Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hooray for The Yahoo!! Yahoo!! (UPDATED!!!)

Because "Progressives" are so sandpoundingly stupid, they have formulated ridiculous terminology that defies all logic. If you know anyone that describes his or herself as a "Progressive," please turn the firehose on them to sap their strength, then call the guys in the padded truck to keep that self-described "Progressive" from hurting his or herself or G_d forbid, others.

Define Discrimination: treat differently on the basis of sex or race

Define Reverse Discrimination: treat SAMELY on the basis of sex or race; or treat differently someone because they are the same sex or race? Shit, you tell me, it seems to be a ridiculously stupid term thought up by morons.

UPDATE: By the way, using idiotic terminology is obviously NOT just something that "Progressives" do. THIS was in my e-mail this morning.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Funny thing is, they're not sandpoundingly stupid enough to NOT recognize when folks are on to them about their terminology, which is why they keep trying to gerryrig it to fool 'em.

The sandpounding stupidity comes in where they keep trying to breath life into a FAILED IDEOLOGY, and try to make it work through shape-shifting FRAUD, DECEIT and MISINFORMATION.

Sure you want to waste the water on morons?

Andy said...

The Yahoo loves you TD. Evidently it sucks as much as it's counterpart (which will remain nameless). If I remember that post, the searcher didn't get what he came for.

And Skunks has a point. In many areas there is a shortage of water. But, an abundance of lead.