Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Sunday Confession - A garbled message that makes sense to me.

One of the attractive things to me about blogging is that I can flesh out some ideas in my head with zero response or debate, unless I CHOOSE to debate it. Usually, if someone comments, that does bring about more thought and debate. I am good with that. My brain processes information in weird ways and other folks that speak up help me to think down some different avenues. This is good and makes me a better person. I even listen to homosexual leftist atheists, too! I am ALL INCLUSIVE!

But, this statement is beyond the pale. By the way, did you know that "beyond the pale" means beyond the safeguard of a compound or defense? In other words, the statement that is "beyond the pale" cannot be defended. The idiotic statement "Jesus is a liberal" could NOT be further from the truth.

In order to even address this statement, one has to know what today's liberals believe. The very first thing is death to babies. Everything that they hold dear to their blackened, diseased hearts is to bring about the downfall of HUMANS, a species that G-d made in his own image. So, the first tenet of modern liberalism is to KILL anything that is G-dlike. I would guess that Jesus is against that. So, the very first order of the modern liberal is anti-Jesus and anti-G-d.

Not only is Jesus NOT a liberal, but NO ONE that is a Christian can be a liberal by today's definition. The two basic premises cannot exist together and contradictions CANNOT exist in reality.

How can I make these statements? Easily. Christianity teaches us to care for our fellow man and to help them in their GOOD endeavors. A Biblical story that comes to mind is the one about the "Good Samaritan." This story teaches us to stop and offer assistance to those in need. What does modern liberalism teach us? To continue on our path (past those in need) until we reach the next town, go to the government and tell them about the problem in hopes that GOVERNMENT will do something about the problem. This is in direct contradiction to what Jesus would have you do.

When the very first premise of your ideology is refuted, your whole ideology falls apart. Like this: Government run "healthcare" will insure thirty million MORE people. Adding thirty million MORE people to the forty-five percent (45%) of the country that already gets FREE medical services will bring DOWN costs to those of us that PAY for medical services. Can someone PUH-LEEEEZE tell me how the Hell that is supposed to happen? The very first premise of the argument is ridiculously stupid. "Beyond the pale." In this situation, it defies LOGIC, MATHEMATICS, and human history, but the Democrats think that it shall work.

Have you ever had a discussion with someone that utters the ridiculous statement, "Communism has never worked because no one has attempted it in its true form?" I have heard that so many times in my life, I cannot count them. Yes, Communism HAS been tried in its true form and resulted in the deaths of untold numbers of people. And the Democrats want that for us, now. You cannot deny that fact, either. Yet, their ideology defies and denies all facts.

Here's a little anecdote that means much to me. I know a little boy that gets upset when someone else plays with his toys and does not use the same care that he does himself. Most people would turn to this boy and get all upset because they see him being protective of what is his. They tell him that he should share and let the other kids enjoy what is his. They teach him to NOT appreciate what he has, in other words. They teach him to allow his life and his property to be destroyed for the fleeting pleasure of another child. They teach this boy (that KNOWS what is right) to "sacrifice" for others, instead of teaching the others to respect this young boy and HIS possessions. Do we wonder why the boy is emotionally confused and other children think that they have the RIGHT to destroy what belongs to the boy?

What philosophy are we teaching our children?

Such is the very nature of liberalism, it teaches us that we are all equal when even small children know that is NOT the case. Respect must be taught and it must be earned. Love must be an action instead of just an emotion. Liberalism teaches us that everyone is afforded respect and love EVEN when they do not deserve it. Jesus taught us that in order to have those things we must make the EFFORT to EARN them by being good and just people. Liberalism teaches us that we must offer everyone the very same moral equivalency, and then they worship the worst of the worst. Mumia Abu-Jamal, Tookie Williams, Fidel Castro, Lenin, the ideology of Hitler, and the list is endless.

No, Pilgrim, Jesus is NOT a liberal in any demented stretch of the imagination.

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Skunkfeathers said...

If Jesus was a libtard, then he would have aborted himself, to prevent the spread of Christianity, so atheists and Islamofascists wouldn't be offended.


Anuddah ubermoronic libtard bites the logic dust.

Bite me, Janet.

ChristinaJade said...

I have learned that some people are just naturally stupid. Obviously your little twitter person has that problem. gheesh