Thursday, March 04, 2010


Busy as all get out today, so posting shall not be up to my normally mediocre standards. Trust me, you'll live one single day without me bringing the slightly below AVERAGE.

Anyhoo, I want to see if I can get the two readers that normally do not comment, to comment. You do not have to enter any of your personal information, we take anonymous comments at this blort. Say sumpin', yo!

On with Da Newz.

AGW Alert! 2001-2010 makes the snowiest DECADE. Global Warming DOCTOR Al Gore might just be wrong. (Remember, Gore flunked out of divinity school. He FAILED Bible.)

Tea Parties are RAAAAACIST!, but Coffee Parties? They are just great! Well, great if you like an astroturfed political boondoggle organized by the Barry White House and the racists in the Democrat Party.

The real truth about the "FACTS" in Barry Obama's "healthcare" reconciliation speech. It appears that Barry Obama is a worse liar than most of the liars in the Democrat Party, but then again, he is an idiot.

ObamaCare = Pickett's Charge.

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE H-U-G-E spending features of the ObamaCare debacle. It seems that they are sitting down to attempt to write the worst legislation in history and succeeding swimmingly.

Lawyers crack open the Hurricane Katrina class-action suit toolbox. In a shocking turn of events, this is not from those whining BITCHES in New Orleans that were not even hit by Hurricane Katrina, this is from the Mississippians that were. I guess the free ride on the taxpayers' backs ran out or something.

House proposal to put Ronald Reagan on the fifty dollar bill. What kind of moronic, idiotic douchebag would bring this up now? REPUBLICAN Patrick McHenry (Retard-NC). No matter how much every single thinking human likes Ronald Reagan, to associate anyone other than pedophiles, criminals, and baby-killers with this administration is a travesty of justice. Patrick, just sit quietly in the corner with your coloring book, mmmmkay? And, go fuck yourself.

When you are a Democrat, where do you retire? Well, of course, PRISON. For being a PEDOPHILE. How many convicted Democrat pedophiles does that total? Oh yeah, ALL PEDOPHILES are Democrats.

Who do you get to head up the House Ways and Means Commmittee when the former Democrat chairman has to step down for corruption? The craziest idiot on the planet. Deficits are good because they prove that you are rich. Watch.

By Pete Stark's philosophy, if you owe ten trillion dollars in credit card debt and only made ten dollars an hour, you are the richest sumbitch in the world. Looks like San Francisco sent BOTH of their village idiots to DC.

Owing more money that you make means that you are wealthy. Of course, that IS the basic ideology of the Democrat "mind."

Please take the time to comment.


Staci said...

Me thinks Stark needs bee-yotch slapped.

Marathon Pundit said...

It appears Stark will be bypassed. Oh, thanks for the link.

By the way, I don't get a lot of comments either...lib blogs get more...I guess liberals are angrier.

Anonymous said...

If you want your regular lurkers to comment you can have a contest. People like free stuff. LOL!

So you know, I've taken some heat occasionally from some of my uptight Christian friends for even reading your blog... and commenting on it. But, obviously, I don't care. This church lady doesn't melt at the sight of "bad words" (although... some of your analogies do make me cringe). So maybe whoever you are trying to flush out doesn't want to admit they read this blog. LOL!

Andy said...

TD, I remember the night that President Reagan took to the airwaves with a $1 bill in one hand, and 36 cents in the other.

He explained, in only the way he could, what inflation had wrought on the nation.

So, by Reagan's own common sense, we would have to print an $18 bill to sport his likeness. It's okay with me... But, you're right. McHenry does need to sit quietly in the corner with this. If his measure passed, the mint would find some way to spend 4 billion dollars on some contest for the best likeness, and it would probably end up looking like some 2nd graders' finger painting of Barney Frank.

Fortney Stark is the poster boy/it for everything that is wrong with our gubmint...THE RETARDS THAT ELECT OTHER RETARDS TO REPRESENT THEM!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for 46 years, but never commented. This is the best blog on the worldwide computer. Period!

I'm commenting because you need HELP, and you seem like such a sweet young man.

I wake up every afternoon, hoping that you have posted something on your blog. When you do not, it makes me sad, so I either go play with my cats, or knit, or go back to bed.

But, sometimes I have to wait up until 4:00 in the afternoon to take my pills before I go back to bed.

Paul Mitchell said...

Mr. Ruberry, I read your blog every day, I shall make a concerted effort to comment more even though you might not want me to.

Coffee Bean, I tried to give away an ISLAND one time and had ZERO participants. Maybe your idea is faulty.

Andy, what you pointed out is EXACTLY what I am thinking, just like the Elvis stamp and then we'll get China to make the printing plates, too.

Anon, thanks for staying awake to comment, I lurve you.

Anonymous said...

I love you too, Mr. Paul! I stayed up late just to see if you would read my very first comment on your wonderful blog.

I am so happy that you seem happy now that I finally commented! You're the bees knees!

Well, I gotta go! Tigger needs his little friskies, and Jeopardy is coming on! Keep up the good work, Mr. Mitchell! I'll be commenting more now! I love you!

And, I'm on Facebook now, too. So, I'll probably make you my very best friend. I do all kinds of really fun invitations, and send lots of pictures to all my friends. I even learned how to "poke" somebody yesterday, so be looking for plenty of those from me!

I love you, Mr. Paul. I really do. I think you are now my very best friend from forever on the computer world.

I've got to go now. Bye Bye! I love you! I really do!

Anonymous said...

If I didn' know bettah, I'd say Anon was Paul...but we ALL KNOW Paul's not into grandstanding ;)

Pickett's Charge was for Lee, what Barry's hellthscare plan will be for the country, if the three-cell brained Dems force it on us.

Anonymous said...

Barney FWANK??? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *running from room in terror*

Paul Mitchell said...

Dammit, I think I know who both you anonies are.

Andy said...

It ain't me. Really.

Heh! wv: viagross

stilettoGOP said...

Hmmm, for what it's worth, I'm not one of the anons! Am just now catching up here after a hellatious(sp?) week. Besides, I claim everything I write! For some reason lol.