Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twisting Al Gore's Invention To Fit My Worldview

With our good buddy Basil (the spammer) returning to Blogger, I decided to go back and add some links to Blogger Buzz posts that tell you about some features that are handy-dandy. No, I don't use most of them because my main thing is getting my page to load at lightening speed. When you publish nothing but crap, it helps if it loads really, really fast. I try to make this blog like pointing a crap firehose at your brain teacup.

Let's look at some features from Blogger that cost you NOTHING!!!

Basil already covered the Pages feature, but here it is again. You can create up to ten different pages. FOR FREE!!!

If you are into getting ch-ch-ch-change for your writing, Blogger also lets you integrate with Amazon Affiliates. Of course, I have this option added because I am raking in the DUST with this Monument to Mediocrity!

I have a few friends that are aspiring writers that are actually using their blogs to accumulate write-y things for future publication. Blogger does this for NOT free!!!

An East Tejas goober needs this because he needs it. You can actually make "Expand This Post" thingies with Blogger. FOR FREE!!!

And since most everyone that reads this Mediblog-rity through a reader (because no one wants to have this site show up in their interblarqs history), you can also send my shitty posts to all of your social networking sites through Google Reader, FOR FREE!!! All of your future enemies shall be so pleased!

And finally for you HIGHLY ADVANCED users of Teh Google, you know who you are, Sidewiki kicks ASS!!!

I certainly hope this little experiment has helped you to distribute my blog all over the world. I once had a visitor on this site all the way from Tennessee! Beat that accomplishment, YOU.

Oh yeah, I have started "Sharing" stuff in my Teh Google Reader again. If you want to see the stuff that I liked, but did not link because it did not fit the daily post meme, look under "ABOUT ME AND THE BLOG." See if you can guess which link the "SHARED" stuff is..... (UPDATE October 16, 2010: I shifted this feature to a menu right below the header.)

Please take the time to comment.

Oh, and here is the "Official" Google blog. As if.....


Andy said...

Okay, a couple of kwerschuns...

1) Is that an earring you're wearing in that picture, Nancy?

2) Serious question. Does my blog load slow?

3) Serious question. Why do you think I need to use "read more" tags? Are the posts too long in the Reader?

Ya' know, I hadn't actually looked at the new post editor, but I checked it out, and I'm gonna give it a whirl if I can ever come up with anything worth posting again.

And finally, why no link to the official "Google Wrong blog?" ;)

Skunkfeathers said...

LMAO...your word verif is even feting Basil...sort of: bosil

You heard from Tennessee? Online? Wow. I had no idea they had progressed beyond cans/strings and outhouses.

Guess I need to Gooble more...

Paul Mitchell said...


1) Yes, I was stupid as a teenager and the ear holes NEVER close up, no matter what anyone tells you.

2) No, I have never noticed that at all.

3) You had a post where you wanted everyone to scroll down to see the punchline and I made a comment about the "Expand Post" thingy. I gave everyone the Kung Fu, sorry.

And finally, when going through a linkdump on Goog, it might be a way to get shut down, like Basil, if you poke them in the eye with a sharp stick, while linking their blogs. Then where would you get your mediocrity?

Skunks, Tennessee USED to have electricity, webbynets, and all, but now since they are run by Democrats again, they have lost it all.

Andy said...

On #3...okay, I got ya'. Good idear...thanks for the heads-up.