Monday, February 22, 2010

Who's Throwing Paper?

It has never been difficult to deconstruct the argument from the morons on the left, but dang, lately it has become so easy as to be laughable. While devouring a cold breakfast burrito from Whataburger this morning, I read the Op-Ed page of the Clarion-Ledger. One of the resident moonbat idiots from the C-L's blogs, Vickie Hartley, published a ridiculous bit of agitprop (linking the Politico) on her unread blog and the C-L put it in today's rag.

The fact that the paper has rapidly been hemorrhaging readers and advertisers shall never let them stop the far, far left support of forever failed policy. Folks, that is the nature of the typical media. And such has been the case for my entire lifetime. Remember, according to Walter Cronkite, we LOST the Tet Offensive. I still remember my grandfather losing his shit over Walter's love of Communism.

Anyhoo, back to the local idiot. "vickijean," as she calls herself on the C-L blog, points out that the top Senate and House earmarkers are Republican. Let's think for a second on this. Both sides of the Congress are controlled by Democrats and have been since January 2007. Wonder which political party has infinitely greater tax dollars going home in the form of earmarks? Well, you would be right, DEMOCRATS. Just because the top money thieves in both sides of Congress are Republicans, doesn't mean that Republicans are stealing the most money, huh? What vickijean has effectively done is establish what is known as a STRAWMAN argument. In case you are not proficient in using the dictionary, a strawman is a weak or sham argument set up to be easily refuted. Of course, that is the only kind of argument that the Left can make. Their policies and ideology are so hideously wrong that you cannot even debate the issues with them. You can only smack them around while performing some truly difficult task that actually occupies your mind, because debating a leftist certainly does not.

Guess what vickijean does for a living? Yes, she is an "EDUCATOR." Which means that she is highly overpaid for very little production. Oh, she "teaches" at Delta State University, you might want to pull your kids out of that school, you know since their "EDUCATOR" can only produce strawman arguments. Obviously, the hiring standards are lower at Delta State than they are at Millsaps. All you have to do to understand why our school system is failing is to actually attempt a conversation with someone that works in our school system. That task is torturous these days, pretty much all the good teachers left public school years ago, only the idiots remain now.

To fully understand the political philosophy pushed by our "EDUCATORS," one only has to look at the corruption and graft at the top of the shit pile. Our president is violating federal election law by attempting to bribe his party members. If there was anyone on Planet Earth that did not know Barry Obama was a Chicago Democrat, then they should not be allowed to vote. Seriously, we have an utterly uneducated voting populace. And it is the fault of people like our public school educators.

Also, in related news, since we are talking about the corruptocrats on the left, Rajendra Pachauri, the unfrozen caveman at the heart of the Kill All Humans for the Planet debate, kinda has a bit of a contradiction going on at his home GOLF COURSE. This dude makes Al Gore, and Gore's wasteful lifestyle, look like small potatoes. 300,000 thousand gallons of water a day, in an area that has limited water resources. Hmmmmm. Weird.

If you really want to cut to the chase and SEE what the folks on the left think of you, just check this out. In typical leftist fashion, they dissolve the debate down to the essential, "You are just stupid" point. Please ignore the fact that the left's whole philosophy has been proven wrong every single time it is tried. There is NO COUNTRY that follows leftist doctrine that survives. Never in history has it happened, but YOU, dear reader, YOU are the dumb one.

What about the left's grasp of SCIENCE? Please keep in mind that to this day, they "believe" in Anthropomorphic Global Warming. But, oddly enough, every single piece of "data" they have used to prove their religion, has sadly been debunked. Those rising sea levels? They are only the last piece of "evidence" that has been overturned. o, let's check in on their track record. Temperatures? Falling. Increased hurricane activity? Hasn't happened. Snow never to fall in DC again? Trudging through record accumulation RIGHT NOW. And finally, rising sea levels? Not happening. Normal people, NOT YOUR STUPID CONSERVATIVES, would see this as even further proof of AGW actually happening. Dang, you are just so stupid.

And now, finally, the Democrats come to the table with the most bloated "healthcare" bill in history. Despite the FACT that this bill will do nothing to make any of our medical services better (even the OMB says that it shall increase costs and reduce care), despite the FACT that the overwhelming majority of citizens do not want this bill, despite the FACT that Democrats are abandoning the sinking ship with the intention of keeping their taxpayer funded special exemptions, the Democrats are poised to ram this thing down our throats. Keep telling yourself that those Democrats are EXEMPTED from participation in this program. They made sure they were keeping their medical services just the way that they are and retiring or not running for office keeps those benefits in place until the end of time.

I think that Red sums it up nicely by saying, "I am thoroughly sick of the word 'community'." I agree, the community can thoroughly kiss my ass.

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Red said...

With the left and liberal dems it's the same old mantra of one rule for them and another rule for the great unwashed masses. "Seriously, we have an utterly uneducated voting populace. And it is the fault of people like our public school educators."
That is the heart of the problem. I would like my parents tax money back for all the half-assed 'education' I was served that I'm having to make up for post high school. Thanks for the relink!

Andy said...

Heh! Vickijean's "unread" blog (which somebody obviously read) profile lists her ed creds...

"I have a BSE in mental retardation from Georgia Southern University, an M.Ed. and an Ed.D. in special education from the University of Southern Mississippi.My birthday is the same day as Elvis."

'nuf said...Don't you just love it when the retards confirm their status?

Paul, you half-way know my cousin, Walt. Walt was a professor at Delta State about 25 years ago. One day he realized what a hog sty he was in, and moved on to a place where hogs are not allowed.

Red does hit the nail on the noggin. Harry Connick, Jr. is a dick. Even more fitting, he is the "community service" dick.

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, welcome, but since you actually had parent(S), no money for YOU!!!

Andy, don't you love the fact that the son of the former Nawlins DA has ANYthing to say about any politics? By the way, the ONLY reason I traipsed over to vickijean's blog was to link what I read in the birdcage liner, but there are a coupla' comments there....

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, you are OBVIOUSLY looking at the wrong photo.

Andy said...

Awcrap! Yep, I had vickijean confused with your old flame, RightWingSparkle.

Tell her I said so...

Skunkfeathers said...

Vickiejean actually admitted she degreed in her own malfunction? Wow. Unintended consequence of transparency. No WONDER Barry breaks that promise every day of his life.

When does a paper company buy the Cladipus Licker, and convert it to straight toilet paper production?

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, they have reduced the size of the paper to the point that it would be useless as toilet paper.