Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's GO TIME! on "Healthcare"

Well, today has finally gotten here so we can find out exactly what Barry Obama has planned for the destruction of our medical services. Of course, this "SUMMIT" is nothing more than still another opportunity for the Barrystream Media to jizz their skivvies over their Messiah, but those of us that reside in the real world kinda require a little more from the "Leader of the Free World."

Most of us knew long ago that Barry Obama was an idiot. Naturally, idiots in the national media do not see how stupid Barry is because those folks in the national media are idiots as well. And you know beyond any doubt that those jabbering imbeciles will talk about how great government control of medical services is going to be. LIKE THEY ALREADY DO.

Sorry, folks, I feel NO OUTRAGE at insurance companies because I have never used "insurance" to pay for normal doctor visits. Paying a shitpot of money for a policy that covers check-ups seems somewhat contrary to good financial ideology. You see, regular doctor visits do not cost that much. Treatment certainly does and specialized pharmaceuticals do as well, but I have taken one prescription in the last fifteen years and that little plastic bottle of medicine cost a WHOPPING fourteen bucks.

No, I do not care if medical costs are going up. Oddly, the very REASON they keep going up is because of government interference in markets, but that is never talked about. Government repairing a problem that government created? Sounds kinda like people getting pissed at the government when levees, built by government, failed around New Orleans. "Hey, I know you were the very problem, so why don't I let YOU have more control."

Fucking idiots.

Here is EXACTLY what is going to happen at this Moronfest. Anyone that thinks otherwise is seriously retarded.

If you want to know how to bring medical costs down, why not look toward the REMOVING government regulations and interference instead of INCREASING it? The only reason is because those government people are fully self-sustaining. They are concerned with one thing, friends, their own preservation. Why do you think that Congress is going to exempt all of the government folks from participation?

If you want to repair the damage caused by government, REMOVE government from the equation.

Here's a great economic manifesto. Ultimately isn't the thing that we want to accomplish is for everyone to get wealthy?

Competition and innovation. Those are what lowers cost of anything. Do you want to know why medical services are so costly like everyone says? Because currently there are ten gradillion different rules and regulations that stifle COMPETITION and INNOVATION. Why, lookie here! Someone wrote into the Clarion Ledger just today and pleads with folks to object to ANOTHER HOSPITAL in Madison County. This chick is a TEXTBOOK IDIOT.

You see, in Democrat Party run Mississippi, there exists an idiotic policy that forces hospitals to file a "Certificate of Need." They must prove that a hospital is NEEDED in an area, rather than the government getting the fuck out of the way and letting someone build a hospital anywhere they want to.

Check it: "Hey, you have the CHOICE between one hospital or two. Which do you think would be better for BUSINESS and QUALITY?" There is only one CORRECT answer, folks.

Check it: "Do you want to be included in the choosing of a mascot for your university?" There is only one CORRECT answer, folks.

In case examples of this particular kind of stupidity enrage you, you are missing the entire point. Think seriously for a moment, do you engage smart people or dumb people more often? If you said "smart people," chances are really good that you are a loner. You might want to get out and about a little more often.

I would say that the ratio is somewhere around 95%-5% Moron to Smart person. If my calcs are off, it is because I discounted the fact that some people have the good sense to keep their mouth shut and you cannot prove that they are stupid.

Further examples of how ridiculously stupid those folks that we sent to DC really are. No, you literally cannot make this stuff up.

Democrats proposed the creation of an agency to promote tourism in the United States. How do you think that they propose to fund this agency that wants INCREASED tourism? Through TAXING airline tickets coming to the United States. Um. Words escape me.

Do you know who actually keeps you from knowing exactly how retarded Democrats are? Democrat "journalists" that say AGW causes bigger trees except where AGW causes smaller trees. Do you find it ironic (or any other word that I am obviously too stupid to understand) that these same "journalists" refer to themselves as "The Intelligentsia?" Do any other words come to mind to call someone like this?

How do those media figures think that they can remain employed? Well, of course by getting government involved to REDUCE COMPETITION. They want to shut down the internet, talk radio, conservative publications, and keep all government meetings private. TRANSPARENCY!

While all this is happening, the UNIONS, allegedly the gangs that are formed to "protect" the American worker, are sending increasingly more dollars abroad. You know, because it is cheaper to do business outside of the economic system that the UNIONS destroyed. How in the world do you respond to things like this?

Not to completely ignore idiotic Republicans, I offer the awakening of Representative Sue Myrick (Retard-NC). It seems that Sue finally figured out that Muslims want to attack the United States. You know, normal people figured this out in the late 1970s when Muslims started attacking the United States. Democrats certainly do not have the monopoly on stupidity, even though it must appear that way.

In related "news," the college newspaper of Washington University in Saint Louis, STUDLIFE.COM, has an article to teach you how to give a TEXTBOOK blowjob. NO! REALLY! The website is the truth and the article is the truth, click the link! Read the comments, wonder how many WUSL students will find a jobby job after they do whatever passes for graduation at WUSL? Please keep in mind, this article was written by someone's DAUGHTER. (Hat-Tip: Gateway Pundit)

Oh, if you enjoyed "The Gentleman from Lickskillet" like I did, give them some encouragement.

And finally, Dennis Miller lurves him some Harry Reid....

Remember, daily, you must call out the "Progressives" and Democrats for what they are, IDIOTS. They are morons of Olympic caliber that shall always be regarded as such by people that are NOT retarded. Keep saying it to everyone that you speak to and meet. Everyone has to be informed on how stupid these lefties are.

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Progressive/libtard = unintelligentsia

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