Saturday, February 06, 2010

He Would Have Been Ninety-Nine

After the last coming of the current administration's ilk, we got this dude. He was born on this day in 1911.

Why was Ronald Reagan so earth changing? Because his ideology was not prone to daily fluctuations. He knew the difference between right and wrong, PLUS! used that knowledge to make his decisions. He made it cool to be a normal person again after fifteen solid years of moronic leftism.

I shook hands with this guy back in the late 1970s when my grandfather took me to one of Reagan's stops in Pearl, Mississippi at Howard's department store. Much has been made this week about the current president being an abnormality by being middle class. Although, Barack Obama was NEVER middle class, most of our presidents from the twentieth century WERE.

Ronald Reagan was a Depression Era success story that loved his country. Much unlike the current administration that obviously hates the very principles upon which our country was founded. There is a stark difference in ideology.

Reagan was not the end-all, be-all for me. He was simply a figurehead of a movement of individualists that did what they could to right the wrongs of collectivism and the moral depravity to which that ideology leads.

Without any doubt, Ronald Reagan was and has been the best president in my lifetime. You are missed, President Forty.

(As an aside, George W. Bush has been the second best president in my lifetime and there is NO disputing that with facts, either.)

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Staci said...

I told a friend of mine way back when George W was elected the first time that I could imagine enjoying a nice cold brew with George, but not with Algore, and that's why I voted for him. Shortly after that there was 9-11 and I was ever so glad that we had W to get us through that. So I guess you could say that W will go down in my individualistic view of history as the best president of my lifetime and I don't even CARE if somebody has the gall to spew facts that he isn't. Reagan, however, was more inspirational, and and so will forever be more admired in history. I think of him as the "supervisor" while W jumps in and gets his boots dirty.

Okay, you're outdoing yourself, this is also the best post ever. My curtsey is wearing thin.


Andy said...

I never shook his hand, but I'd likely never have washed it afterward if I had. In fact, I think I might not have psoriasis on that hand if he had shaken it. Just kidding, of course. That's what was so great about Reagan...he could NEVER himself as a Messiah, or Healer...just another American.

The greatness of Reagan is a stark reminder of just how much BozO sucks!

My FIRST vote for President was in Nov. 1980...and is still my proudest vote for any person, ever! You know the story of how I wanted to name eldest son after him, so I won't bore you.

Don't let Staci fool ya'. She did a damned fine job herself today on the same subject. Thanks for noting his 99th.

Man, I miss him...

Skunkfeathers said...

My 'jury' is still out on where W will rate in history; he's aces with me in the war on terror; he's not so much, for some of the Keynesian principles he embraced, especially at the end.

But in my life time, it's Ronald Reagan, with Dwight Eisenhower a very tight second: CiC of SHAEF, NATO, and two-term President of the United States...and I reckon he did alright in all three.

Reagan, Ike...perhaps W. Time will tell. But not with Reagan and Ike...Time's already decided.

Best in my lifetime. Worst in my lifetime appears to be in office this minute.

Herb said...

Well, Reagan was my first vote, too. The reason Reagan and W were great was their sense of right and wrong, and they had class and style. W was not a fiscal conservative, however and his signing the stupid light bulb law irked me, but when it comes to personal moral values, the reason the left vilified W was because he had beliefs he lived by. W and Cheney (along with Ron and HW) were that class of character referred to as "good men." The current occupants are not good men, certainly not great men but power hungry madmen who have never served the country, never had to meet a payroll, never worked and have never stood in the face of evil and said, "Tear down this wall!" even though the opportunity is present for them to stand up and be real men and real Americans, the polls won't let them. Sorry this comment is so disjointed and rambling but Reagan was our best president and W is a good man who was given a raw deal by the MSM and Hollyweird.

Paul Mitchell said...

Herb, I still wanted Cheney to be the head guy on that W ticket. To this day it gives me chill bumps to think about the utter thrashing that Darth Cheney gave Joe Lieberman in the VP debates.

Yes, even the mainstream media said it was a toss-up, which in normal people language means a tee-total slaughter by the true conservative.

Joubert said...

My most treasured document after my naturalization certificate is the letter from Reagan that accompanied it.

Paul Mitchell said...

And how's that working out for you NOW, Patrick?