Friday, March 05, 2010

Ideology and the Causes of Failure

I am forever amazed at seemingly intelligent folks that embrace wrong ideology and others that fall into lockstep with that seemingly intelligent person. We have come to the point of actually thinking that education is the key to smartiness, but there must be something ingrained before that education is beneficial.

In the last couple of days, I have been insulted for my "lack of intelligence." I was called a "redneck," a "troglodyte," and a "rube." That is fine, but the person that was insulting me offered very little to back the point that they were not a drooling idiot. Such is generally the case when dealing with people that think adding letters behind their name MAKES them smart.

Quickly, I have a college degree. Of course, I did not go to college until after I realized that there are people that DO worship the letters behind the names. It seems silly to me to be like that, but what the Hell did I know, I did not have those letters behind my name. While in college, my initial thoughts were solidified. The professors were some of the dumbest human beings that I had ever encountered. Their entire life experience was in SCHOOL with absolutely ZERO actual ACTION.

"OH! You have a PhD in education? Awesome, I would like a no foam latte with three sugars. Sorry, but I am in a bit of a hurry, I am going to be late for my shift at the mustard bottle factory."

We are rapidly becoming a nation of mindless people with advanced degrees in NOTHING and possessing such little true knowledge that most do not have the good sense that G_d gave a goat.

Here's a stellar example from one of my daily reads' comments section:
Let's hope we've hit rock bottom with the cuts and that work will start flowing soon! If I ever run into a banker in a dark alley...
To this obviously "educated" person, the problem for ALL our economic woes is BANKERS. And once we get rid of enough people, we will be profitable again! Let's please ignore the fact that government sets ALL of the banking regulations and rules. It is those folks trying to make money that hampers our ability to make money! Good Lord, some folks are too stupid to live. Seriously.

Side note: If that commenting Einstein would play his "the people cuts will make us rich!" scenario to the end, he/she/goat would realize if firing people made more money, then we would make the most money by firing everyone! We would have to build another bank to hold all the money!

Shorter/Longer comment. Government does NOTHING to improve anything. Everything that our government is currently undertaking accomplishes the exact OPPOSITE of what is intended. Produce any problem and government exacerbates that problem. Homeless people? Building free houses does nothing to alleviate the problem of why that person became homeless. Starving people? Government does nothing to remove the cause of the hunger. The one thing that government CAN accomplish is destruction.

Government can take tax dollars and create the most hideous weapon imaginable. They accomplish that task very well, because that is the purpose of government, to destroy stuff. Why most people cannot come to the realization that war is the only thing that government does well ignores the basic reason that governments are formed. They organize AGAINST other governments. True, it would be nice to assume that government can accomplish the establishment of a level playing field for individuals, but that has been proven over and over again to never be the case.

Yes, there exist people that will never be able to achieve the success level of other folks. That is just a terrible fact of life, but that does not reduce the "lower" folks to the rubble heap, it actually elevates them to a point of importance. Trash left rotting in the streets has a profound effect on the health of the population at large. When everyone has a college degree, who is going to pick up the trash? Well shit, all of us educated folks will just die because we are so smart, huh? The trash collector is just as important to society as the brain surgeon, folks.

Instead of placing the responsibility for your very life in the hands of others (government), why not take that responsibility for your own damn self? Such is the difference between "Progressive" ideology and normal people. "Progressives" FEEL that they should ignore their own responsibilities and tend to OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS. Normal people actually contemplate things and adhere to the philosophy of "live and let live." Therein lies the difference.

"Beat up a banker!" Yes, that sounds really smart, huh? The bankers are the total problem for those progs.

Here's what that "Progressive" ideology gives us:

Finally, the Smartest President in History admits that his goal is government takeover of "healthcare." Remember, everything government does is geared toward destruction.

Kinda like that Cash for Clunkers program. Of course, this will somehow be lauded as an "Obama success," even though NOTHING could be further from the truth.

A true unemployment level that rises while government controlled media says that it is stable. Oh, about that pesky First Amendment, ignore that shit.

When even the folks vehemently opposed to individual liberty and freedom are finally admitting that those ARE good ideas, maybe the GOVERNMENT should start listening.

For a quick look at the "education" of an opposing ideology, check out the Socialist Party protesters at the University of Washington. I will bet ten dollars to a day old donut that these folks are currently enrolled in the Masters program at the College of Education. This protest is probably their thesis project, too.

An "educated" man, Joe Conason, actually says that recent earthquake deaths were caused by the Tea Parties.

When Charlie Rangel resigned his post as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the Democrats appointed Moonbat Pete Stark. Moron Pete lasted ONE WHOLE DAY. I cannot figure out why, though. I mean, Senator Robert Byrd (Dumbass-WV) is still in office and he is a Klan member. So hating black folks is okay, but being insane is not? Where's the logic?

A milquetoast Republican is actually taking steps to remove some of the reasons for stupidity in the "Progressive" movement by requiring teachers to be checked out for PERFORMANCE. Shocker. The fact that this policy is NOT in effect everywhere simply solidifies the evidence of failure on the part of government. They cannot even get rid of terrible teachers.

Zo calls out one of the Head Moonbat Douchebags for his utter stupidity and racism...

Finally, Hawkins posts the top movies chosen by conservatives. A whole ONE of my picks wound up in the selections.

Here are my picks:
Favorite movies of all time......

Legends of the Fall
Reign Over Me
A River Runs Through It
Things We Lost in the Fire
The English Patient
Gran Torino
Spitfire Grill
Animal House

And the worst movie ever made, with not a single other movie coming me.

Southland Tales.

The more I think about it, though, the more I know that I lied. Anchorman and Spitfire Grill should be replaced with two others, but I really do not know what they are right now. I think that I need to take more time and maybe watch some more damn movies before I answer some of these polls.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Ah, them incidental letters what follers a name, and sez that them's one fart smeller...yeah, I work with a libtard who brags about his pHd in psychology...and his a slot attendant at a casino.

'Nuff said.

Paul Mitchell said...

He is probably very good at doing that, too. HA!

Skunkfeathers said...

Ah, them incidental letters what follers a name, and sez that them's one fart smeller...yeah, I work with a libtard who brags about his pHd in psychology...and his a slot attendant at a casino.

'Nuff said.