Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Have No Clue Where Al Gore Could Be

There appear to be FORTY-NINE different states where Al Gore could be holed up. You know since every time Al heads out into public, G_d appears to intervene and send RECORD COLD to that area. Yeppers, folks, yesterday, there was snow on the ground in a grand total of forty-nine FREAKING states! This is such a rarity that records are not even kept for that statistic. How many things can you imagine that have NO RECORDS kept? I can thing of only one thing that is so rare that records have never had to be kept and that is "Intelligent Things Said by Democrats" and even then there is actually a record. ZERO.

In case you are wondering if you are going to lose your job this year, personally I think that you will because businesses are fleeing our shores in numbers never imagined. If you are a leftie, this is not actually caused by anything or it is the fault of greed, but the truth is much easier to explain. It is because Obama said that he is "NOT anti-business." Since we literally have NO record of anything that Barry actually said before the DNC in 2004 other than that idiot drivel, Dreams from my Father, we cannot really base our opinions on anything other than the very recent past. Barry has not told the truth since we acknowledged his existence, so businesses hear him say "not anti-business" and think just the opposite. Time to flee! Go ahead and get down to the welfare office to get the forms to receive Food Stamps, you are gonna need them.

And you know what is going to happen as more and more people fall on increasingly hard times? VIOLENCE. Since I do not know Dr. Bishop personally, let's stereotype her. Harvard education, biology, college professor, you decide.....DARWINIST!!!

By the way, Greg Gutfeld has an article that is very timely with regard to the college killing. Shorter Gutfeld, socialism KILLS. Please keep in mind, Darwinists are anti-G_d which ties nicely with one of the very basic tenets of socialist ideology.

Like Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. The Barrystream Media revives the Pentagon Papers. Good Lord, our grandparents should literally have beaten our parents into submission and this Communist thing would already have died the death that is coming.

Do you think that we shall ever hear of the murderous professor's political ideology? We certainly shall if she had ever remotely supported Sarah Palin. You know because anyone that supports Palin is a TERRORIST to the national media. Squat and watch, if Bishop is even known to have ever spoken to a conservative, it shall be known.

As long as we are piling on Sarah Palin, let's watch her as she checks her crib notes written on her hand while a private citizen on her own damn time. Wait, no this is FUTURE SENATOR Dianne Feinstein CHEATING in a debate (while running for the post she now holds) by checking her notes cribbed on her hand. No really, you cannot make this shit up, folks. (Hat-Tip: Gateway Pundit)

In related moron news, Keith Olbermann was actually given a venue at which to spew his nonsense drivel. For some reason I thought that ESPN had fired Keith for being so damned stupid. Hold on, this is a new sports station called MSNBC. Never heard of it, have you? Do they cover SEC footbaw better than The Four Letter?

One final thing. When I heard that some folks were getting together to republish "We Are The World," I just knew this new version would be so much better. Damn was I wrong. Barbra Streisand? REALLY?!?!?!?! WTF?

I am certainly glad they got a bunch of people off the street to do that, now I am actually impressed that common folks that have never sung a single note (plus Barbra Streisand) have actually recorded music. From this point forward though, let's not let any of these warbling commoners try to sing. And for the LOVE OF G_D! never actually record it evah again. Mmmmkay? Thanks.

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Basil said...

Just think: if a bunch of blondes had been killed in Haiti, Elton John cold have recorded Candle In The Wind 2010.

Paul Mitchell said...

Just contemplating that made me poke my eardrums out with a pair of scissors. Thanks, Basil.

Skunkfeathers said...

*Tuning fork against a toilet tank*

We are the weeeeirrrrrrdddddd..
We are the dumbsh*ttttttttts..
We are the con-tree that e-lected Barry,
to f**k our lives up....


You may need a second pair of scissors...

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, if you actually listened to that song in the video, I apologize.

Skunkfeathers said...

Nawp...actually didn't. Couldn't stand the first version ;)

As for your mystree on vhar ist Herr AlGore, reports are that he is high-centered on a beach in Kauai, and Greenpeace is trying to tow his fat ass off now...into the path of a Japanese whaler...we could only be so lucky.'s still snowing here.

Paul Mitchell said...

Me neither, but this one is even worse if you thought that was not possible. What in the Hell do they expect to achieve. Thank goodness I rarely listen to Top 40 radio, they have probably already played the vinyl of the damned thing.

ANd while Al is beached, all the little children are crying because they think Keiko is gonna die.

There is still a pretty good bit on the ground here, but it is really cloudy. If it rains, buh-buh snow.