Thursday, February 25, 2010

It is all about VOLUME.

On the day of Barry Nose-Picker Obama's turdsuckingfest stupidjabber of ruining medical services, this Pinnacle of Average has scored a direct hit.

We are OFFICIALLY number ONE! on "Universal Health Care Stupid."

As a reference, that leftwing shithole, Politico, is number three.

Plus, I am really curious to know if Barry's stupid Communist mother did not tell him to keep his fingers out of his nose when in public? I am also curious if everyone in Barry's immediate family is a moron like he is?

Good Lord, how did this no-talent hack imbecile get elected?

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Andy said...

Dude, I bow humbly at yo foots! Man...what I would give to be #1 in something other than "midget wrestling," and "my son is a fat slob."

Actually, I am #1 on "Barack The Dufus."...I just ain't showed that to y'all yet.

Look, I read the previous post, hit the links, and really wanted to comment. But, there really was nothing to add.

I just really do wonder about the BJ instructions from Washington U. They send their miserable baseball team down here occasionally to play against Centenary College.

Now, Centenary is one of those very liberal arts colleges in SHV. But, I think there would be a lynching (figuratively) here in SHV if something like that showed up in a publication even remotely associated with the college.

Congrats, dude. You own The Gooble!

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, did you glance at the comments on that WUSL article? The college kids are going off on Gateway Pundit for publishing the post. College kids are stupid.

I am a curmudgeon.

Skunkfeathers said...

A #1 curmudgeon; Politico has got to be herniating their font to be 3rd in your wake ;)

How'd the worst president EVAH get elected? Every independent and "swing" voter's brain was in "walk into wall" mode in November '08.