibility to those very kids. led to a group of children that have absolutely no respect for the ethical and moral attributes of hard work, personal responsibility, and individual commitment to another person that would make any person's life complete.

There exist NO THINGS that are mutually exclusive, all decisions are tied together for all of time. You would think that those idiots that advocate for a collectivist society would attempt to realize that every single decision that they make has repercussions further down the road, but they assume that EVERYTHING is mutually exclusive while still maintaining the ideology that making a change here and there can bring about further change. Yet, they never stop to attempt to investigate what those changes might be or how they could be terribly, terribly wrong in their assumptions.

You can look at any single issue and remove it from the timeline and determine that a change would be good, yet never stop to take the time to see how that change could affect all other things in due course.

Government assistance to poor people was instituted because of the GOOD IDEA that we should "help" those "less fortunate" than ourselves. Rather than actually helping those that we, as individuals, deemed "less fortunate," we allowed others to assume the personal responsibility to determine who was actually "less fortunate" and now we have all nature of idiotic legislation that never "helps" anyone.

Who would have thought that actually giving a woman taxpayer money to support her children would have led to millions of women having children they could not support? Um, anyone that took the time to know that the women that were not practicing immoral behavior would not have children they could not support? And do you know what? Two wrongs do NOT make a right.

Who would have thought that giving unregulated money to people that could not afford to feed themselves would have led to millions of people continuing to procreate millions of children that would have no one to take care of them? Um, anyone that knows that if you subsidize behavior, it becomes more prevalent? Again, two wrongs do NOT make a right.

Seriously, these decisions are NOT rocket science.

What did the "Sexual Revolution" revolt against? Everything that was good and it led DIRECTLY to the killing of children, the devastation of the emotional capacity of all women that experience that terrible act, and the reduced intellectual capacity of the very people that it supposedly "enlightened."

Shorter Paul Mitchell: There is a RIGHT and a WRONG in ideology, you must choose a side. Guess which one has been running the show for the entire length of my lifetime?

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Red said...

For a blackuary post simply title a post 'Black' then post a black box. And voila! The internet equivalent of an "Al Jolson" post.

Staci said...

Paul, this is one of the finest opinions you have ever written.

I curtsey to the King.

Anonymous said...

This is Pam Reeves - Andy's wife. I never thought that there was anyone out there with as strong an opinion on abortion as my own. You proved me wrong. I am the product of an unwanted pregnancy and I cry daily for the loss of humanity that this great country has allowed. It is truly barbaric and also severely affects the women who participate in destroying their children. I know because I have worked for several years at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. The ones I have counseled who have experienced abortion say I will never do that again. I am not sure I will ever get over it. It is a shame they had to endure one to come to that conclusion.
Thank you for sharing your heart.

Anonymous said...

This is Andy, Pam's husband. Good piece, Dude. Really good.

But you and I will likely forever be at odds over the Death Penalty. But, if I only disagree with someone on ONLY ONE thing...well, that's spooky

Just sayin'.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for the kind words, y'all. My motivation for this post was listening to people throw a hissy fit about Timbow doing that ad. What kind of MONSTER could honestly get mad at a young man that expresses THANKS for not being killed and for his mother actually caring enough to truthfully risk her LIFE to deliver her kid?

Sometimes I think that the world has jumped the shark by actually trying to teach young women that abortion is an answer to any of their problems. Why not truly try to teach girls the value of their bodies, REALLY?

Andy said...

Yep! As much as we pick on Timbow, his heart is in the right place on SO much.

The flaming death-lovers just hate to look at ANYTHING, OR ANYONE that reveals their own pitiful selves.

"Why not truly try to teach girls the value of their bodies, REALLY?" Man, Pam commented on this post(yours is only the second blog she has EVER commented on...though she reads most of the ones that I do). She has devoted God only knows how much time to that very thing.

Looooong stories I won't bore you with.

Yeah, "Monster" is a pretty good term to describe anyone that could get pissed at a Momma for loving her child more than herself...her own health, ambitions, goals, even her own life.

That's why the witches hate Sarah so much. They look at her, and it don't look nothing like the mirror.

Skunkfeathers said...

My opinion on abortion is my own, and is immaterial. Tebow is entitled to his view, and his airing his view. I am somewhat amazed that CBS is supporting him airing it, but kudos to them for standing firm. To the dissenters...screw 'em. Figuratively, of course.

Even when I disagree with you -- which ain't often -- I bow to one helluvan advocate for your intellect and common sense. And your concise, f***ing A way of getting your point across ;)

I stand with the rest here.

Skunkfeathers said...

As for Blackuary, our mindless leader certainly has some dark days ahead for all of us...

ChristinaJade said...

Dude, even doctors are guilty of crossing the right and wrong line. The day I found out I was preggo, the dr. told me I should consider "terminating the pregnancy" due to a whole bunch of crap wrong with my girlie parts. He even recommended a place I could go, out of state, where it was legal. Keep in mind, I was SEVEN months along that day.

Yeah, I was dead for a few minutes in emergency surgery having a c-section to have the kiddo, but she is now 9, I'm breathing, and LIFE is a wonderful thing.

Ok, except for earlier, when she wouldn't clean her room. :)

Skunkfeathers said...

As for Blackuary, our mindless leader certainly has some dark days ahead for all of us...

Staci said...

Paul, this is one of the finest opinions you have ever written.

I curtsey to the King.

Red said...

For a blackuary post simply title a post 'Black' then post a black box. And voila! The internet equivalent of an "Al Jolson" post.