Friday, February 26, 2010

I Just Want to Throw My Hands Up in Disgust

It is certainly a good thing that there are NO good ideas coming from any government on Earth right now. The shock of that happening might cause me to drop dead from surprise. Why is it that the only way for anyone to get elected to any position they simply must be a simpering imbecile? Is that on the qualification form or something? Call me crazy, but it seems like being SMART would be a requirement instead of being legally brain dead.

That is certainly not the reality of the situation, is it? Can someone point me in the direction of just ONE intelligent person that holds elected office. I am begging.

Also, does anyone else find it stunning that every "news" item regarding the economy and employment degradation ALWAYS includes the word "unexpectedly?" Why, if a person admits their mistake every single time they predict something, would anyone continue to ask that WRONG person anything regarding anything? I'm sorry, I am just not seeing the logic behind even talking to anyone that is wrong one hundred percent of the time. That seems to be the same tactic as asking a homeless person how to get rich. Wouldn't you want to ask RICH people how to get rich?

Let's see.


Step One: Ask a RICH person how they got RICH.

Step Two: Do the same thing that the RICH person did to get RICH.

Step Three: Um, spend your wealth?

Doesn't this sound like a good plan? You know kinda like if you wanted to know how to win college championships, you might NOT want to talk to the head corch at Ole Miss.

But! Enter the "Progressives" for comedic relief. Seriously, they would be hugely hilarious IF they were not bankrupting the country and everyone in it with their ridiculous ideas. The truly fun part of listening to these idiots is that tell you EXACTLY what they want to do and then they are surprised when you ask why they refer to themselves as "Progressive." It really seems to me if you want to refer to yourself a certain way, like "Progressive," your ideology should promote PROGRESS. In case you were unaware, the very definition of progress suggests that the steps you are taking are required to make things BETTER, not WORSE.

Kinda like yesterday when Democrats proposed a NEW government agency to promote tourism to the US and suggested they fund this agency by TAXING airline tickets TO this country. You see, the very funding mechanism acts in total contradiction to what the agency is slated to promote. This is also known as BEING A TEE-TOTAL FUCKING MORON. Guess which political party came up with this STELLAR proposal?

Okay, since it must be said every single day, Democrats are idiots. Always have been, always will be. It is in their charter.

Do you want a PRIME example of the unhinged lunacy that LEADS the leftist idiots?

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Watch this BATSHIT craziness.

Folks, THAT was the Top Dog in the US House of Representatives. The head person is an imbecile. She is not just of lesser intelligence than normal people, Nancy Pelosi is dangerously insanely stupid. Thirty years ago, Nancy would have been locked up to protect the public from her. Today? SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE.

Good Lord, INSANITY! Malkin hits a few high (low) points of Democrat stupidity.

What are some of the big stories in the mainstream news, today? Let's see, "healthcare," Anthropomorphic Global Warming, the economy.

What do we hear every stinking day from the national media? Well, that Democrats have great ideas. Regardless that we have an obvious moron at the HEAD of the movement from Democrats, history has PROVEN without any doubt that the Democrats are the wrong side of every issue. They are proven wrong by the actual attempts at using their political ideology. WRONG. THEY ARE WRONG. If there a single instance of anything that they promote ever being successful, there could at least be a doubt that they were RIGHT, but NEVER has there ever been an example of their ideas ever working. NEVER. They are wrong and their ideas have ALWAYS been wrong.

Sorry, it just stuns me. Normal people would drum these idiots out of office by storming the castle or something. Is it necessary for every single American to lose their job before someone finally steps up to say, "Duh, you might want to change direction a tad!"

What makes this doubly shocking is that the very folks that are on television day and night are actually promoting ideology that is losing viewers in record numbers. Do those talking heads not realize that if advertisers will no longer pay to advertise on their networks, then the talking heads cannot continue to rake in ridiculous jack? When Keith Olbermann is losing 47% of his viewers in the last six months, can MSNBC not stop him and go, "Keith, you suck and you are losing money for us hand over fist?" Is the left utterly suicidal or do they just hate all humans?

Here's a quick rundown:

In the month of January, new home sales were UNEXPECTEDLY down. Hey! They are at the lowest level since 1963, before I was BORN. UNEXPECTEDLY lower. Who does not expect this to continue to happen as long as every piece of legislation out of DC today has been proven 100% of the time to stifle growth in the past? UNEXPECTEDLY. FUCK YOU.

AGW scientists try to figure out why no WARMING is happening. The very reason that they cannot admit that they were WRONG is because they think that the taxpayer spigot shall be turned off. Come on! Y'all know that Democrats are in charge now and they are never going to do anything right. Just because you suck at your job, Mr. Scientist, should make you feel relieved. If you were good at your job, Democrats would NEVER reward you for that. History is a GREAT indicator of that, yo.

While the Barrystream Media was busy in DC sucking Obama's choad yesterday, the Democrat Congress made an all out effort to make it illegal to interrogate Muslim terrorists. Remember, the only thing that Democrats want to do is give LOSERS money that the Democrats take from successful people. Democrats certainly do not care anything about keeping United States citizens safe.

But, at the same time Democrats are trying to let terrorists go free, they also came to Congress and re-authorized The Patriot Act. Wonder why they changed their opinion completely on this? Could it possibly be because there is some way that Democrats have determined that they can stay in power, despite the will of the people, by some line in The Patriot Act? NAW! That is just too cynical to imagine.

More "healthcare." Can that re-authorization of TPA have anything to do with this about the embedded chips in babies? If we go only on the words of Democrats, The Patriot Act is about the federal government controlling the population. Then we have "healthcare" allegedly about protecting the population. Kinda weird, huh? Is there any correlation?

Here's something else about how much the Democrats lie, cheat, and steal. First they ridicule someone for having an idea that runs contrary to Democrat faith. Then they find a way to actually USE that idea to their own benefit and promote it to the hilt.

Yet another example of the BEST of the Democrat Party. When time after time, Democrats do the very same stuff, why do people continue to elect them? Why do people continue to support their policies? Could it be that people are getting their education from the failed ideologues of the left? Can there be any other explanation?

Here's some unhinged craziness from the Party of NO. Seriously, Republicans must be insane or something to act this freaking crazy, huh?

I am going back to bed and I plan on awakening after 2012.

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Basil said...

Yes, sales were unexpectedly down.

Oh, and the sun unexpectedly rose this morning.

And fire was unexpectedly hot.

And water was unexpectedly wet.


Skunkfeathers said...

And Bela Pelosi was unexpectedly more stupid than any previous low of her oft-demonstrated unexpectedly stupid stupidity.

But chin up: if the Mayans are right, you won't have to wake up after 12/21/12. And you can join hundreds of millions of us who can send a collective bird to the IRS for tax filings that year, too ;)